Men of Menin - Names G -I

Place Europe: Belgium, Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Ypres, Menin Gate Memorial
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Maker Scott, Robert
Place made Australia: Queensland
Date made c 2018
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
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Biographies of Australians listed on the panels of the Menin Gate Memorial at Ypres as researched and written by Robert Scott. Each file briefly recounts the military story of each man and where possible, details how they perished, the location of their graves and if they were buried in the field. The list of the men covered is a follows. Please note that the spelling of the name is as the author recorded. Names included in the attached PDF are:

G - GABRIEL, John, A,H; GADD, Arthur, E; GADSBY, Sidney, H; GAFFNEY, Michael; GALE, Alfred, W; GALE, Bert; GALE, Norman, S.W; GALL, Thomas; GALLAGHER, Frederick, J; GALLAGHER, Patrick; GALLAGHER, William, M. 4430; GALLAGHER, William. 7012; GALLAND, Alexander, G; GALLIN, Frank; GALLIVAN, Daniel, A; GALLOWAY, Andrew; GALLOWAY, Leslie, J; GAMACK ,Wilton, C; GAMACK, Bruce, M; GAMBLE, John, S; GAMBLE, William, J; GAMBLES, William, D; GAMMON, Archie; GAMMON, Frank; GANNON, John; GANT, George; GANTER, Clarence, R; GARDEN, Charles; GARDINER, Douglas, A; GARDINER, George, A.C; GARDINER, Herbert, G; GARDINER, Raymond, A; GARDNER, John, C; GARDNER, John, R; GARDNER, Phillip; GARDNER, Thomas; GARDNER, William, T; GARLICK, Wentworth, A.G; GARLING, Leslie; GARMEISTER, Augustus, A; GARNER, Vivian, G; GARNETT, Francis; GARNETT, Percival, H; GARR, Matthew; GARRAWAY, Edward, R. E; GARRETT, Wilfred, W; GARRY, John, R; GARTLAN, Leo, P; GASCOYNE, Thomas, J; GASKELL, Alfred, N; GATHERCOLE, John; GAUDION, Victor, C; GAULL, Norman, J; GAVAGHAN, John; GAY, Leander, R; GAY, Thomas; GEARY, Donald, D; GEARY, Frederick, J; GEDDES, Clifford, P; GEE, Gordon, T; GEELAN, Robert, M; GELDING, Harold, G; GELLERT, Robert, B.. MM; GEORGE, Keith, H; GERAGHTY, Zillman; GERARD, William; GERRISH, Frank; GIBB, Curnow, P; GIBB, Hugh; GIBBENS, Thomas, A; GIBBETT, Alfred, H; GIBBS, Albert, R.B; GIBBS, Edward; GIBBS, William, A; GIBBS, William, T; GIBSON, Hamilton, R; GIBSON, Percy, G; GIBSON, Wilfred, A; GILBERT, Albert, H; GILBERT, Bruce, W; GILBERT, Thomas, W; GILCHRIST, Harold; GILCHRIST, William; GILES, Francis, J.W; GILES, Leonard, S; GILL, Alexander, G; GILL, Arthur; GILL, Garnet, C; GILL, Henry, J; GILL, Norman, T; GILL, Thomas, M; GILL, William, T; GILLESPIE, George, A; GILLETT, Sidney, A; GILLIEATT, Thomas, P; GILLIES, James, J; GILLONS, Thomas; GILMORE, George,.docx