Men of Menin - Names A - B

Place Europe: Belgium, Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Ypres, Menin Gate Memorial
Accession Number AWM2018.1007.1.1
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Maker Scott, Robert
Place made Australia: Queensland
Date made c 2018
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
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Biographies of Australians listed on the panels of the Menin Gate Memorial at Ypres as researched and written by Robert Scott. Each file briefly recounts the military story of each man and where possible, details how they perished, the location of their graves and if they were buried in the field. The list of the men covered is a follows. Please note that the spelling of the name is as the author recorded. Names included in the attached PDF are:

A - ABBOTT Henry; ABBOTT, Walter,A; ABBOTT, Willim, T; ABLEY. Edgar,W; ACKLAND, H; ACOTT Albert, W; ADAIR, Frank; ADAM, Alexander, R; ADAM, James,H; ADAM,DAvid, F; ADAMS, Arthur, J; ADAMS, Breally; ADAMS, Charles; ADAMS, Eustace; ADAMS, George, T; ADAMS, Ralph; ADAMS, Raymond; ADAMS, Richard, W.; ADAMS, Robert; ADAMSON, Randolf; ADAMTHWAITE, Holderness; ADKINS, Arthur; AGATE, George, E.A; AGNEW, Stanley, W; A'Hearn E; AHEARN, John; AHLERS, Ferdinand, E; AIKEN, Frank, H.; Aitcheson, William, G.; AITKEN, George, R.; AKERS, John; AKERS, Joseph; ALCHIN, Arthur,M; ALDERSON, Reginald; ALDRIDGE, Frank, V.; ALEXANDER, Francis, O; ALEXANDER, Laurence, C.; ALEXANDER, Percy, R; ALFORD, Charles, W; ALFORD, Frederick; ALFORD, Samuel; ALFRED, Francis; ALLAN John, R.; ALLAN, Archie; ALLAN, Clarence,R.; ALLAN, George; ALLAN, James; ALLAN, Morton, M; ALLAN, Robert; ALLAN, Stephen, D.; ALLAN, William, W; ALLAN, William; ALLCHURCH, Clifford.; ALLDIS, William, P; ALLEMAN, Johan; ALLEN Arthur, R; ALLEN Arthur; ALLEN John, T.; ALLEN, Cecil, C; ALLEN, Charles, A.; ALLEN, Daniel; ALLEN, Edward, H; ALLEN, Ernest, T; ALLEN, Eustace, R; ALLEN, George, Henry; ALLEN, George.; ALLEN, Herbert; ALLEN, Josiah.; ALLEN, Leonard.; ALLEN, William, R; ALLEN,James,Edward.; ALLISON, Arthur; ALLISTON, William, D; ALLMOND, Arthur,W; ALLPORT, Henry,A; ALLSOPP, Arthur; ALLWOOD,Frederick, T.; ALPHEY, Arthur,R; ALSBURY, Thomas, W; ALSOP, Frederick, B.; ALSTON, Walter, C; AMIET, Francis, D.; AMIOTT, Charles; AMOS,Frederick, G.; AMPHLETT, Frank; ANDERSEN, Andrew, C; ANDERSON, Albert, S.; ANDERSON, Alexander, B; ANDERSON, Andrew 