Shoulder battery pack: David Telfer, ABC cine cameraman

Accession Number AWM2019.1183.2.1
Collection type Technology
Object type Technology
Physical description Cotton webbing, Wire, Wood
Maker ABC Workshops, Gore Hill (NSW)
Place made Australia: New South Wales, Sydney
Date made c 1973
Conflict Vietnam, 1962-1975

Handmade battery shoulder pack made from shaped five-ply wood into the shape of a four sided rectangular box with a lid. It is painted in white enamel both inside and outside. A 'Lane (M)' (probably medium) hinge is provided for the lid, in conjunction with a nickel-plated steel catch. On one side is a four pin socket for the wiring. This is joined to the inside, where two 1.2 volt French 'Accumulateur Etanche Nickel Cadnium' sealed cells are wired into the switch; they lie horizontally. These are probably the original batteries.

A webbing shoulder strap is rivetted the the side of the pack in four places on each side. The ABC Workshops made a number of these battery packs for use with a range of cameras.

History / Summary

This was part of the camera equipment used by David Telfer while in Vietnam in 1973 filming for the ABC. The resulting documentary, 'The Children of Qui Nhon', won three international awards in 1974, including the Prix Jeunesse at the Cannes Film Festival.

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