Wallet 1 of 1 – Collection includes papers, History of Middle Head, Mosman, NSW, and Biography of William Throsby Bridges, compiled by H G Ricketts

Accession Number AWM2020.22.110
Collection number MSS0762
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type Folder
Item count 1
Object type Papers
Physical description 28 Image/s captured
Maker Ricketts, H G
Place made Australia: New South Wales, Sydney, Australia: New South Wales, Sydney
Date made 1971
Conflict Period 1930-1939
Second World War, 1939-1945
Period 1920-1929
First World War, 1914-1918
British Army Era, 1788-1870
Australian Colonial Forces, 1854-1900
Source credit to This item has been digitised with funding provided by Commonwealth Government.

Collection includes papers related to the history of Middle Head and Mosman, NSW, and a biography of William Throsby Bridges compiled by Warrant Officer 1 H G Ricketts, 1971.

Wallet 1 of 1 – Contains photocopy of Warrant Officer Ricketts's typed history of the Middle Head Barracks at Mosman, NSW, including a timeline of the life of Major General Sir William Throsby Bridges KCB, KCMG. The collection also includes a list of where copies were distributed.

The collection consists of Annexures A-O:

Annexure A
Plan of 6 (six) Allotments – Parish of Willoughby, Country of Cumberland, applied for to purchase under the Regulations of 1 Aug 1831, showing the 52 acres sold to Charles Beilby, portion No 194, on 16 Jan 1835 for £520. This land was later owned by Esther Hughes, who sold it to the NSW Government on 19 Feb 1872.

Annexure B
Plan of two portions of land in the Parish of Willougby – County of Cumberland, applied for, but later cancelled, by Charles Beilby and John Hughes who sold it to the NSW Government on 19 Feb 1872.

Annexure C
Copy of Survey for Military Defence purposes around Middle Head and Georges Heads by the NSW Surveyor General, John W. Deering, 29 Aug 1878.

Annexure D
Main lines of Traverses of Survey for Military purposes of Middle Head and Georges Heads.

Annexure E
Middle Head Site Plan showing position of Batterys and building No 14, this area is to be returned to NSW State Government by 31 Dec 1975.

Annexure F
80 Pounder Rifled Muzzle Loader Battery 1873.

Annexure G
25 Tom, 10 inch Rifled Muzzle Loader Battery 1883 (Plan).

Annexure H
25 Tom, 10 inch Rifled Muzzle Loader Battery 1883 (Section).

Annexure I
10” RML Barrel.

Annexure J
6 inch, Breech Loader Battery 1888.

Annexure K
Officers' quarters, Middle Head 1878.

Annexure L
Officers' quarters, Middle Head 1879.

Annexure M
Known occupants of Officers Quarters, Building No 14.

Annexure N
Permanent Married Quarters No 9 i.e. Building No 14, declared Class “C” by National Trust 1971.

Annexure O
Biography of William Throsby Bridges, who lived on Middle Head for seven years in Building No 14.