GILMOUR, Thomas; GILPIN, Reuben, C; GIOVANELLI, Jack; GIRVAN, John; GITSHAM, Charles, F; GITTUS, Leslie, A; GJESSING, Walter, C; GLADMAN, Charles, F; GLANVILLE, Septimus, D; GLASBY, George, E,.docx GLASS, John, J; GLASSCOCK, George; GLASSCOCK, Patrick; GLASSON, Clive, A; GLEED, Ernest, C; GLEGHORN, Vivian, O; GLENISTER, John, R; GLENN, Cyril, J; GLENNIE, Charles, O.S; GLENNON, Thomas; GLOVER, Arthur, M; GLOVER, George; GLYNN, John, H; GLYNN, Michael, T; GODDARD, Frank; GODFREY, John, S; GODFREY, Thomas, C.E., MC; GODFREY, William, E; GOGAN, Roy, W; GOLDING, Conrad, C.E.L; GOLDSMITH, Frank, H; GOLDSTONE, Aaron; GOLEBY, Leonard, T; GOLLAN, James, R; GOODALL, Thomas, H; GOODEY, Walter, J; GOODFELLOW, John, T; GOODILL, James; GOODING, Robert, T; GOODING, Walter, T; GOODINGHAM, Walter, W; GOODLET, Alexander, T.J; GOODSON, Henry, F; GOODWIN, Harold; GOODWIN, James; GOODWIN, Victor, L; GOOLEY, Cornelius, J; GORDON, Gerald, D; GORDON, Gilbert, J.A; GORDON, James, A; GORDON, James, E; GORRICK, John, A; GORRIE, John, J; GORTON, William, O; GOSLING, Delmyr, G; GOSPER, Delmyr, G; GOSSIP, William, R.H; GOTTWALTZ, James, F; GOUGH, Horace, L; GOUGH, Thomas, J; GOULD, Frank, R; GOULD, George, A; GOULD, John; GOULD, Thomas, J; GOULDING, Fred, R. DCM; GOULLET, Clifford, J; GRACHAN, Charles; GRADY, William, P; GRAHAM, Frederick, W; GRAHAM, James, F; GRAHAM, James; GRAHAM, Norman; GRAHAM, Robert, W; GRAHAM, William, H; GRAINGER, William, P; GRANDFIELD, George, A; GRANGE, Frank, G. MM; GRANT, Alexander, G; GRANT, Allan, H; GRANT, Arthur, M; GRANT, Donald, J; GRANT, Donald, M; GRANT, Dudley; GRANT, Edward; GRANT, Goerge, M; GRANT, Lionel, E; GRATTON, Amos; GRAUBIN, John, G; GRAVES, Charles, S; GRAVEUR, Herbert; GRAY, Alfred, S; GRAY, David; GRAY, Frederick, T.R; GRAY, George, H; GRAY, James; GRAY, John; GRAY, Matthew; GRAY, Richard, H; GRAY, Thomas, O; GRAYSON, Walton, R DCM; GREEN Claude; GREEN, Abraham; GREEN, Alfred, L; GREEN, Benjamin, D; GREEN, Cecil, W.A; GREEN, Charles, T; GREEN, Ernest, R; GREEN, George; GREEN, Henry, F; GREEN, John, B; GREEN, John, H; GREEN, John; GREEN, Robert, W; GREEN, Victor, G.F; GREEN, Walter, S.V; GREEN, William, H; GREENBANK, James, L; GREENE, Herbert, C; GREENWAY, Herbert, C; GREENWOOD, Herbert, W; GREENWOOD, Herbert; GREENWOOD, James; GREIG, Alfred, P; GREIG, George, M; GREIG, Robert, C.G. MM; GRENVILLE, Alexander, H; GRENWELL, Edward (AKA Gronnevold); GRIEVE, James 2810; GRIEVE, James, 6771; GRIEVSON, John; GRIFFIN, Arthur, L; GRIFFIN, Arthur, W; GRIFFIN, Frank (Francis, M.).docx