General reports, awards to SRD Borneo, biographical material and general correspondence

Place Asia: Borneo
Accession Number AWM2017.7.184
Collection number 3DRL/6502
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 18
Object type Papers
Physical description 65 Image/s captured
Maker Harrisson, Tom Harnett
Place made Borneo
Date made 1945-1947
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Records relating to the service of Major Tom H. Harrisson, DSO Reconnaissance Corps, British Army. Harrisson was seconded to Z Special Unit, Services Reconnaissance Department (SRD) and served in Borneo on Operation Semut 1 during the Second World War. This file includes general reports, awards to S.R.D. Borneo, biographical material and general correspondence between Maj Tom Harrisson (code A1), Jonathan ‘Jack’ Tredrea (code T6), Capt Eric Edmeades (code E1) and Sgt Roy Dawson (code D7).

This file includes:
Certificate headed Perintah Nippon, undated, in Malay;
Note from Tom Harrisson headed Awards to S.R.D. Borneo, 10 March 1947 [summarising awards as published in London Gazette Supplement of 6 March 1947;
Page headed Brigadier W.J.V. Windeyer, undated, setting out biographical details;
Report [general status and attitudes, rehabilitation, conditions in areas occupied, housing, marine conditions, native labour, supply, medical, legal, constabulary and prisons, public works, agriculture, post and telegraph, finance, custodian of property, education];
Report headed Part 1 General [status report prior to handover to civil administration];
From T6 [Tredrea] to A1 [Harrisson] noting money received;
Wireless messages form from Edmeades for H [Harrisson], Semut 1 [status report on enemy;
Status report on Japanese position; status report on troop placements];
Handwritten report, incomplete, undated, [regarding terrain, Japanese troop movement and finding Japanese dead];
Maps annotated 'Rough sketch map undated captured at apprx 10 June 1945 from MP Sec N Borneo E.F. NADA 9801 Force (37 Army HQ) 18 June 1945';
Three Sketch maps and list of place names with arrival and departure dates;
Note [part of report, undated, describes mock execution of 'Gooroo' forced to work for the Japanese];
Message from D7 [Dawson], Trusan [regarding troop strike at Pa Tengor track];
Message form from E1 [Edmeades], Trusan [requesting supplies];
Message from D7 [Dawson] for Westley [regarding medical supplies, arms and arresting leading men of Long Arkan];
Message from S.F. for Dawson [regarding comfort stores and documents] [28/05/45];
Note from A1 [Harrisson] to Wheelhouse, 28 May 1945 [instructions including preparation of airstrip to 'appear as native prepared rice field'];
Sketch map of Pa Tengoa annotated with strafing areas 04/45 - 09/45.