701; ANDERSON, Andrew.; ANDERSON, Arthur, A.; ANDERSON, francis, P; ANDERSON, Frederick, J.; ANDERSON, George, H; ANDERSON, Gordon, Fraser; ANDERSON, Gordon.; ANDERSON, Hamilton, R; ANDERSON, Hector, H; ANDERSON, James, H; ANDERSON, John; ANDERSON, Laurence; ANDERSON, Maxwell, H.; ANDERSON, Norman; ANDERSON, Robert.; ANDERSON, Thomas.; ANDERSON, William, A.; ANDERSON, William, H.; ANDERSON, William; ANDERSON,Leslie A; ANDERSON,Walter, N.; ANDREW, Clyde; ANDREW, George, E; ANDREW, Hugh, G.; ANDREW, Samuel; ANDREWS, Cecil; ANDREWS, Charles,H.; ANDREWS, George, H; ANDREWS, Robert, P.; ANDREWS, Samuel,C; ANDREWS, Sarsfield; ANDREWS, Sylvester.; ANDREWS, Walter, W.; ANGUS, Robert.; ANGUS, Roy; ANNAND, Harold.; ANSELL, Alfred, E.; ANSPACH, Wolfred.; ANSTIS, Claude; ANSTIS, Royston.; APPLEBY, Frederick.; APPLIN, rOBERT, h.; APPLIN, Robert, H; ARAM, John, T, Hamilton; ARCHBELL, Walter; ARCHER, Sidney, J; ARGALL, Preston.; ARGYLE, Douglas, R.; ARMITAGE, Alban.; ARMSTRONG William; ARMSTRONG, Eric, E.; ARMSTRONG, Ernest; ARMSTRONG, Francis, H.; ARMSTRONG, George, A.; ARMSTRONG, John, A.; ARMSTRONG, John, S.; ARMSTRONG, Norman, L.; ARMSTRONG, Thomas, A.; ARMSTRONG, William George; ARMSTRONG, William, H.; ARNOLD, Charles, F.; ARRING, Carl.; ARTHUR Herbert, J.; ARTHUR, George,A.; ARTHUR, Richard,C.; ASHBY,Dennis,G; ASHER, Samuel.; ASHER-SMITH, Charles.; ASHLEY, Colin, J.; ASHTON, Arthur.; ASHTON, William.; ASKIE, Charls; ASPINALL, Charles.; ASPLUND, Hugo.; ASQUITH, John.; ATKIN, Francis; ATKINS, Harold, J.; ATKINSON, Edgar, R.; ATKINSON, Ernest, A.C.; ATKINSON, Francis, D.; ATKINSON, Francis, H.; ATKINSON, George H; ATKINSON, Robert; AUBREY, Arthur; AUSTIN, George, L; AVERY, James, M.; AYERS; AYLING, Henry, E; AYRE, alexander;

B - BABBAGE, John, F.; BABINGTON, William, E.; BACKMAN, Percival, S.; BACKSHALL, Walter, J.; BACON, William, H.; BAGIEAU, Alexander.; BAGLEY; BAILES, John, C.; BAILEY, Alva G.; BAILEY, Arthur, E.; BAILEY, Daniel,M.; BAILEY, leonard.; BAILEY, William.; BAINBRIDGE, Robert, M.; BAINBRIDGE, Richard, B.; BAIRD, Edward, H.; BAIRD, Thomas, E.; BAKER William, T.; BAKER, Arthur, E.; BAKER, Arthur, H.B.; BAKER, Edward.; BAKER, Ernest, A.; BAKER, Ernest.; BAKER, Ernest; BAKER, Francis, A.; BAKER, Frederick, H.; BAKER, Harold, E.; BAKER, James, A.; BAKER, Stanley, C.; BAKER, Vincent, R.; BAKER, William.; BALAAM, Albert,J; BALDOCK, Edgar.; BALDOCK, Lionel.; BALL, Francis, R.; BALL, Frederick, W.; BALLANTINE, George, W.; BALLARD, Lewis, W.; BALLARD, Milton, H; Ballerum, Frederick.; BALSHAW Roderick, R.; BALZARY, Leonard, A.; BAMBACH, Clarence, J.; BAMBRICK, James, S.; BAMPTON, Sydney.; BANKS, Aloysius.; BANNER, Albert.; BANNER, Alfred