GRIFFIN, William, A; GRIFFITHS, Albert, I; GRIFFITHS, Charles; GRIFFITHS, David; GRIFFITHS, Francis, A; GRIFFITHS, Henry; GRIFFITHS, Hilton; GRIFFITHS, William, G; GRIFFITHS, William; GRIGG, Albert, A; GRIGSON, William, H; GRILLS, William, H, 3384A; GRILLS, William, H. 2927; GRITTEN, Stanley, W. MC; GRITTEN, Stanley, W; GROAT, John, L. MM; GROGAN, Felix, J; GROS (Roland) Peter; GROTH, Charles, S; GROUSE, Reginald, C; GROVE, Leslie; GROVER, Clarence, W; GROVES, Alfred; GROVES, Robert. MM; GUBBAY, Joseph, M; GUERIN, John, T.F; GUEST, Edward; GUEST, William; GUILD, James, H; GUILMARTIN, George, H; GULLEY, Cecil, H; GULLIFER, Norman; GULLY, Robert, J; GUNDRILL, Albert, E; GUNN, Jock; GUNNELSON, Ingebert, T; GUNTER, Richard, C; GUNTON, Thomas; GURNEY, Herbert; GUTHRIE, Robert, S; GUY, Henry;

H - HAAR, Charles, H,; HABERLE, Arthur, H; HACKWOOD, Albert, E; HADDOCK, Alfred; HADEN, Ernest; HADLOW, Eric, C; HAGAN, Walter, J. MM; HAIGH, William, H; HAILWOOD, John; HAINES, Edwin, J; HALES, Albert, C; HALES, Hedley, L.G; HALEY, Patrick; HALKYARD, Frank; HALL, Alfred, A; HALL, Andrew, W; HALL, Archibald; HALL, Colin, D; HALL, Ernest, J; HALL, Frank; HALL, George, G; HALL, George; HALL, Henry, G; HALL, John, 2346; HALL, John, 6589; HALL, John, T; HALL, Norman. MM and Bar; HALL, Thomas, M; HALL, William, 2174; HALL, William, 5023; HALL, William, A; HALLAHAN, John, A; HALLAM, Morris, W; HALLETT, Francis, J; HALLIDAY, Alfred, T; HALLIDAY, Joseph; HALLIWELL, Goerge; HALPIN, Lawrence; HALSTEAD, Darcy; HAM, James DCM; HAMER, Thomas; HAMILTON, Edward, F; HAMILTON, Ernest, H; HAMILTON, Gordon, S; HAMILTON, James, M; HAMILTON, Malcolm, J.W; HAMILTON, Robert, F; HAMILTON, Thomas; HAMILTON, William; HAMMOND, Dennis, P; HAMMOND, Frederick, E; HAMMOND, Frederick, W; HAMMOND, George, 2085; HAMMOND, George, 2446; HAMMOND, John, G; HAMOND, Alfred, W; HAMONET, Edgar, C. MM; HAMPSON, Matthew, F; HAMPSON, Norman, H; HAMPTON, Robert, C; HAMPTON, William, H; HANCOCK, Albert, J; HANCOCK, Arthur, J.B; HANDFIELD, Cleeve, E.P; HANDO, Charles, R; HANKS, Cecil, J; HANLEY, Joseph, H; HANLEY, Justin, T.A. MM; HANLEY, Martin; HANLON, Thomas; HANLY, Thomas, M; HANN, Harry; HANNAH, James, G; HANNAH, Robert DCM; HANNAKER, John; HANNAN, Edward, C.; HANNAN, Robert, E; HANNAN, Victor, L; HANNAN,; HANNEL, Lindsay, A.G; HANSEN, Marten, P; HANSEN, Rasmus, M; HANSEN, William, L; HANSHAW, Eric, J; HARDING, Frank, W; HARDING, Harold, J; HARDING, Harold, T; HARDING, Harry, A; HARDING, William, O; HARDISTY, Jack; HARDMAN, John, C; HARDY, Frederick, A.F; HARDY, James, V; HARDY, James; HARE, John, W; HARGRAVES, Ambrose, W; HARLEN, Victor; HARLOCK, Fred; HARLOW, Harold, W; HARMAN, Herbert, J; HARMER, Walter; HARMS, Charles; HARNELL, Henry; HARPER, Edgar, V; HARPER, Ernest; HARRAP, Ernest, M; HARRAP, James, W; HARRINGTON, John, J; HARRIOTT, George; HARRIS, Charles, A; HARRIS, Ernest, J; HARRIS, George, L; HARRIS, Herbert, J; HARRIS, Horace; HARRIS, Hugh, A; HARRIS, James, C; HARRIS, James, H; HARRIS, James, S; HARRIS, John, A. 