Steyr F88 Assault Rifle

Accession Number REL22186
Collection type Technology
Object type Firearm
Place made Australia: New South Wales, Lithgow
Date made 1990
Conflict Somalia, 1992-1995

The Steyr F88 is a gas operated, magazine fed, selective fire rifle using the bullpup stock configuration. The rifle is built around an aluminium receiver casting with steel reinforcement inserts. One insert provides the locking abuttments for the removable barrel and rotating bolt. The other insert is used to support the bolt carrier guide rods. The operating mechanism uses a short stroke gas operated piston with the gas piston mounted inside the gas block which is fixed to the barrel. The gas cylinder is offset to the right of the barrel, the gas piston having its own return spring contained inside the gas block. The gas system features a three position gas regulator. The gas block also contains a barrel attachment lock and a front grip hinge. Each barrel has eight lugs that lock into a hardened steel insert in the receiver. The rotating bolt has 7 locking lugs, claw extractor and a plunger type spring loaded ejector and normally ejects to the right hand side. The trigger is used to control the mode of fire. Pulling it half way back will produce single shots, while all the way back will produce automatic fire. Sighting equipment consists of a 1.5 power telescope sight with a circular aiming reticle. The rifle stock is made from green, impact resistant polymer and features an integral pistol grip and trigger guard. The rubber coated buttplate is detachable and provides access to the rifle operating mechanism. The buttplate is held in position by the cross pin, which also serves as a rear sling swivel attachment point. The rifle has a detachable, 30 round, staggered box magazine made from semi translucent polymer. The magazine release button is located behind the magazine port. Markings - AS9002681.

History / Summary

This rifle saw service in Somalia with 1 RAR in 1993 with the United Nations peacekeeping contingent. The F88 is the standard infantry assault rifle employed by the Australian Army.