Men of Menin - Names D - F

Place Europe: Belgium, Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Ypres, Menin Gate Memorial
Accession Number AWM2018.1007.1.3
Collection type Published Collection
Record type File
Item count 631
Object type Digital file
Maker Scott, Robert
Place made Australia: Queensland
Date made c 2018
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
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Biographies of Australians listed on the panels of the Menin Gate Memorial at Ypres as researched and written by Robert Scott. Each file briefly recounts the military story of each man and where possible, details how they perished, the location of their graves and if they were buried in the field. The list of the men covered is a follows. Please note that the spelling of the name is as the author recorded. Names included in the attached PDF are:

D - DACEY, Vincent, D. MM.; DACK, Hubert, R.; DADSON, John.; DAINES, William.; DALE, Alfred, G.; DALE, Edward, T; DALE, John, W.; DALE, William, H.; DALEY, Winton.; DALGLISH, Albert, E.; DALLY, Claude, F.; DALTON, Frank.; DALTON, William.; DALY, James AKA Jack Hunt; DALY, James, P.; DALY, John, J.; DALY, Joseph, J.; DANAHER, James.; DANBERG, Rudolf.; D'ANGRI, Norman; DANIEL, Harold, E.; DANMAN, Alfred.; DANN, Horace, J.; DARE, Aubrey, C.; DARK, James, N.; DARK, Norman.; DARLEY, Richard, J.; DARLING, James.; DARLING, Reuban, G.; DARNEDT, John, J,E.; D'Arney, George, J.; DART, Claude, S.; DARVALL, Alfred, H.; DARWOOD, Henry, J.; DAUE, Stanley.; DAVENPORT, Harold.; DAVEY, Arthur.; DAVEY, Frederick, R.; DAVEY, Michael, P.; DAVIDSON, Alexander, F.; DAVIDSON, George, E.; DAVIDSON, George, F.; DAVIDSON, Herbert.; DAVIDSON, John, R.; DAVIDSON, Robert, F.; DAVIDSON, Robert.; DAVIDSON, William, R. MM.; DAVIE, George, W. L.; DAVIE, Gordon, R.; DAVIES, David.; DAVIES, Edward, C.; DAVIES, Edward, O.; DAVIES, Ernest, C.; DAVIES, Evan, A.; DAVIES, George, F.; DAVIES, George, H. F.; DAVIES, George, H.; DAVIES, George.; DAVIES, Henry.; DAVIES, Horace.; DAVIES, Joseph.; DAVIES, Leslie.; DAVIES, Percival, E.; DAVIES, Robert, W.; DAVIES, Stanley, W.; DAVIES, William.; DAVIS, Arthur, W.; DAVIS, Charles, A.; DAVIS, Charles.; DAVIS, Errol, J.M. MM; DAVIS, Frank.; DAVIS, Fredrick, C.; DAVIS, Gilbert, W. MM; DAVIS, Joseph.; DAVIS, Royce.; DAVIS, Thomas; DAVIS, William, F.; DAVIS, William, H.; DAVIS, William, R.B.; DAVISON, James.; DAVISON, Sydney, P.C.; DAVY, Francis, L.; DAW, Reginald.; DAWES, Eric, C.; DAWSON, Percival, J.; DAY, Dennis, B.; DAY, Percival, F. MM; DAY, Spencer, F.; DAY, Stanley, R.; DE BOYNTON, Arthur.; DE