Men of Menin - Names C

Place Europe: Belgium, Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Ypres, Menin Gate Memorial
Accession Number AWM2018.1007.1.2
Collection type Published Collection
Record type File
Item count 549
Object type Digital file
Maker Scott, Robert
Place made Australia: Queensland
Date made c 2018
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
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Biographies of Australians listed on the panels of the Menin Gate Memorial at Ypres as researched and written by Robert Scott. Each file briefly recounts the military story of each man and where possible, details how they perished, the location of their graves and if they were buried in the field. The list of the men covered is a follows. Please note that the spelling of the name is as the author recorded. Names included in the attached PDF are:

C - CADD, Horace, A.; CADELL, Henry, C.D. MC.; CAHILL, Alfred, R.; CAHILL, Alphonsus.; CAHILL, Frederick, P.; CAHIR, William, F.; CAIN, Frederick, R.; CALDWELL, Bruce.; CALDWELL, Frederick.; CALLAGHAN, Alfred.; CALLAGHAN, Stanley, R.; CALLENDER, Wesley, G.; CALOV, Ernest, A.; CALVER, Cecil, B.; CALVERT, Ernest.; CAM, William.; CAMERON, Alexander, C.; CAMERON, Angus.; CAMERON, Charles, C.; CAMERON, Donald, 110; CAMERON, Donald, M.; CAMERON, Donald; CAMERON, Edwin, A.; CAMERON, Eric. A.; CAMERON, George, W.; CAMERON, Hugh, P.; CAMERON, Ian, C.; CAMINITI, John.; CAMM, Dennis, J.; CAMM, Robert, D,S.; CAMPBELL, Alfred, StC.; CAMPBELL, Archibald 1894; CAMPBELL, Archibald; CAMPBELL, Donald, C.; CAMPBELL, Donald; CAMPBELL, Duncan; CAMPBELL, frederick, F.; CAMPBELL, George.; CAMPBELL, Granville, S.; CAMPBELL, Harold.; CAMPBELL, Henry, A.; CAMPBELL, John, D.; CAMPBELL, John, F.; CAMPBELL, Leslie, G.; CAMPBELL, Malcolm, J.; CAMPBELL, Samuel.; CAMPBELL, William.; CAMPION, Willie, E.; CANT, Percy, C.; CANT, William, J.; CANTWELL, John, J. MM; CANTWELL, Patrick.; CAPELL, Charles.; CARD, Frank, J.; CARDWELL, Percy, E.; CARDWELL, Phillip, J.; CARDY, Lewis, G.; CAREY, Archibald, H.; CAREY, Patrick, J.; CAREY, Victor, F.; CARLIN, Thomas.; CARLOS, James.; CARLOW, Jack, M.; CARLSON, Charles, F.; CARLSON, David, F.; CARLSON, Frederick.; CARMICHAEL, Alfred, J.E.; CARMICHAEL, Gavin, D.; CARMICHAEL, George, D.; CARMODY, John, J.; CARNEY, Frederick, N.J.; CARNEY, Martin.; CARNEY, William.; CARR- Boyd, George, W.; CARR, Arnold, C.; CARR, Frederick, W.; CARR, Howard, B.; CARR, Kenneth, J.; CARR, Roy, J.; CARR, Walter.; CARR, William.; CARR; CARR-BOYD, John, G.; CARROLL, Albert, E.J.; CARROLL, Ernest, W.; CARROLL, Leopold, T.; CARROLL, Matthew, M.; CARROLL, Michael, J.; CARROLL, Patrick.; CARRUTHERS, John.; CARRUTHERS; CARSE, Norman, R.; CARSELDINE, George, A.; CARSON, Frederick.; CARSON, William.; CARSTENS, Walter.; CARTER