Men of Menin - Names J - L

Place Europe: Belgium, Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Ypres, Menin Gate Memorial
Accession Number AWM2018.1007.1.5
Collection type Published Collection
Record type File
Item count 594
Object type Digital file
Maker Scott, Robert
Place made Australia: Queensland
Date made c 2018
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
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Biographies of Australians listed on the panels of the Menin Gate Memorial at Ypres as researched and written by Robert Scott. Each file briefly recounts the military story of each man and where possible, details how they perished, the location of their graves and if they were buried in the field. The list of the men covered is a follows. Please note that the spelling of the name is as the author recorded. Names included in the attached PDF are:

J - JACK, Andrew, H.; JACK, Ernest, W.; JACK, Leslie.; JACK, William.; JACKS, Abraham.; JACKSON, Arthur, E.J.; JACKSON, Claude, M.; JACKSON, David, J.; JACKSON, Edward, F.; JACKSON, Herbert, C.; JACKSON, John, T.; JACKSON, Noel, E.; JACKSON, Thomas.; JACKSON, Walter, H.; JACKSON, William.; JACOB, George, W.; JACOBSON, Jacob, V.; JAENTSCH, Fritz.; JAFFRAY, William.; JAGOE, John, H.; JAMES, Arthur.; JAMES, Cecil, E. (AKA. Reg Barton.); JAMES, Earl, A.S.; JAMES, John, W.; JAMES, John.; JAMES, Leslie, J.; JAMES, Roy, W.; JAMES, Thomas, C.; JAMESON, James, A.; JAMIESON, John.; JANION, Alan, C. AKA Alan Johnson.; JARRETT, Bernard, A.; JARRETT, Thomas, J.; JARRETT, Walter, M.; JARRETT, William, T.; JARROTT, William, T.; JARVIS, Edgar.; JARVIS, Thomas. AKA Thomas Gilson.; JASPER, Edward.; JAY, Alfred, W.; JEBB, William, J.; JEFFERY, Clifford, P.; JEFFREY, David, H.; JEFFREYS, Leslie, G.; JELL, John.; JENKIN, John.; JENKINS, Robert, E. AKA R.E. Jennings; JENKINS, Roy, W.; JENKINS, Roy; JENNINGS, William, F.; JEPHCOTT, Herbert.; JEPSON, Samuel.; JESSEN, Christian, J.; JESSOP, Alfred, F.; JESSOP, James.; JEWELS, Cecil, C.; JOBSON, George.; JOBSON, Robert, D.; JOEL, Sidney, I.; JOHANNSEN, Ernest.; JOHANSEN, George, F.; JOHANSSEN, Peter, N.; JOHN, Harry.; JOHNS, Albert, W.; JOHNS, James, A.; JOHNS, Norman, N.; JOHNSON, Alfred, O.; JOHNSON, Arthur, A.; JOHNSON, Arthur, P.; JOHNSON, Charles, F.; JOHNSON, Charles, T.; JOHNSON, Cyrus, D.; JOHNSON, Edgar, B.; JOHNSON, Ernest, F.; JOHNSON, Harmond, H.; JOHNSON, Harold, M.; JOHNSON, Harry.; JOHNSON, James, S.; JOHNSON, Leonars, A. MM.; JOHNSON, Linard, L.; JOHNSON, Michael, J.; JOHNSON, Phillip, M.; JOHNSON, Richard, H.; JOHNSON, Stewart, W.; JOHNSON, Walter, J.; JOHNSON, William.; JOHNSTON, Cyril, F.; JOHNSTON, Eli.; JOHNSTON, George, Hercus.; JOHNSTON, Hercules, J.; JOHNSTON, James.; JOHNSTON, John, D.; JOHNSTON, John, W.; JOHNSTON, Sydney, J.; JOHNSTON, William.; JOHNSTONE, Alexander.; JOHNSTONE, Daniel, A.; JOHNSTONE, David.; JOHNSTONE, Irving, R.; JOLIFFE, Percy, O.; JOLLEY, Bertram, C. M.M; JOLLY, Henry, J; JONAS, Albert, R.B; JONES, Adolphus, W.P.; JONES, Alfred (2198); JONES, Alfred (3814); JONES, Benjamin, A; JONES, Ernest, H; JONES, Francis, J; JONES, Frank, H; JONES, George, A; JONES, George, D.C; JONES, George, R; JONES, Hammond, O; JONES, Hammond,; JONES, Harry, C; JONES, Harry; JONES, Henry, W; JONES, Herbert, L; JONES, Herbert; JONES, Hugh, R; JONES, Hughie, N; JONES, James, B; JONES, Joseph, R; JONES, Leslie, A; JONES, Linford, A; JONES, Luther, P; JONES, Malcolm; JONES, Richard, C; JONES, Robert, C; JONES, Stanley, G; JONES, Stephen, R.S; JONES, Thomas, W; JONES, Victor, H; JONES, Wilfred, D; JONES, William, F; JONES, William, J; JONES, William; JONGE-Hoyer, Christian; JORDAN, John, L; JORDAN, Leonard; JORDAN, William, E; JORDON, Augustus; JORGENSEN, Andrew; JORGENSEN, Norman, A; JOSEPH, Morris, P.G; JOSEPH, Thomas, E. aka Edward Jackson; JOY, James. aka QUINN, James; JOYCE, Horace, T; JUDD, Albert, S; JUDD, Ernest, C; JULIAN, Leonard;

K - KAADEN, Robert, A.; KAHLAND, Harold, D.; KAIRL, Arthur, J.; KANE, Patrick, J.; KARELSEN, Konrad.; KAVANAGH, Patrick.; KAVANAGH, Thomas, P.; KAY, Francis, B.; KAY, Harold.; KAY, Harry.; KAY, Lionel.; KAY, William, R.; KAYE, Arthur, J.; KEARNEY, Bertram.; KEARNEY, Daniel, T.J.; KEARNEY, Patrick, J. aka. JONES, David.; KEATES, John. M.M.; KEATING, Darcy.; KEATING, John, J. 752A.; KEATING, Joseph, J. (6301); KEATING, Thomas.; KEATS, William, V.; KEE, Joseph, J.; KEELEY, William, D.; KEHIRY, Thomas.; KEILLOR, Robert, E.; KEITH, James, A.; KEKOFF, Michael.; KELEHER, Thomas.; KELEY, Arthur, H.G.; KELLAS, George, T.; KELLAWAY, Frank, G.; KELLEHER, Clarence, J.; KELLOW, Stephen.; KELLY, Cyrus, H.; KELLY, Denis, J.; KELLY, Evan, J.; KELLY, Frank.; KELLY, Frederick, J.; KELLY, Frederick.; KELLY, George, E.A.; KELLY, Herbert, A.; KELLY, Hugh, C.; KELLY, James.; KELLY, John (2107).; KELLY, John, Joseph.; KELLY, John.; KELLY, Joseph.; KELLY, Lionel, F.; KELLY, Raymond, J.; KELLY, Renton, M.; KELLY, Richard, D.; KELLY, Stephen.; KELLY, Thomas, A.; KELLY, Thomas, H.; KELLY, Walter, G.; KELLY-HEALY, James, P.; KELMAN, William.; KELSEY, Herbert, S.; KELTY, George, E.; KEMBREY, William, J.; KEMP, Albert, E.; KEMP, Alfred.; KEMP, Claude, H.; KEMP, James, F.; KEMPT, Arthur.; KENDALL, Frank, S.; KENEALLY, Timothy, C.; KENNARD, Vincent, A.; KENNEDY, Angus.; KENNEDY, Charles, H.; KENNEDY, Edmund. aka Edward Bateman.; KENNEDY, Francis.; KENNEDY, George, F.; KENNEDY, John, H.R.; KENNEDY, John, J.; KENNEDY, John.; KENNEDY, Malcolm, W.; KENNEDY, Roy, C.; KENNEDY, Sydney, A.; KENNELLY, Paul, J.; KENNELLY, William.; KENNETT, William.; KENNEY, Alexander, B.; KENNEY, Percy, W.E.; KENNY, Francis, J.; KENNY, William.; KEOGH, John.; KEOGH, Raymond.; KERBY, John, R.; KERLEY, Ernest, W.; KERNOHAN, John.; KERR, Edward, J.; KERR, George, A.; KERR, Leonard, H.; KERR, Marshall, A.; KERSHAW, Edward.; KESTLE, Albert, R.; KETT, Albert, S.; KEVAN, Robert, L.; KEVANE, Lawrence.; KEVILL, Frank.; KEY, Henry, J.; KEYS, Charles, J.; KICKBUSH, Harry.; KIDD, Robert.; KIDSON, Alfred, De V.; KIHANG, Herbert.; KILGOUR, Samuel, G.; KILMARTIN, Francis, T.J.; KILPATRICK, Albert, G.; KILPATRICK, John, F.; KINCADE, Richard.; KINCHINGTON, Thomas, J.; KING, Burton, A.; KING, Clarence, B.; KING, Daniel, F.; KING, Eustace.; KING, Francis, E.; KING, George, E.; KING, George, H.; KING, George.; KING, James.; KING, John, C.; KING, William, G.; KING, William, J. MM.; KING, William. 