9916; HARRIS, John, A; HARRIS, John, T. MM; HARRIS, Joseph, A; HARRIS, Leslie, D; HARRIS, Mervyn, G; HARRIS, Stanley, O; HARRIS, William, H; HARRIS, William, J; HARRISON, Albert, E; HARRISON, Charles, H; HARRISON, Frank; HARRISON, Harry, W; HARRISON, Henery; HARRISON, James; HARRISON, Joseph, R; HARRISON, Reginald; HARROD, William; HART, Frederick; HART, Henry, W; HART, Morris; HARTFIELD, William, E; HARTH, Edward, H; HARTLAND, Raymond, T; HARVEY, Arthur, O. MM; HARVEY, Edgar, L.G; HARVEY, Ernest; HARVEY, Frank; HARVEY, Leonard, W; HARVEY, Thomas; HARVEY, William; HARWOOD, James, W; HASELL, George, L; HASELL, Percy, W.H; HASS, Albert, F; HASS, Walter, T; HASTIE, Albert; HATCHER, Albert, M; HATHAWAY, William, J; HATTERSLEY, Harold, W; HATTON, Alfred, E; HATTON, Herbert, B; HATTON, William, B. DCM, MM; HATTY, George, F; HAUTRIVE, Marceau, N.F; HAVEY, Francis; HAWES, Frederick, E; HAWKEN, Francis, W; HAWKES, Samuel; HAWKES, Waldemar, R; HAWKINS, Cecil, J; HAWKINS, George, H; HAWKINS, William; HAWLEY, Patrick, F; HAWSON, Gerald, S; HAY, James, A; HAYCROFT, Percy; HAYES, Albert, J; HAYES, Albert; HAYES, Arthur; HAYES, Edward, P; HAYES, Horace, E; HAYES, Richard, J; HAYES, William, L.; HAYLEN, Francis, H; HAYNES, Frederick; HAYNES, Henry, E; HAYS, Keith, B.L; HAYWARD, John. AKA James Ward; HAZELGROVE, John; HAZELL, Arthur; HAZELL, Thomas; HEAD, Joshua; HEAD, Thompson; HEAL, Charles, F; HEAL, John, T; HEALEY, Thomas, W; HEALY, Michael, D; HEALY, Richard; HEALY, William, J; HEAP, William; HEARD, Henry, H; HEARD, William; HEASMAN, Frederick; HEATH, Charles, T.M; HEATH, Edward; HEATH, Robert, A; HEATH, Thomas, A; HEATHCOTE, Cyril; HEATHCOTE, Gordon, R; HEATHCOTE, Robert, J; HEATHCOTE, Stanley, A; HEATHER, Harold, R.R; HEATHERBELL, Percy, E; HEATON, George; HEBBLEWHITE, Frank; HEDDELL, Thomas, H; HEDLEY, Davidson; HEDLEY, Fredrick, J; HEDLEY, Joseph, H; HEFFERNAN, Thomas, G; HEFRON, Thomas, L; HEHIR, Oscar, S; HEHIR, William; HELLYER, Edmund, R; HEMMINGS, Thomas, J.G; HEMPEL, William, A; HEMSLEY, George; HENDERSON, Adam, L; HENDERSON, Alfred, G; HENDERSON, Allan; HENDERSON, David; HENDERSON, Edward, T; HENDERSON, Erle, H; HENDERSON, Erle; HENDERSON, George; HENDERSON, Neil, R; HENDRY, Douglas, A; HENDRY, John, N; HENDY-POOLEY, Herbert, W.F; HENFRY, Ernest, L.B; HENLEY, William, H; HENNESSEY, Robert; HENNINGHAM, Malcolm, M; HENRICKSEN, Victor, C; HENRY, Arthur, M; HENRY, Harry, L; HENRY, Patrick, H; HENRY, William; HENSON, Charles; HEPBURN, James, J; HEPBURN, Robert, J; HEPWORTH, George, J; HERAUD, Thomas, F. DCM; HERBERT, Charles, L; HERITAGE, Felix. H.G.N; HERTZOG, Stephen; HESLOP, Percy, W; HESSELWOOD, Percy, J; HESSION, Clive, V; HETHERINGTON, Wilfred, V; HETHERSON, Thomas, P; HETZEL, Herbert, W; HEUSTON, William, J; HEWISH, Harry; HEWISH, Henry, J; HEWIT, Walter; HEWITSON, Albert; HEWITT, Herbert. MM; HEWITT, Wilfred, B; HEWSON, William, C; HEY, Charles, L.T; HEY, Ernest,; HEYCOX, Ernest, G; HEYWOOD, Richard, E,; HEYWOOD, Stanley, J; HIATT, Norman, E; HIBBERT, Joseph; HIBBS, Reginald, K; HICKEY, William, J.J; HICKLING, William, J.J; HICKS, Charles; HICKS, Stanley, C.W; HIGGINS, Arthur; HIGGINS, John, F; HIGGINS, John, M; HIGGINS, John; HIGGINS, Matthew, B. M.M; HIGGS, Thomas, J; HILL, Albert, E; HILL, Alfred, C; HILL, Arthur, G; HILL, Frank; HILL, George, E; HILL, George, H; HILL, George; HILL, Harry, R; HILL, Herbert, C; HILL, Herbert, H; HILL, Kenneth, C; HILL, William, R; HILL, Willoughby, E; HILLCOAT, Charles, H; HILLIER, Andrew, J; HILLMAN, William, F; HILLS, Herbert, C; HILLS, Richard, B; HILLS, Walter, G; HILTON, David; HINCH, Percy, A; HINDS, Augustus; HING, Clarence, E; HING, Frederick, G; HINTON, Edward, J; HINTON, Ernest, H; HINTON, Percy; HINTON, Thomas, A; HINTON, Thomas,; HIRD, Charles, P; HIRTH, Alfred, S; HISCOCK, George; HIVON, Charles, J; HOAD, Lenley, R; HOBDEN, Clarence, C; HOCKEY, John, A; HOCKING, Edward; HOCKLEY, Harry, T; HODDER, Alexander, B; HODGE, Herbert; HODGMAN, Alan, G; HODSON, Frederick, W; HODSON, Joseph, G; HOGAN, Arthur, D; HOGAN, James, S; HOGAN, Leo, D; HOGAN, Michael; HOGAN, Patrick, F; HOGAN, William, E; HOGARTH, Charles; HOGGAN, William, V; HOLDEN, Frederick; HOLDEN, William, F.H; HOLDER, Roy, H; HOLDING, John, C; HOLDSWORTH, Phillip, E; HOLDSWORTH,; Holgate, Harry, S; HOLGATE, Harry,; HOLLAND, Albert, E; HOLLAND, Alfred, E; HOLLAND, Robert, W; HOLLIDAY, William, 3385; HOLLIDAY, William. 5331; HOLLINGSHEAD, Ernest, E; HOLLINGSWORTH, Charles, A; HOLLINGWORTH, Jack, R; HOLLOW, Arthur; HOLLOWAY, Abraham, N; HOLLOWAY, Edwin, M; HOLLOWAY, Thomas, W; HOLM, Alexander, B. M.M; HOLMES, Harold, R; HOLMES, John, F; HOLMES, John, N; HOLMES, John, T; HOLMES, Mark, U; HOLMES, William; HOLROYD, Leonard, P; HOLT, Frederick; HOLT, Gilbert, B; HOLT, Harvey; HOLT, Thomas, M; HOLY, Aubrey, R; HOOD, William, R; HOOLE, Christopher, J; HOOLEY, George, B; HOOPER, Reginald, C; HOPE, Charles, O; HOPE, Edward; HOPE, Leslie, M; HOPE, Percy, V; HOPKINS, Donald, H.O; HOPKINS, Frank, W.B; HOPP, Henrich, C.J; HOPWOOD, Claude, J; HORDER, Thomas; HORDERN, Arnold, C; HORNE, Joseph, B.R; HORSBURGH, Robert; HORSLEY, Albert; HORSMAN, John, G.P; HORTON, Tom, W; HOSEY, Patrick, J; HOSFORD, Henry, G; HOSIER, Ernest; HOSKIN, Frank; HOSKING, Athelwood, A; HOSKING, Charles; HOSKING, Leslie, F; HOSKINS, Robert, W; HOULIHAN, John, V; HOULT, Harold, F; HOURIHAN, James, F; HOUSE, Arthur, A; HOW, Samuel, J.C; HOWARD, Frank, C; HOWARD, Leslie, J; HOWARD, Oliver, H; HOWARD, Walter; HOWARTH, David; HOWDEN, Albert; HOWDEN, Thomas, H; HOWE, Albert; HOWELL, Edwin, C; HOWELL, Edwin, J; HOWELL, Evan, B.C; HOWELL, Leslie, P; HOWELL, Lonzie, E; HOWELL, Philip, L. DSO, MC; HOWELL, William, H; HOWES, William, H; HUBBARD, Ernest, W; HUBBARD, Sydney, A; HUBBLE, Arthur, J DCM; HUBBLE, Edward, J; HUCKER, Albert, J.A; HUCKNEL, Victor, T; HUDSON, Edwin; HUDSON, James, A; HUDSON, Thomas, F; HUGGETT, George, A.; HUGGETT, Henry; HUGHES Frederick, H; HUGHES, Claude, C; HUGHES, Edward, T; HUGHES, George, H; HUGHES, Hugh; HUGHES, James, F; HUGHES, John; HUGHES, Joseph, E; HUGHES, Luke; HUGHES, Maurice, J; HUGHES, Patrick; HUGHES, Richard, D; HUGHES, Richard, S; HUGHES, Thomas; HUGHES, Vincent; HUGHES, William, D; HULM, Frederick, C; HULME, Charles; HULME, Norman, R; HULSEN, Alexander; HUMBERSTONE, Thomas; HUMMERSTON, Leslie, F; HUMPHREYS, Charles, A.L; HUMPHREYS, George, A; HUMPHREYS, Harold, G; HUMPHREYS, Levi, A; HUMPHRIES, Harry; HUNT, George, H; HUNT, Gladstone, M. MC; HUNT, John; HUNT, William; HUNTER, Alexander; HUNTER, Bertie, J; HUNTER, Charles; HUNTER, Ernest, M; HUNTER, Frank, C.E; HUNTER, John, R; HUNTER, Robert, O; HUNTER, William, H; HUNTINGTON, Francis, E; HUNTSMAN, Henry, R; HURLEY, William, A; HURLEY, William; HURRY, George; HURST, Albert, H; HURST, George, W.H; HUSBAND, John; HUSH, Thomas; HUTCHINSON, Ernest, A; HUTCHINSON, George; HUTCHINSON, Thomas, A; HUTCHINSON, William, H; HUTTON, Andrew, C; HUTTON, David, B; HUXLEY, Jack, M; HYDE, Albert, J; HYDE, John, A.J; HYDE, Thomas, E; HYLAND, John; HYLAND, Michael, F; HYLES, Elliott; HYRONS, John;

I - I'ANSON, George, R.; IDESON, Robert, F.; ILETT, Milton, E.; IMMS, John.; INGLE, Arthur, P.; INGLE, William, F.; INGLIS, Laurice, J.; INMON, Walter, J.; INNES, William, C.; IRELAND, Henry, G.; IRELAND, Roy, M.; IRVING, George, H.M.; IRVING, Willie.; IRWIN, Thomas, J.; ISAAC, Wilbert, H.; ISAACSON, William, E.; ISBEL, William, A.J.; ISLES, William.; ISON, John, B.; IVERSON, Jasper, J.

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