Frederick, J.; CARTER, Albert, J.; CARTER, Eric, C.; CARTER, George, E.; CARTER, Joseph, E.; CARTER, William.; CASEY, Ernest, W.; CASEY, James.; CASH, Frank, H; CASH, Percy.; CASHMAN, George, T.; CASSELLS, Norman, R.; CASTLE, Alfred, E.; CASTLE, David, D.; CASTLE, Gordon.; CASTLE, John, S.; CASTON, Walter.; CASWELL, Alfred.; CATHCART, Matthew, R.; CATO, Allan, B.; CATTERALL, John, W.; CAULFIELD, Henry, E.; CAULFIELD, James, W.; CAVANAGH, Charles, C.; CAVANAGH, Clarence, W.; CAVANAGH, Thomas, J.; CAVANOUGH, Darcy, J.; CAVE, Charles.; CAWLEY, Alfred; CAWLEY, James.; CAWSE, Francis, W.; CAWTHEN, John, A.; CECINI, Peter, J.; CHADWICK, Sydney, W.; CHALKLEY, James, A.; CHALLONER, Theophilus.; CHALMERS, Francis; CHALMERS, Peter. M.M.; CHAMBERS, Leslie, T.G.; CHANDLER, Ernest, W.; CHANT, Joseph, E.; CHAPMAN, Eric, B.E.; CHAPMAN, Frank.; CHAPMAN, John, E.; CHAPMAN, Lewis, B.; CHAPMAN, Merlin, S.; CHAPMAN, Percival, D.; CHAPMAN, Percy.; CHAPMAN, William, M.; CHARLES, Bernard, W.; CHARLESWORTH, Martin, W.; CHARLTON, Harry.; CHARLWOOD, Arthur, E.C.; CHARTERS, Frank M.M.; CHASE, William, E.; CHATFIELD, Keith, G.; CHAUNCY, Alfred, J.M.; CHEALE, Louis, I.; CHEESWRIGHT, Frederick; CHEGWIN, Arnold, P.; CHELL, George, C.; CHENEY, Albert, L.; CHEYNE, Magnus, G.; CHIBNALL, Walter, H.; CHILD, Alfred, L.; CHILDS, Leslie, A.; CHILDS, William, J.; CHILMAN, Percival, J; CHILMAN, Richard, H.; CHING, Walter, R.; CHINNERY, Thomas, P.J.B.; CHISHOLM, Colin, R.; CHISHOLM, Frederick, G.; CHISHOLM, John.; CHIVERS, Albert.; CHIVERTON, Frank.; CHREE, Harry.; CHRISTENSEN, Frederick.; CHRISTENSEN, Victor.; CHRISTIAN, Walter, L.; CHRISTIANSEN, Jens; CHRISTIE, Abraham.; CHRISTIE, Patrick.; CHRISTMAS, Robert.; CHURCH, Federal, E.C.; CHURCH, Frederick, T.R.; CHURCH, John.; CHURCH, Leslie, E.; CHURCH, Robert, H.; CHUTE, Claude, H.; CLAPHAM, Frederick, T.; CLARK, Arthur, J.; CLARK, David, R.; CLARK, Donald.; CLARK, Edwin, C.; CLARK, Frederick, E.; CLARK, George.; CLARK, John.; CLARK, Leonard, W; CLARK, Percival, H.; CLARK, Valentine.; CLARK, William, A.; CLARK, William, T.; CLARKE, Alfred, R.; CLARKE, Bernard, H.; CLARKE, Bertie, R.; CLARKE, Charles, P.; CLARKE, Clifford, J.; CLARKE, Cyril, H.; CLARKE, Ernest, J.; CLARKE, Evelyn, C.; CLARKE, Fergus, J.; CLARKE, George, M.; CLARKE, George, W.; CLARKE, Granville, G.T.C.; CLARKE, Henry.; CLARKE, Hugh.; CLARKE, John, A.; CLARKE, Norris, A.; CLARKE, Raymond, J.; CLARKE, Reginald, A.; CLARKE, Sidney, C.; CLARKE, Victor, W.; CLARKE, Wallace, J.; CLARKSON, Arthur.; CLARKSON, Mountford, T.; CLASOHM, William, J; CLAUSON, Thomas, J.; CLAYTON, Archibald. M.M.; CLAYTON, Charles, H.; CLEARY, James, F.; CLEARY, James.; CLEARY, Thomas, J.; CLEMENT, Frederick.; CLEMENT, William.; CLEMENTS, Richard, H.; CLEMENTS, William, T.; CLEMSON, Leslie, H.; CLEVELAND, Henry.; CLEVERLY, Thomas.; CLIFFORD, Abraham, J.; CLIFFORD, Charles.; CLIFFORD, Maurice, W.; CLIFFORD, William, J.; CLIFTON, Thomas, B.; CLINCH, John, K.; CLINNICK, Gordon, A.S.; CLISSOLD, Charles, A.; CLOHESY, William, A.; CLOKE, William, F.; CLOUTING, Frederick, H.; CLUFF, Bruce, E.; CLUGSTON, Thomas, R, I.; COATES, Horace, C.; COATES, Thomas, H.; COBCROFT, Albert.; COBHAM, Francis, F.; COCHRAN, Alfred, J.E.; COCHRAN, William, B.; COCHRANE, Albert, V.; COCHRANE, Rupert, E.; COCHRANE, William, A.; COCHRANE, William, J.; COCK, Joseph, H.; COCKBURN, Arthur.; COCKBURN, George, W.; COCKINGTON, Jasper.; COE, Albert, E.; COE, James, M.; COFFEY, Louis, J.; COFFIN, Arthur.; COGGAN, George.; COGHILL, Robert.; COGNET, John; COHEN, Joseph.; COLAHAN, Joseph, M.O.; COLE, Alfred.; COLE, Ernest, L.; COLE, Frank, H.; COLE, Stanley, J.H.; COLE, Walter, R.; COLE, William Anthony.; COLE, William Arthur; COLE, William.; COLE; COLEMAN, Cyril, C.; COLEMAN, Vincent, M.; COLEMAN, William.; COLES Ernest, J.; COLET, Robert, S.; COLGATE, James, J.; COLL, John.; COLLATON, Francis, P.; COLLEN, Henry, J.W.; COLLEY, Sidney, H.; COLLINS, Basil, A.; COLLINS, Cecil, C.C; COLLINS, Frank, A.; COLLINS, Frank, E.H.; COLLINS, Frederick, B.; COLLINS, Henry, T.; COLLINS, John, J.; COLLINS, Michael, W.; COLLINS, Patrick.; COLLINS, Robert, W.; COLLINS, Roy.; COLLINS, Thomas, W.; COLLINS, Vivian, P.; COLLINS, Vivian, V.; COLLISON, Ernest, V.; COLVIN, Thomas.; COLWILL, William, J.; COLYN-STEVENS, William, R.; COMAN, Francis, F.; COMERFORD, Henry, M.; COMERFORD, Michael, A.C.; COMMELIN, Anton, A.C.; COMPER, William, H.; CONDON, Patrick, H.; CONDRAN, Humphrey, N.A.; CONE, Harry, H.; CONGDON, Keen, C.; CONLEY, Victor, H.; CONLON, William, E.; CONNELL, Bede, S.; CONNELL, Clement, B; CONNELL, Michael.; CONNELL, Stanley, G.; CONNELLY, Kenneth, G.; CONNELLY, Patrick, M.; CONNOCK, Edward.; CONNOLLY, Edward.; CONNOR, Charles, E.; CONNOR, Edward, T.; CONNOR, William.; CONROY, John, P.; CONSIDINE, James, F.; CONVERY, Robert.; CONVOY, Harold, C.; CONWAY, Edward.; CONWAY, Harry.; COOK, Alan, D; COOK, Arthur, C; COOK, Charles, W; COOK, Clarence, H.A; COOK, Harvey, J; COOK, James, W; COOK, John (O'Neil).docx COOK, Mervyn, J; COOK, Sydney; COOK, Thomas, J; COOK, William, 855.docx COOK, William, H. 3780.docx COOK, William, H; COOK, William, J; COOK, William; COOKE, Arthur, E; COOKE, Henry, J; COOKE, Leonard, C MC.docx COOKSON, Charles, E; COOMBE, Harry; COOMBE, Mervyn; COOMBES, Alfred; COOMBS, Albert, J; COOMER, Alfred; COONAN, Joseph, T; COONEY, Thomas, A; COOPER, Albert, H; COOPER, Albert, J.B; COOPER, Alexander, R; COOPER, Cecil, L; COOPER, David, B; COOPER, Ernest, O; COOPER, James, C; COOPER, James, W; COOPER, John, T; COOPER, Leonard; COOPER, Leslie; COOPER, Robert; COOPER, Rufus; COOPER, Samuel; COOPER, Thomas, E; COOPER, Thomas, J.docx COOPER, Walter; COOTE, Norman, I; COPE, Frederick; COPE, Harold, G; COPE, Reginald.docx COPPING, Frank, O; CORBETT, James. R.docx CORBUTT, Jim; CORCORAN, Bernard; CORDER, Reginald; CORK, Arthur, E.docx