3422.; KING, William.; KINGEL, Eric, A.; KINNANE, Thomas.; KINNEARD, Thomas, W.; KINNEY, Samuel. AKA Rimmer, William; KINSELLA, Bertram, M.; KINSMORE, Edwin.; KIRBY, Thomas, E.; KIRCHENER, George.; KIRK, Albert.; KIRK, Frederick, C.T. KIRKLAND, Sidney.; KIRMAN, Joseph. MM, MC.; KIRSCH, Rudolph, N.C.; KIRSCH, Vivian, R.; KIRWAN, Angus, M.; KITT, Herbert, H.R.; KLEIN, Joseph.; KLOSS, John, T.; KLUCK, Phillip, T.; KLUMPP, John, G.; KNAPP, Thomas, D.; KNAPTON, Archinbald, A.; KNEALE, Albert.; KNEALE, Roy, R.; KNEATH, Andrew, C.; KNIGHT, Albert, A.D.; KNIGHT, Alfred, C.; KNIGHT, Charles, H.; KNIGHT, Frederick.; KNIGHT, Geoffrey, W.C.; KNIGHT, Herbert, H.; KNIGHT, John.; KNIGHT, Oliver, W.S.; KNIGHT, Raymond.; KNIGHT, Robert, J.; KNIGHT, Roy, J.; KNIGHT, Rupert, W.; KNIGHT, Sydney, V.H.; KNIGHT, Thomas, B.; KNOTT, William.; KNOWLES, George.; KNOWLES, William, W.; KNOX, Charles, W.; KOELLNER, David.; KOENIG, Thomas, J.; KORN, Albert.; KRABBENHOFT, Vincent, C.T.; KRONK, Alfred, E.; KRUSHKA, William, H.; KUHNE, Alfred, G.; KUPFER, Ernest.; KURTZMANN, Louis.; KYLE, Arthur, B; KYLE, Leonard, G, C.;

L - LACKMANN, Augustus, H; LAGDEN, Richard; LAIDLAW, Arthur, B; LAIDLAW, George, A; LAIDLER, Edward; LAIRD, Charles, R; LAIRD, Charles; LAIRD, Finley, A; LAITY, Rupert. DCM; LAMAN, Walter, H.E; LAMB, Charles, H; LAMB, John; LAMB, Leonard, F; LAMB, Roy, H; LAMBERT, Harry; LAMBERT, Jack, P; LAMBERT, James, R; LAMBERT, John, W; LAMBERT, Robert, K; LAMBKIN, Joseph, H.G; LAMMING, Norman, A; LAMPLUGH, Welby, J; LAMPRELL, Charles, W; LANCASTER, Ernest, E; LANCASTER, Hartley, E; LANCASTER, John, G; LANCASTER, Leslie, O; LANCE, George, B AKA. BASILLE, Lance; LANCHESTER, John, A; LAND, Sidney, J; LANDAMAN, Albert, E; LANDER, William, R; LANDON, Harrop; LANDT, Joseph, T; LANE, Arthur, E; LANE, Gordon; LANE, James, H; LANE, Newton, F.S; LANE, Norman, C; LANE, William, T; LANGCAKE, Joseph, A; LANGDON, Harry; LANGE, John, C; LANGLANDS, Frederick; LANGLEY, Clarence, F.T; LANGLEY, Rupert, H; LANGRIDGE, Charles, J; LANGSFORD, Andrew, N; LANGSTONE, Arthur, E; LANIGAN, Richard, E; LANNEN, Archibald, P; LARAGHY, John, F; LARCOMBE, Randal, R; LARGIN, James; LARKIN, James, P; LARKMAN, Frederick, H,A; LARSEN, Charles, H, R; LARSON, Sidney, O; LARTER, Edward, G; LASSERRE, Etienne, L; LATHAM, Victor, W; LATTO, John, A. A; LAUCHLAN, Robert; LAUGHTON, John, G, St. L; LAUNCHBURY, James, A; LAURIE, William, J; LAVERICK, Robert, W; LAVERS, William, V; LAWER, Joseph; LAWLER, Edward; LAWLER, Francis, M; LAWLOR, Andrew, A; LAWRENCE, James; LAWRENCE, John; LAWRENCE, Thomas, C; LAWRENCE, Victor, S; LAWS, Robert, S; LAWSON, Albert, B. L; LAWSON, Albert, B; LAWSON, Andrew, J; LAWSON, James 7093; LAWSON, James. 