Correspondence local officers, stores and supply

Place Asia: Borneo
Accession Number AWM2017.7.212
Collection number 3DRL/6502
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type File
Item count 28
Object type Papers
Physical description 137 Image/s captured
Maker Harrisson, Tom Harnett
Date made 1945
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Records relating to the service of Major Tom H. Harrisson, DSO Reconnaissance Corps, British Army. Harrisson was seconded to Z Special Unit, Services Reconnaissance Department (SRD) and served in Borneo as party leader on Operation Semut 1 during the Second World War. This file includes records related to stores and supply as well as correspondence between Maj Tom Harrisson and local officers.
This file includes:
Map: Tg Lumut, Brunei Bay, Borneo;
Report from Major Harrisson to BBCAU via Major Courtney, 5 July 1945 [Observations in Brunei Bay];
Letter [incomplete] from Dr. Tjia Soe Piauw;
Message from Kiai Makahanap, Long Berang, 3 July 1945;
Report: Financial Instruction No.24, from F.E.Stafford to Maj Harrisson, BBCAU Labuan, 5 December 1945;
Letter from Native Officer to Major Harrisson, BBCAU Lawas, 6 December 1945 [goods list];
Letter to Kehadapan, Ramain, 3 February 1946;
Letter from Paul to Peikakas, Balikoe, 25 December 1945;
Note from Long Teloeau to Tuan Besar, 24 December 1945;
Note, Balikoe, 25 December 1945;
Letter from L Uelong to Tuan Besar, Ba'raje Likoe, 31 January 1946;
Report: Printing Press Laws, from CA Secretariat, HQ BBCAU, 7 December 1945;
Letter [incomplete] from Long Nocat to Tuan Besar, January 3 1946;
Message from Major Harrisson to Syd regarding sourcing salt;
Message from Long Kie to Tuan Besar, 29 January 1946;
Required food / stores;
Messages In-Out Daily, 28 September [1945];
Spreadsheet: Stores, 4 August - 4 September [1945];
Spreadsheet: Store Lists, Bawang HQ, (as at) 4 September 1945;
Drop Bawang by [Liberator], 3 September 1945;
Stores from Sulap, 20 August 1945;
Stores, from A1 to D7, Tuan Dawson, 21 September 1945;
Lists: Store Drops, Bawang, 20-29 September 1945;
Leaflet: Stovarsol (for Amoebic Dysentry, Syphilis, Yaws);
Message from Bario to 9 Aust. Div. BBCAU and N.I.C.A, 8 November 1945 [regarding evacuation of Lt. F.J. Leckie];
Map: unidentified building;
Note to Toean Besar, 13 September 1946;
Report: Interior British Borneo, from Major Harrisson to Lt-Col Leach, 16 October 1945.