CORK, Ellis, E; CORK, William; CORMACK, William, B; CORNELIUS, Arthur; CORNFORD, Horace, G; CORNFORD, William, E; CORNING, Asa; CORNISH, Stephen; CORNTHWAITE, Norman; CORRIE, Ernest, W; CORRIGAN, Leo, J.docx CORY, Wilfred, F; COSGROVE, Augustine, J; COSGROVE, Harold, J; COSGROVE, Leslie, G; COSGROVE, Thomas; COSSOM, John, W; COSTA, Thomas; COSTELLO, Thomas; COSTELLOE, James, H; COTTER, Eric,O.O; COTTER, John; COTTRELL, William, N; COUCH, Sydney; COUGHLIN, Michael; COULL, James, B; COULL, James, S; COULL, Sydney, A; COULSON, Robert, G; COULTON, Charles, P; COUPAR, Henry, B; COUPER, Hugh; COUSINS, James, A; COUSINS, John, G.docx COUSTLEY, Robert; COUTTS, John, M; COWAN, Oliver, E; COWARD, Albert, T; COWELL, Arthur, G; COWELL, Sidney; COWIN, Norris, C; COWLEY, Harold; COWLEY, Reginald, T; COX, Charles, W.A; COX, Charles; COX, Fred, B; COX, George, W; COX, John, W; COX, Robert, E; COXALL, Cyril, C; COXON, Frederick, E; COY, Leslie, S; COYNE, John; COZENS, Frank, J; CRABBE, Henry, T; CRACKNELL, Walter, R.C; CRAGG, Edwin; CRAGG, William; CRAIG, Donald, V; CRAIG, Frank; CRAIGEN, George, H; CRAIN, Herbert; CRAMP, Cedric; CRAMP, Theo, A; CRANDELL, Christopher, G; CRANE, Charles, R; CRANE, Percival.docx CRANKSHAW, Walter; CRANWELL, Allan, A; CRAWFORD, John; CRAWFORD, Neil, M; CRAWFORD, Norman, L.; CRAWFORD, Samuel, J; CRAWLEY, Allan, M; CRAYFORD, percy; CRAYTHORN, Sidney, H; CREBERT, Lancelot; CREESE, George, H; CRESWICK, Norman, L; CRESWICK, Thomas, S; CRICK, arthur; CRICK, George; CRICK, John, T; CRIDDLE, Herbert, M; CRIDGE, Frederick, W; CRITCHLEY, Michael, F; CROCKETT, James, M; CROCKFORD, Cecil, C; CROFTS, Walter, R; CROKER, John; CROKER, Robert, W; CROKER, Wyllie; CROLE, Vernon, J; CROME, Claude, A; CROMPTON, John, H; CROMWELL, Oliver; CRONIN, Norman; CRONK, William; CROOK, George; CROOK, Samuel, R; CROOKE, John, M; CROPLEY, George, F; CROSS, Albert, M; CROSS, George; CROSS, James, H; CROSS, James; CROSS, Rupert, M.docx CROSSING, Garnet, C; CROSSLEY, Joseph; CROSSMAN, William, R; CROUCH, Benjamin, C; CROWDEN, Linden, L; CROWE, Alfred; CROXFORD, James, J; CROY, Robert; CROZIER, William, St. Clair; CRUSE, Harold, T; CRYAN, Stephen, J; CULBARD, Donald, H; CULLEN, John, J; CULLEN, Leo, L; CULLEY, Robert; CUMMING, Eric, E; CUMMING, John, W; CUMMING, William, J; CUMMINGS, Harold, T; CUMMINGS, William, G. MM; CUNNIGHAM, Albious, B; CUNNINGHAM, Francis, J; CUNNINGHAM, Innes, C; CUNNINGHAM, James, D; CUNNINGHAM, Roger, P; CUNNINGHAM, Roy, F; CUPIT, Hugh; CURLEY, Henry, F; CURLEY, James, J; CURRAN, Maurice, J; CURREY, John, H; CURRY, Charles; CURRY, Frank; CURRY, Robert, A.docx CURRY, William, C; CURSON, Edward, E. MM.docx CURTAIN, William, A; CURTIN, Thomas, H; CURTIS, John; CURWEN, John, A; CUSH, Francis; CUSSEN, Gerald, M; CUTHILL, Alexander;

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