FOREST, Alfred.; DE JOSSLIN, Geoffrey, H.; DE LACEY, Walter, C.; DE VIS, Frederick, H.; DEAN, Frank, L.; DEAN, John, R.; DEANS, Adam.; DEARDEN, Frank.; DEARNESS, Thomas, G.; DECKHARDT, Robert.; DEE, Henry, J.; DEELEY, Frank, E.; DEEM, Percival, E.; DEER, Herbert.; DELANEY, David, D.; DELANEY, James, J.; DELANEY, James. AKA Bartholomew, Frederick.; DELANEY, William, C. MM; DELLOW, Robert, H.; DELMENICO, Anthony, S.; DEMPSEY, Donald, P.; DEMPSEY, George, F.; DENHAM, Laurence, S.; DENINGTON, Frank.; DENISON, Frank.; DENMEAD, Raymond, L.; DENNISS, Wilfred, F.H.; DENT, Harold, N.; DENT, Laurence, J.; DERRICK, John, W.; DESLANDES, Hector, L.; DEVESON, Albert, E.R.; DEVINE, Henry, C.; DEVINE, Patrick.; DEVITT, John, E.; DEWAR, Frank, H.; DEWHURST, George, H.; DICK, Archibald, S.; DICK, Charles, H.; DICK, John.; DICKENS, Henry, C.; DICKEY, Henry, W.H.; DICKIE, James.; DICKINS, Claude, W.; DICKINSON, Archibald, R.; DICKINSON, George.; DICKMAN, Arthur.; DICKSON, Edward, A.; DICKSON, Joseph, E.; DIERCKS, Dietrich, O.; DIETRICH, Henry, J.; DIGGLES, Fred.; DILLON, Robert, G.; DINAN, Cornelius, J.; DINGLE, Alfred, C.; DINGLE, Charles.; DINGLEY, William.; DIX, Robert.; DIXON, Arthur.; DIXON, John, G.; DIXON, William, S.; DIXON, William.; DOBBIN, Cyril, C.; DOBBS, Daryl, W.; DOBLIE, Leslie; DOBSON, William.; DODD, Alfred, S.; DODD, Arthur, W.; DODD, Charles.; DODD, William, J.; DODD, William.; DODDS, Allan, B.; DOHERTY, Edward.; DOHERTY, John, T.; DOHERTY, Reginald; DOIG, James, J.; DOIG, John, A.; DOLAN, Thomas.; DOLAN, Timothy.; DOLTING, Leslie.; DOMBROW, Carl, E.O.; DOMENEY, Owen, T.; DOMINICK, Francis, J.; DONALD, Henry, G.; DONALDSON, Alexander, E.; DONALDSON, Herbert, C.; DONALDSON, Hugh, A.; DONALDSON, John, S.; DONALDSON, Norman, F.; COWAN, Oliver, E.; CROSSLEY, Joseph.; CULLEN, Leo, L.; CUMMINGS, Harold, T.; DICKENS, Glen, M.; DONELY, Jack.; DONNELLEY, Edmund.; DONNELLY, Arthur.; DONOGHUE, Christopher, T.; DONOGHUE, James, E.; DONOHUE, Arthur, W.; DONOVAN, Malachi.; DONOVAN, Walter, E.; DOODY, James.; DOOLEY, Bernard, R.; DORAN, Albert, P.; DORAN, Henry, P.; DORAN, James.; DORAN, Victor, F.; DORLING, Arthur, R.G.; DORLING, Harry, S.; DORNAUF, Angus.; DOUBLEDAY, Frederick, A.; DOUGLAS, Arol, B.; DOUGLAS, David MM (2595); DOUGLAS, David (2170); DOUGLAS, Harry, W.J.; DOUGLAS, James.; DOUGLAS, Robert.; DOUST, Clarence,; DOUST, Frederick, H.; DOUST, Herbert, E.C.; DOVE, Walter.; DOWD, Patrick, J ;DOWD, Vincent, J ;DOWDELL, William, T ;DOWDEY, Peter ;DOWDING, Frederick, T ;DOWDLE, Thomas, J ;DOWLING, John, W ;DOWN, Leslie, J ;DOWNES, Harry ;DOWNEY, Thomas ;DOWNIE, William ;DOWNING, Harold ;DOWNING, William ;DOWSETT, Sydney, W.J ;DOWZER, Thomas, V ;DOYLE, Bernard, T ;DOYLE, Charles, H ;DOYLE, Ernest, H ;DOYLE, Henry, W ;DOYLE, Matthew ;DOYLE, Michael ;DOYLE, Richard, A ;DRAPER, Richard, E ;DREDGE, John, K.F ;DREVER, Alexander ;DREW, Archibald, F ;DREW, Hardie ;DRISCOLL, James, R ;DRUITT, William, B ;DRUMMOND, John ;DRUMMOND, William, F ;DRYLIE, Robert ;DUDLEY, Frederick, J ;DUFF, Charles, A ;DUFF, David, E ;DUFF, Robert ;DUFFIN, Richard, H ;DUFFY, Joseph, A ;DUFFY, Maurice, P. (AKA John Wilshire) ;DUGGAN, Thomas, J. MM. ;DULDIG, Oswald, R ;DUMMETT, James, H ;DUNCAN, Harold, E ;DUNCOMBE, Arnold, J ;DUNCOMBE, Ernest, S ;DUNK, Thomas ;DUNKERLEY, Joseph, F ;DUNLOP, William, G ;DUNN, Alfred, J. DCM ;DUNN, Arthur ;DUNN, Bertie ;DUNN, James, R ;DUNN, John, A ;DUNN, John, E ;DUNN, Leslie ;DUNN, Richard, A ;DUNN, Thomas, L ;DUNNE, Leo, L ;DUNNE, Thomas, J ;DUNNING, Reginald, O ;DUNSTAN, Ernest ;DUNSTAN, John, F ;DUNSTAN, Stephen, S ;DUNSTAN, William ;DURKAN, Martin, J. MM. ;DUTTON, Arthur, E ;DUTTON, Frederick ;DWYER, Edward ;DWYER, James, F ;DWYER, Patrick, F ;DWYER, Thomas ;DWYER, William (352) ;DWYER, William (7236). ;DYCE, John, S ;DYER, Frederick, E ;DYER, Gordon, W ;DYKES, George, P ;DYSON, Bert, E ;DYSON, Thomas, H ;DYSON, Vere, C ;

E - EACOTT, Charles, A; EADE, William; EAGER, Martin, J; EAGLAND, Harry, B; EAGLE, Horace, F. DCM; EARLE, Frederick, H; EAST, Joseph, T; EAST, Wentworth, L; EASTER, George; EASTHER, Edwin; EASTMENT, Stuart, C; EASTWOOD, Herbert, R; EATHER, Roland, J; EATON, Charles; EATON, Joseph, F; EBZERY, Christopher; ECCLES, Edward, F; ECCLESTON, James, G; ECKFORD, Harlie, M; ECKFORD, Percy, W; EDBROOKE, Frederick, C; EDE, Thomas, A.J; EDELSTEN, Hartley, V; EDGAR, Robert, D; EDGE, Albert; EDGEWORTH, William, H; EDMENDS, Albert, C; EDMONDS, Edward; EDMONDS, George, W; EDSER, Charles, O.D; EDWARDS, Alan; EDWARDS, Ambrose, F; EDWARDS, Cecil, W; EDWARDS, Charles, C; EDWARDS, David, T; EDWARDS, Eric, R; EDWARDS, Frank, B; EDWARDS, John, B; EDWARDS, John, W; EDWARDS, Lloyd, W; EDWARDS, Peter, G; EDWARDS, Stanley, G; EDWARDS, William, E; EDWARDS, William; EDWARDS, Cyril, R; EGAN, Ernest; EGAN, Joseph, J; EGGINTON, George, T; EGLINTON, Clarence, R; EIG, Frederick, C; EITELBERG, Louis, H; ELDRIDGE, John; ELDRIDGE, William, R; ELLARD, Arthur, E; ELLEM, William, A; ELLERY, Charles, F.S; ELLIOT, Dudley, S; ELLIOTT, Arthur, H.C; ELLIOTT, Charles; ELLIOTT, Cyril; ELLIOTT, George, W; ELLIOTT, Herbert, S; ELLIOTT, James; ELLIOTT, Joseph, H; ELLIOTT, Lambert, D.F; ELLIOTT, Robert; ELLIS, Albert, J; ELLIS, Alfred, T; ELLIS, Charles, S; ELLISON, Frank, S; ELLISON, Harry, F; ELMORE, Thomas, H; ELMS, Bertie, G; ELSBURY, Ernest, E; ELSON, Abraham, J; ELVINS, James, H; ELWIN, Phillip; EMBLETON, John, E; EMERY, Frederick, L; EMMINS, William, E; ENEVER, John, G; ENGLISH, Michael, C; ENGLISH, Sydney, C; ERICKSON, Henri, W; ERICKSON, William, F; ERIKSSON, Johan, H; ERSKINE, Ernest; ERSKINE, Henry; ESLICK, Richard, H; ESSEX, Reginald; ETHELL, John, O; EVANS, Alfred, W; EVANS, Andrew, J.E; EVANS, Arthur, O; EVANS, Charles, W; EVANS, Charles; EVANS, Daniel, G; EVANS, David, O.R; EVANS, Edward, M; EVANS, George, E; EVANS, George, J; EVANS, George; EVANS, John, C; EVANS, John, E; EVANS, Joseph, G; EVANS, Pyke; EVANS, Robert; EVANS, William, J; EVATT, Raymond. MC; EVEILLARD, Francois; EVERINGHAM, Harold, L; EVESON, Thomas; EWAN, John; EWELS, Robert, H; EWIN, Aubrey, E; EWING, Hugh; EYCKENS, Arthur, E; EYLES, William, C.F; EZZY, Charles;

F - FABIAN, Percy; FACE, John, J; FAGAN, Joseph; FAHEY, Hubert, J; FAHEY, Michael, S; FAIRFAX, Clifford, G; FAIRHALL, John, H; FAIRHEAD, Lionel, C; FAIRLESS,, Charles, C; FAIRLESS,.docx FAIRLIE, David; FALCONER, Odo, B; FALCONER. George; FALLICK, Percy, H; FARAGHER, Joseph, A; FARLEY, Matthew; FARLEY, Thomas, E; FARMER, George, H; FARMER, Henry; FARMERY, George; FARR, Reginald; FARRELL, Albert; FARRELL, Francis, A; FARRELL, James, J; FARRELL, James, M; FARRELL, John; FARRELL, Patrick, J; FARRELL. Joseph, W; FARRELLY, Matthew, E; FARRIES, Lawrence, H; FARRY, Charles; FARTHING, William, O; FASE. Berkley, A; FEALY, David, J; FEALY, Frank; FEARISH, John, T; FEAST, Arthur, T; FEATHERSTONEHAUGH - WOOSTER, Robert, A; FEENAN, Peter; FEGAN, Charles; FEGAN, Norman, J; FENSOM, William, A.J; FENTON, Arthur, G; FERGUSON, Alexander; FERGUSON, Charles; FERGUSON, Claude; FERGUSON, Gordon; FERGUSON, Robert, H; FERGUSON, Roy, A; FERGUSON, Theodore, W. MM; FERINNIE, Bernado; FERNANDEZ, Nathan; FERRES, Ernest, L; FERRICKS, Thomas, D; FIDDES, David; FIDGE, Thomas, W; FIEDLER, William, E.F; FIELD, Arthur, S. MM; FIELD, Claude, J.M; FIELD, Ernest, J; FIELD, George, W; FIELD, Norman, M; FIELD, Reginald, T.W; FIELD, William, H; FIELDHOUSE, Ernest, F; FILLINGHAM, George, R.P; FILLIPONI, Ambrose, C; FILMER, Gilbert, S; FILMER, Raymond, A; FINCH, Colin, A; FINCH, William, G; FINDLAY, Charles, M; FINDLAY, David, G; FINDLAY, Thomas, 3263; FINDLAY, Thomas. 5802; FINLAY, Gavin; FINN, Henry, J; FINNIMORE, William, E; FIRTH, Percy; FISH, Robert; FISHER, Albert; FISHER, Alexander, M; FISHER, Daniel; FISHER, Francis, J; FISHER, Harold, J; FISHER, Herbert; FISHER, Sidney; FISHER, William; FISHLOCK, John, H; FITCH, Albert, E; FITCH, William, Alexander. 