Correspondence Semut 1 party mainly in the Trusan area

Place Asia: Borneo
Accession Number AWM2017.7.172
Collection number 3DRL/6502
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 39
Object type Papers
Physical description 104 Image/s captured
Maker Harrisson, Tom Harnett
Date made 1945
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Records relating to the service of Major Tom H. Harrisson, DSO Reconnaissance Corps, British Army. Harrisson was seconded to Z Special Unit, Services Reconnaissance Department (SRD) and served in Borneo as party leader on Operation Semut 1 during the Second World War. This file contains correspondence between members of the Semut 1 party mainly in the Trusan area of operation, including: Maj Tom Harrisson (code A1), Cpl Allen Wheelhouse, Cpl Ronald Gibbs, Sgt William Nibbs, Sgt Harold Fredericks (F7), Fl/Lt Paul Bartram, Lt Robert Pinkerton, Maj William Jinkins, Lt Colin Thornton and Col Godfrey Courtney.
File includes:
Letter from Fredericks headed Fa Brayong, 7 September 1945 [regarding Cpl Gibbs' pneumonia and despatch of Sgt Nibbs instead];
Letter from A.S. Wheelhouse Cpl to Belawit HQ, Report on delay of generator, 6 September 1945;
Message to F/Lt Bartram from GR Edlin received 15 September 1945 [regarding receivers and his health];
Letter headed Long Semadu, 10 September 1945 [requesting supplies];
Letter from Drahman to Tuan Besar, 10 September 1945;
Message from A1 [Harrisson] to Sgt Fredericks, 11 September 1945 [regarding record of supply drops since August 14th and instruction for Edlin to send wireless equipment to Lawas];
Letter to Tuan Bartram, 12 September 1945;
Memo from Fredericks headed Fa Brayong HQ Trusan River, 13 September 1945 [regarding clothes for soldiers, funding to move HQ and persons taken into custody by BBCAU Lawas];
Message from Bawang titled To Trusan by runner, 14 September 1945 [regarding accounting for medical supplies and advising 9th Division’s official control of British Borneo on 2 September];
Letter headed Fa Brayong HQ Truson River Area to OC BIF Belawit from Fredericks;
Report from Paul Bartram to Lt Pinkerton and Sgt Fredericks - summary of signal from A1 [Harrisson], 18 September 1945 [regarding demobilisation rewards for chiefs, soldiers];
Letter from Paul Bartram to Lt Pinkerton, 18 September 1945 [regarding collaboration reports];
Note to F7 [Fredericks] from Bartram, 19 September 1945;
Letter from Cpl Allen Wheelhouse to OIC Belouit HQ, 19 September 1945 [regarding Japanese firing on labourers on the Limbang River];
Report from Fredericks to Flt/Lt Bartram, received 23 September 1945 refers to movement of Dr McCallum, Lt Pinkerton, and Nibbs, Japanese envoy attempting to contact enemy forces, all carbines SMGs being withdrawn from soldiers and replaced, individual reports on soldiers worthy of awards under separate cover;
Weekly Report from Trusan River Area from Fredericks ended 16 September 1945 mentions Edlin returns en route to Lawas - Labuan as ordered by Dr McCallum;
Message from Fredericks requesting money to obtain labourers;
Message from Col. Courtney ‘To all Operatives’, 20 September 1945 regarding handover of command of Group A to Maj. Jinkins;
Note from D7 refers to Duraman Tujoh;
Message from Bartram to F7 [[Fredericks], 20 September 1945 transcribing signal message about Japanese envoys and Japanese force movements;
Message from R Pinkerton to Paul [Bartram], 16 September 1945 regarding payment to bearers and beer for Fredericks and Bartram and annotated by Bartram querying missing bottles;
Memo from Lt C Thornton to O.C.B.I.F., 16 September 1945, roll of soldiers for demobilisation;
Message from F/Lt Bartram to F7 [Fredericks], 23 September 1945, regarding movement of Japanese in the Temburong district and A1's [Harrisson] order to halt demobilisation in view of this Japanese threat;
Message from Fredericks to F/Lt Bartram, 22 September 1945, regarding disposition of troops in Trusan;
Note to Cpl Wheelhouse from Bartram message copied to F7 with note ‘The sooner you can relieve this fellow and chase him out, the better.'
Message from F/Lt Bartram to Lt Pinkerton, 24 September 1945 includes list of soldiers paid off and repatriated from Trusan and Padas areas
Note [from F/Lt Bartram] to Tom [Harrisson] 25 September 1945 headed Hawke v. Duraman, Tujoh regarding collaboration. Message refers to Duraman's denial he helped the Japanese and names those in gaol;
Two notes from F/Lt Bartram to F7 [Fredericks], Cpl Wheelhouse, 25 September 1945 regarding movement of Japanese Lt Omori and asking the number of pre-war police he is now employing;
Note from Cpl Wheelhouse, 27 September 1945 regarding rifle holdings;
Report Trusan River Area headed Collaborators from Fredericks refers to Cpls Tungah and Cpl Kimbi 'brutal and willing accomplices to many of the Japanese atrocities committed during the early days of enemy occupation of this country.'
Messages from F7 [Fredericks] Long Simadoe to F/Lt Bartram regarding operational matters including adding Penghulus onto his merit list;
Weekly report from Fredericks, Long Simadoe to F/Lt Bartram, Belawit, 30 September 1945 refers to effect of flood waters on movement of forces;
Letter from Fredericks to F/Lt Bartram, 30 September 1945 regarding reward for Pinghulu 'for enormous service'
Note to F7 [Fredericks] from F/Lt Bartram, 2 October 1945 regarding supplies of clothes, tobacco, cigarettes and evacuation orders;
Note from F/Lt Bartram to Trusan transcribing signals from Labuan to Trusan, 30 September 1945 regarding treatment of prisoners and disposal of British and allied arms;
Note from F/Lt [Bartram] to Pink[erton] regarding handing Andrew Glasson over to BBCAU for a job and 'as fair a deal as possible';
Message from Fredericks, 27 September 1945 acknowledging receipt of money from Andrew Gleeson [Glesson];
Message from Fredericks, Long Simadoe, to F/Lt Bartram, Belawit, 2 October 1945 regarding Japanese arrival at Long Adang and possible routes;
Message from Fredericks, Long [Blio] to F/Lt Bartram, Belawit, 3 October 1945 regarding disposition of soldiers and need for reinforcement and arms.