C.; BARBER, Henry, A.; BARCLAY, Albert, J.; BARGE, Eric.; BARGH, Robert, B.; BARKAS, William, A.; BARKER, Bertie; BARKER, James.; BARKER, John, T.; BARKER, Sydney.; BARLEY, Henry; BARLOW, Harry.; BARNDEN, Michael, J.; BARNES, Lesley, J.; BARNES, William.; BARNETT, Harold; BARNETT, sydney; BARNIER, Arthur, D.; BARR, George; BARR, Hugh; BARR, John, J.; BARRETT, Alfred; BARRETT, Brice.; BARRETT, Herbert.; BARRETT, John, C.; BARRETT, Roy (Strudwick); BARRETT, Sydney MM; BARRETT, William, H; BARRIE, William; BARROW, Eliphia; BARRY, Lesley, J.; BARRY, Maurice, V.; BARRY, Patrick.; BARTER, Robert, D.; BARTHO, Clarence; BARTHOLOMEW, John, B.; BARTLETT, Cecil,E.; BARTLETT, Francis, S.K.; BARTLETT, Herbert, J.; BARTLETT, Nathaniel; BARTLETT, Walter; BARTLEY, Lawrence, J.; BARTLEY, Reginald; BARTON, Ralph.; BARTON, Robert; BARTRAM, Reginald; BARWICK, Norman, S.; BASS, Samuel.; BASSETT, Frederick, W.; BASTOW, Harry, C.; Bateman, Henry; BATES, Glen.; BATES, Harry, S.; BATEUP, John.; BAUGH, Edgar.; BAUGH, Francis, C.; BAWDEN, Frederick, P.L; BAWDEN, John.; BAXTER, Harry.; BAXTER, Lesley, L.; BAXTER, Thomas.; BAXTER, Walter, A.; BAXTER, Walter.; BAYLEY, Alexander.; BAYLEY, Harold; BAYLIS, Joseph, E.; BAYLISS, Ernest, F.; BEACH, George.; BEALE, Charles, E. H.; BEAMAN, Charles, E.; BEAMENT Frederick, A.; BEAMISH, Earl, D.; BEAR, James, W.; BEARD, Allan, F.; BEARD, Walter, H.; BEARD, William, H.; BEARE, Robert, J.; BEATON, Colin, M.; BEATTS, John, E.; BEATTY, David W.; BEATTY, John, C.; BECKER, Jack.; BECKETT, Gilbert, H.; BECKINGHAM, Roy.; BECKWITH, Frederick, H.; BEDDELL, George, A.; BEE, Stephen.; BEECROFT, Clement, W.; BEER, Alexander, J.; BEER, Ernest, W.; BEIL, Marmaduke; BEITZ, Francis, F.; BELCHER, Thomas.; BELL, Allen, R.; BELL, Allison; BELL, Clarence.; BELL, George, F.; BELL, Harold, G.; BELL, John.; BELL, Norman, L.; BELL, Roderick, J.; BELL, Walter, M.; BELL, William, J.; BELL, William, R.; BELLAMY, Charles, B.; BELLCHAMBERS, Henry, A.; BELLCHAMBERS, William, MM.; BELLINGER, Percy; BELLISS, Edward.; BEMBRICK, Henly, T.S; BENFELL, Arthur.; BENN, William, J.; BENNETT, Allen, V.; BENNETT, Athol, R.; BENNETT, Clarence, G.; BENNETT, Francis, R; BENNETT, Frederick, T.; BENNETT, Henry.; BENNETT, Herbert.; BENNETT, Leslie E.; BENNETT, William.; BENNETT. Wilfred, J.; BENNETTS, William.; BENNING, Alfred, A.; BENNS, Gerald, D.M.; BENSON, Alexander.; BENSON, Charles.; BENSON, Herbert, V.; BENTLEY, Charles; BENTLEY, Leslie.; BENTON, Albert, A; BERGIN, Edward, P.; BERRIMAN, Claude, L.; BERRIMAN, Frank.; BERRY, James, W.; BERWICK, Charles, T.; BESSELL, Clarence, E.; BETHUNE, Alexander, T.; BETT, Kenneth, G.; BETTLES, James, F.; BETTS, Frederick, J.; BETTS,Stephen, C.; BEWLEY, Albert, H.; BEZZANT, Richard, C.; BICE, Herbert, A.; BICKERTON, Henry.; BICKFORD, John, A.; BICKHAM, Charles, H.; BICKLE, Robert, H.; BICKLEY, George; BID, Alex; BIDGOOD, Kingsley, A.W.C.; BIGGIN, John.; BIGGLESTON, Tom; BILLET, Albert