Wallet 2 of 2 - Correspondence, papers and photographs relating to Henri Hermene Tovell and his foster father Timothy William Tovell, November 1917 - c. 1950s

Accession Number AWM2020.22.318
Collection number PR87/199
Collection type Digitised Collection
Record type Wallet
Item count 1
Object type Letter, Postcard, Photograph, Papers, Newspaper cutting
Physical description 61 Image/s captured
Maker Tovell, Henri Hermene
Tovell, Timothy William
Place made At sea, Australia, France
Date made 1917 - c. 1950s
Conflict Period 1950-1959
Period 1920-1929
First World War, 1914-1918
Period 1940-1949
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Collection relating to the First World War experiences and interwar life of French war orphan Henri Hermene Tovell and his foster father 2198 Air Mechanic 2nd Class Timothy William Tovell, No. 4 Squadron, Australian Flying Corps, At sea, England, France and Australia, 1896-1928, 1953, 2000-2002.

Wallet 2 of 2 - Contains original letters, postcards, papers, photographs and newspaper clippings primarily pertaining to Henri Tovell and his foster father Timothy Tovell. The earliest-dated items in the wallet relate to Timothy Tovell's first year of service overseas and include correspondence to his wife Gertrude and several photographic postcards including one of the Prince of Wales Edward VIII in uniform with a description of the regard he was held in by enlisted men. Other items relating to the First World War include postcards and annotated photographs that trace the story of Henri's attachment to Timothy Tovell and No. 4 Squadron, and how the war orphan was smuggled from Germany to England and subsequently to Australia at the end of the war.

Material from the interwar period includes photographs of Henri and members of the Tovell family in Brisbane, and letters, papers and photographs relating to a period Henri was employed with the Royal Australian Air Force in Melbourne. These items include two letters from Henri to his foster parents, and an application for naturalisation in which Henri outlines the circumstances surrounding his status as a war orphan, attachment to Timothy Tovell and No. 4 Squadron, journey to Australia and life in both Brisbane and Melbourne. Photographs from this period depict Henri shortly before his death. The remaining items relate to the death of Henri and include a transcribed sermon delivered by Reverend John Thompson Perry at a memorial service for Henri held at St. Mary’s Church in Kangaroo Point on 3 June 1928, four newspaper clippings relating to this memorial service and Henri's death, and photographs of Henri's monument at Fawkner Cemetery in Melbourne c. late 1940s and early 1950s.