453; FITCH, William, Alexander. 538.docx FITZGERALD, Alfred, J; FITZGERALD, Alfred; FITZGERALD, James, C; FITZHENRY, Peter; FITZPATRICK, Frank, B; FITZPATRICK, Frank, J; FITZPATRICK, Joseph; FITZPATRICK, Michael, J.F; FITZPATRICK, Timothy, K; FLACK, John, F; FLANAGAN, Michael; FLANAGAN, Richard, M; FLAY, Eric, C; FLEET, Alfred, E; FLEMING, Arthur; FLEMING, David, H; FLEMING, Edward, S; FLEMING, Francis, R.J; FLEMING, Frank; FLEMING, Robert; FLETCHER, John, W; FLETCHER, John; FLETCHER, Thomas, J; FLETT, Henry, M; FLICK, Frederick, W; FLODSTROM, Carl; FLOOD, Ralph, C; FLOOK, Norman, W; FLOYD, Austin, H; FLOYD, Cecil, F; FLYNN, Hugh, M. DCM; FLYNN, William; FOAT, William, H; FOGARTY, Ambrose Havelock; FOGGIN, George; FOGGO, Robert, A; FOLEY, John, F; FOLEY, Thomas; FORBES, Ashley, M; FORBES, Charles, V; FORBES, William, G; FORD, Henry; FORD, Rudolph, S; FORD, Rufus, P; FORD, Stanley, W; FORD, Thomas, H; FORD, William; FORDHAM, Eric, S.W; FORDYCE, Alexander; FOREMAN, Lister, B; FORREST, George; FORREST, Herbert; FORREST, Isaac, C; FORREST, Richard, L; FORSSBERG, Oroya, C; FORSTER, Basil, H; FORSYTH, Thomas, C; FORWARD, George; FOSDICK, Ernest; FOSTER, Edward, J; FOSTER, George; FOSTER, Harcourt; FOSTER, Robert, A; FOSTER, Robert; FOSTER, Royal, R; FOSTER, Valentine, H; FOSTER, Warwick, H.R; FOSTER, William, E; FOSTERNELLI, Thomas; FOULKES, William; FOUND, Neal; FOVELL, Samuel; FOWLER, Percival, L; FOWLER, Robert, A.D; FOWLER, Wilbraham, L; FOWLER, William; FOX, Bernard; FOX, John, T; FOX, William; FRANCE, Sydney, F; FRANCIS, Edward; FRANCIS, John, W; FRANCIS, John; FRANCIS, Percival, H; FRANKISH, Edwin, J; FRANKLIN, Edward, J.L; FRANZEN, Carl, L; FRASER, Donald, W; FRASER, George, C; FRASER, James; FRASER, John; FRASER, Malcolm, J; FRASER, Roy, N; FRASER, Thomas, C; FRASER, Thomas, H; FRAZER, Kenneth, R; FRAZER, Thomas; FREE, Albert, E; FREEBAIRN, James, L; FREEBODY, Edwin, J.T; FREEMAN, Clarence; FREEMAN, Frederick, C; FREEMAN, John, H; FREEMAN, Thomas, A; FREETHEY, Alfred, A; FREUDENBERG, Berthold, C; FREYER, Reginald; FRINGS, Edward, F.H; FROST, Arthur, J; FROST, George; FROST, John; FROST, Solomon, C; FROST, Walter, J; FRUISH, Cyril, W; FRY, Edwin, H; FRY, Frank; FRY, James; FRY, Percival, G; FRY, William, J; FRYER, Donald, R; FUDGE, Edgar; FUHRMANN, Herbert; FULLALOVE, William, A.V; FULLER, Andrew, M; FULLER, Edward; FULLER, George, A; FULLER, Reginald, G.M; FULLER, Walter, H; FULTON, David, R; FURNER, George, L; FURNESS, Furnrick, R.C; FUSS, Henry;

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