C. J.; BILSON, David.; BINGER, Arthur, O.; BINGHAM, William, R.; BINKS, Henry, C.; BIRCHALL, Norman, S.; BIRD, Clarence, L; BIRD, Frank, H.; BIRD, William, J.; BIRD, William.; BIRDSALL, James, G.; BIRKETT, James; BIRNIE, James; BIRRELL, Alfred, N; BISHOP, Alfred N MM; BISHOP, Gordon, G.H.; BISHOP, Harry, W.; BISSET, Andrew.; BLACK, Archibald, H.; BLACK, David.; BLACK, Gordon, A.; BLACK, Henry, A.; BLACK, John.; BLACK, Robert, N.; BLACKHALL, Donald, E.; BLACKLEY, Thomas, A.; BLAIKIE, Thomas.; BLAIR, Donald, M.; BLAIR, George, O.; BLAKE, George.; BLAKE, John, S.; BLAKE, John, T.; BLAKE, Thomas, J.; BLANCH, George, A.; BLANCHARD, Robert.; BLANDFORD, Frederick, R.; BLATCHFORD, Edward.; BLAXALL, Kenneth, E.; BLAYNEY, Arthur, N.R.; BLENKINSOP, John, D.; BLESING, Charles, F.; BLIGHT, Alfred.; BLIGHT, George, A.; BLIGHT, William, J.; BLISS, Frank, H.; BLIZZARD, James, L.; BLOM, Ronald, C.; BLOOM, Rupert.; BLOOR, William, D; BLUMER, George, S.; BLUNDELL, George, A.; BLUNDELL, Martin, P.; BLYTH, William.; BLYTHMAN, Gilbert, J.; BOAL, William, R.; BOASE, William, E.; BODEN, Arthur, J.; BODY, William, G.; BODYCOAT, Harold, W.; BOEHM, Herman, J.; BOGG, Ernest.; BOGLE, Gordon, K.; BOGUE, William.; BOLAND, John, S.; BOLDERY, David, W.; BOLGER, William,C.; BOLITHO, William.; BOLLINGHAM, Benjamin.; BOLTON, George, E.; BOLTON, Norman, E.; BOLTON, Samuel, H.; BOND, Claude, E.; BOND, Sydney, S.; BOND, William, C.; BONHAM, Alfred, E.; BONHAM, Edward, W.; BONNAR, Charles.; BOOKLASS, John.; BOOLER, Thomas, F.; BOORMAN, Charles, H.; BOOTH, Ernest, R.; BOOTH, John.; BOOTH, William, R.; BOOTHEY, Leonard, R.; BOOTHROYD, Harry, H.; BORGER, Michael, C.; BORMAN, Frank, H.; BORTHWICK, David, D.; BOSELY, John, A.V.; BOSVILLE, Herbert.; BOTFIELD, George, C.; BOTT, Ernest G. H.; BOTT, William, J.B.; BOTT, William, S.W.; BOTTCHER, Albert.; BOTTEN, Robert, B.; BOTTLE, Henry, C.; BOULTEN, William, G.; BOULTON, Harrie, M.; BOULTON, William.; BOURKE, Daniel, P.; BOURKE, Ernest, A.; BOURKE, John, J.; BOURKE, John.; BOURKE, Patrick, D.; BOURKE, Thomas.; BOURKE, William, J.; BOURKE, William.; BOURNE, Albert, M.; BOURNE, Michael.; BOVELL, Vernon, L.; BOWDEN, Albert, T.; BOWDEN, Lindsay, W.; BOWDEN, Robert, W.; BOWDLER, Algernon, W.; BOWE, Thomas.; BOWEN, Charles, J.; BOWEN, Thomas.; BOWER, Claude.; BOWERMAN, Albert, J.; BOWES, John, B.; BOWLES, William, T.; BOWMAN, Leslie, E.; BOWMAN, Samuel,G,P.; BOWMAN, Victor, 1782.; BOWMAN, Victor, 