2356; LAWSON, John, W; LAWSON, Robert; LAWSON, William, C; LAWSON, William, E; LE ROUX, Prosper, R. V; LEAHY, Frederick; LEAN, Herbert, J; LECKIE, Robert, A; LEDGER, Leslie, J; LEE, David, S; LEE, Eric; LEE, James; LEE, John, O; LEE, Leslie, E; LEE, Michael; LEE, William; LEECH, William, F; LEEDHAM, John, H; LEES, John; LEES, Victor, J; LEGEL, Frederick, H; LEGOOD, George, W; LEHEY, Arthur, S; LEHMANN, Benno, C. MC; LEIGH, Victor, L; LEIGHTON, Ernest; LEITCH, Lionel; LEMME, Harold, W; LENG, Thomas; LENHOLM, Roy, S; LENNARD, James, A; LENNON, Joseph, C; LENNON, Walter; LENNOX, John, T; LENTON, Charles, W; LEONARD, Frederick; LEONARD, Walter, W; LESLIE, Alexander, H; LESLIE, James, G. Aka Janes Gordon; LESLIE, Lawrence; LESLIE, Walter, L; LESTER, Francis, J; LESTER, Harry, C; LETCHFIELD, George, J; LETHBRIDGE, Ernest, M. MM; LETT, John, M; LEVY, George, N; LEVY, Harry; LEVY, Hilton, S; LEWIN, Robert, J; LEWINGTON, Roy; LEWIS, David, R; LEWIS, Jack, H. MM; LEWIS, James; LEWIS, Leslie; LEWIS, Raymond, H; LEWIS, Robert, J; LEWIS, Victor, G; LEYDON, Thomas; LEYLAND, Thomas; LIDDINGTON, Herbert, G; LIDDON, James, W; LIDGARD, Jack; LIDINGTON, George, F; LIDSTONE, Clifford, A; LIGHTBODY, Peter, J; LIGHTBODY, Stanley, A.E; LILLINGSTONE, Tom; LILLIS, John, J; LILLY, George, C; LINDELL, Sydney, L; LINDHE, Norman, F. DCM; LINDLEY, Walter; LINDNER, Robert; LINDOP, Richard; LINDSAY, Alexander, J; LINDSAY, James, D.M; LINDSAY, Walter, C. L; LINDSAY, Walter, N; LINDSEY, Gordon; LINGARD, Frederick, W.H; LINGFORD, Percy, H; LINGWOOD, Alexander; LINKLATER, Charles, H. MC; LINKLATER, John; LISLE, William, H; LITTLE, Edward, B; LITTLER, Kenneth; LIVERMORE, Walter; LLOYD, James, S; LOARING, Harold, A; LOATS, Wilfred, T; LOBB, William, J; LOCK, Leo, O; LOCKE, Sidney, G; LOCKE, William; LOCKHART, John, T; LOCKHART, Norman; LOCKIE, George, E; LOCKYER, Charles, A; LOCKYER, Nicholas, A.; LOFTUS, Charles; LOGAN, Crawford, J; LOGAN, Gilbert, G; LOGAN, John, S; LOGAN, John, W; LOGAN, Michael; LOGAN, Robert, T; LOGAN, William, H; LOLLBACK, Lawrence, E; LOMAX, Charles, M; LOMAX, Frank, E; LONERGAN, James; LONERGANNE, Richard, F; LONEY, Frederick, W. aka SYER, Frederick, J. M; LONEY, Peter aka MARTYN, Joseph; LONG, Albert, G.F; LONG, Harold; LONG, John, F; LONG, Mark, A; LONG, Norman, A, J; LONG, Patrick, J. A; LONGDEN, Richard, S; LONGHURST, James, R; LONGMORE, Francis, H; LONIE, Stanley, M; LOOKER, Guy, E; LOOSEN, Gustave, A; LORDING, James, J; LORENSEN, George; LOTT, Cecil, W; LOVE, Charles, E; LOVE, Harold; LOVE, James, T; LOVEDAY, Sydney, A; LOVELL, Leslie, H; LOVETT, George, H; LOVRIAEN, John; LOWDEN, Cedrick, L.C; LOWE, Alex. L; LOWE, Francis, W; LOWE, James, W; LOWERY, John, J; LOWNE, Fred, W; LOWRIE, James, P; LOWRY, Thomas, M; LUCAS, William, H; LUDERS, Harry; LUECKE. Ernest, B; LUGG, James, T; LUGG, Norman, W.H; LUKEY, Leonard, J; LUMB, Edward, F; LUMLEY, Clarence, T; LUND, Christian, L; LUNDSROM, Charles, N; LUNDY, Victor; LUNT, Harold, G; LUPTON, Walter, J; LUSCOMBE, Robert; LUSTY, Thomas, S.W; LYALL, Percy, D; LYALL, William, H; LYDDON, Hugh, E; LYDEAMORE, James, A; LYFORD, Percival, J; LYNAM, Francis, J; LYNAM, Walter, S; LYNCH, Andrew; LYNCH, Edward aka. KINGSLEY; LYNCH, Phillip, J. MM; LYNCH, Walter, H; LYNCH, William, D; LYNE, Christopher, J; LYNE, Frederick, J; LYNN, John; LYONS, Charles; LYONS, John, M. MC, MSM, MM;

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