2023; BOWMAN, Walter,H.; BOWRAN, John.; BOWRING, John, E.P.; BOXSELL, Claude, O.; BOYCE, James, A.; BOYCE, Samuel, J.; BOYD, Frederick.; BOYD, George, F.; BOYD, Robert, S.; BOYD, Samuel. MM; BOYD, Thomas, M.; BOYES, Charles, V.; BOYLAN, Albert, J.; BOYLE, Albert.; BOYLE, Harold, C.; BOYLE, Joseph, P.; BOYLE, Rupert, P.; BOYLE, William.; BRABNER, Harold, J.; BRADDON, Arthur, W. V.; BRADEY, Alexander, A; BRADEY, Ralph, N.; BRADFORD, Herbert.; BRADFORD, Leslie; BRADLEY, Benjamin; BRADLEY, Herbert; BRADLEY, John, B.; BRADNEY, Wentworth, E.; BRADSHAW, John.; BRADSHAW, Stanley, G.; BRADY, Thomas, C.; BRAGG, Horace.; BRAIN, John, G.; BRAITHWAITE, Francis, L.; BRAITHWAITE, Ishmail.; BRAMICH, Alden, B.; BRAMICH, Clifton, W.; BRAMICH, Leonard, R.; BRAMICH, Sidney, S.; BRAND, Peter.; BRANDIE, William, J.; BRANDT, Francis, J.; BRANDT, Peter.; BRANLEY, John, M.; BRATCHLEY, Frank, F.; BRAUN, William.; BRAY, Harold, O.; BRAZENDALE, Francis, H.; BREALEY, Francis, H.; BREALEY, William, H.; BREASLEY, Leslie; BRECHBULL, Arnold, G.; BREEN, Joseph, E.; BREEN, William.; BREHENY, Peter, F.; BRENNAN, Richard, L.; BRENNAN, William 2046; BRENNAN, William, J.; BRENTON, Horace.; BRETT, Harry.; BRETT, Stephen, P.; BREUER, James, H.; BREUSTEDT, Leopold, L.; BREW, John.; BREWARD, George.; BREWER, Arthur, J; BREWER, Clive.; BREWER, Edward, M.; BREWER, Harold.; BRIDDICK, Joseph.; BRIDGES, Robert, G.; BRIDGES, Roy, G.; BRIDGMAN,Francis, H.; BRIDSON, William, S.; BRIEN, Albert, R.; BRIESE, Arthur, O.; BRIGDEN, Alfred, G.; BRIGGS, David, R.; BRIGGS, Ernest.; BRIGGS, Frederick, J.; BRIGGS, Herbert, A.; BRIGHT, Charles.; BRIGHT, Edward, J.; BRIGHT, Oswald.; BRIGHT, Roy, A.; BRIGHTON, Henry, C. MM; BRILLIANT, William.; BRIMELOW, William.; BRINDLEY, Hugh, M.; BRINSDEN, Gilbert, J.; BRINSMEAD, Reginald, W. MC; BRITTAIN, Walter, W.; BRITTON, John, N.; BRITTON, Sydney, J.; BROAD, Lewis, J.; BROADBENT, Ralph, L.; BROADWAY Horace, G.; BROCK, Frederick, W.; BROCK, Peter, D.; BROCKMAN, Ralph, W.; BRODERICK, Bede, P.; BRODIE, John, G.; BRODIE, Thomas.; BROGAN, James.; BROOKE, Hugh.; BROOKER, Richard, B.; BROOKS, James, C.; BROOKS, Robert, J.; BROOKS, Thomas, 4571.; BROOKS, Thomas, 6031.; BROOKS, Thomas, A.; BROSKOM, John.; BROTHERHOOD, Arthur, A.; BROWN, Albert, E.L.; BROWN, Alfred.; BROWN, Archibald, C. MM.; BROWN, Arthur, E.; BROWN, Charles, D.; BROWN, Clarence.; BROWN, Cyril, M.; BROWN, Donald.; BROWN, Duncan, R.; BROWN, Edward, H.; BROWN, Frederick, J; BROWN, Frederick.; BROWN, George 1725.; BROWN, George, J.R. MM; BROWN, George.; BROWN, James, A.; BROWN, James, R.; BROWN, John, A. 5048; BROWN, John, A.; BROWN, John, F.E.; BROWN, John, H.; BROWN, John.; BROWN, Joseph, R.; BROWN, Joseph,O.; BROWN, Maurice, R.; BROWN, Norman, A.; BROWN, Norman, H.; BROWN, Percy, W.; BROWN, Reginald, E.; BROWN, Robert.; BROWN, Stanley, G.; BROWN, Thomas, J.; BROWN, Thomas.; BROWN, Victor, G.R.; BROWN, Wilfred, L.; BROWN, William, F.; BROWN, William, G.; BROWN, William, J.; BROWNE, Abraham, F.; BROWNE, Walter.; BROWNING, William.; BROWNLEE, William, H.,; BROWNLIE, Arthur, A.; BROWNLOW, Leonard, R.; BROWSE, Samuel, A. MM.; BRUCE, Charles, J.; BRUCE, Neil, S.; BRUCE, Peter.; BRUCE, Thomas, F.; BRUDERLIN, William, E.; BRUNKER, Herbert, J.; BRUNTON, Joseph, E.; BRYAN, Thomas.; BRYANS, Edward, A.; BRYANT, Edward, 1528A.; BRYANT, Ernest, E.; BRYANT, Henry, E; BRYANT, John, B.; BRYANT, John, T.; BRYANT, Leonard.; BRYANT, Ronald, C.; BUBB, John, L.; BUCK, Arthur, H.; BUCK, Herbert, A.; BUCKINGHAM, John, W.; BUCKLAND, John, T.; BUCKLAND, John.; BUCKLER, Alfred.; BUCKLEY, Cecil, W.; BUCKLEY, Edward.; BUCKNELL, Wilfred, T.; BUCKTON, Richard, G.; BUDD, Harry.; BUDDEN, Roy, D.; BUDER, Edwin, W.; BULL, John, W.; BULL, Richmond, R.; BULL, Walter.; BULLEN, Arthur, W.; BULLING, Frederick, W.; BULLOCK, Leslie, C.; BULLUSS, Thomas, V.; BUNT, Eric.; BUNTING, Stanley.; BUNYAN, Edwin, E.; BURGES, James, C.; BURGESS, Charles.; BURGESS, Edward.; BURGESS, Ely, H.; BURGESS, John, C.; BURGESS, Rupert, W.; BURGOYNE, Edward, F.; BURKE, Henry, G; BURKE, Herbert.; BURKE, Leslie, P. J.; BURKE, William, J.; BURKE, William, M.; BURKE, William.; BURKETT, william.; BURKIN, Arthur, J.E.; BURLEY, Henry, A.; BURLEY, Samuel, E.; BURLINSON; BURN, Aubrey, F.; BURN, Charles, F.; BURNES, Frederick.; BURNET, Donald, J.; BURNETT, Alexander, A.; BURNETT, Allan.; BURNETT, George, E.; BURNETT, Harold.; BURNETT, Harry.; BURNETT, James, A.; BURNLEY, John.; BURNS Cecil, H.; BURNS, charles.; BURNS, Cyril, J.; BURNS, Donald.; BURNS, Francis, J.; BURNS, John, C.; BURNS, John.; BURNS, Robert, H.; BURNS, William.; BURRIDGE, Reginald, C.; BURT, Thomas, C.; BURT, Walter, A; BURTON, Charles, S.; BURTON, Joseph, E.; BURTON, Robert, V.; BURTON, William, S.; BUSBRIDGE, Reginald, J.; BUSBY, Samuel.; BUSH, Herman, F.; BUSHBY, arthur, H.; BUSHELL, Archie, E.; BUSSON, Alfred.; BUTCHER, George.; BUTLER, Albert, L.; BUTLER, Clive, H.; BUTLER, Frederick, W.; BUTLER, Sydney.; BUTTERWORTH, Rupert, G.; BUTTFIELD, Blinman, V.; BUTTON, James.; BUTTSWORTH, Wesley.; BUXTON, Raymond, J.; BUZZA, David, W.; BUZZA, John, M.; BYERS. Alick; BYRNE, Patrick, J.; BYRNE, Stanley.; BYRNE, Thomas, L.; BYRNE, Walter, E.; BYRNES, John, S.; BYRNES, Norbert, J.; BYRNES, William, V.; BYSH, Leonard, F.; BYWATER, James.

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