Men of Menin - Names M

Place Europe: Belgium, Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Ypres, Menin Gate Memorial
Accession Number AWM2018.1007.1.6
Collection type Published Collection
Record type File
Item count 692
Object type Digital file
Maker Scott, Robert
Place made Australia: Queensland
Date made c 2018
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
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Biographies of Australians listed on the panels of the Menin Gate Memorial at Ypres as researched and written by Robert Scott. Each file briefly recounts the military story of each man and where possible, details how they perished, the location of their graves and if they were buried in the field. The list of the men covered is a follows. Please note that the spelling of the name is as the author recorded. Names included in the attached PDF are:

M - MABER, James.; MACBRAIR, Laurence, R.; MACCALLUM, Donald, S.; MACDONALD, Alexander, S.; MACDONALD, Finlay. MM.; MACDONALD, Frank, E.R.; MACDONNELL, Leonard, F; MACDOUALL, Frederick, J.; MACE, Lewis, R.; MACGOWAN, Edward, O.H.; MACGREGOR, Alexander.; MACGREGOR, John, M.; MACGREGOR, Roderick, K, MM.; MACGREGOR, William, A.A.; MACHIN, Cecil, R.; MACHIN, William.; MACKAY, Francis, E.M. MM.; MACKAY, John.; MACKENZIE, Allangrange, W.; MACKENZIE, Roderick, S. MM.; MACKENZIE, William, G.; MACKEY, Francis, J.; MACKIE, William, H.; MACKINTOSH, Donald, A. aka HARRISS, Paul.; MACLEOD, John, H.R.; MACLEOD, Shirley, M.; MACMAHON, William.; MACMILLAN, John, A.; MACNAB, John, C.; MACNEE, Kenneth.; MACPHERSON, Stuart, G.; MADDEN, Thomas, P.; MADDERN, John.; MADDISON, Walter, S.; MADDOCK, Percival, E.A.; MADER, George.; MADIGAN, Lawrence.; MADIGAN, Sidney, W.; MADILL, John.; MADLAND, William, S.; MADSEN, Olaf.; MAGGS, Frank, G.; MAGI, William.; MAGIN, Stephen.; MAGNER, Michael, N.; MAGUIRE, John, T. MC.; MAHER, William, J.; MAHONY, Cornelius, J.; MAIN, Charles, T.; MAINSTONE, Arthur. MM.; MAINSTONE, Ernest, B.; MAIR, Robert.; MAITLAND, Albert.; MAJOR, Rupert, H.; MAJOR, William, E.; MAKEPEACE, Edgar, G.; MAKIN, Albert, W.; MALCOLM, Alexander.; MALCOLMSON, Thomas, R.; MALKIN, Henry, E.; MALLAM, Henry, W.; MALMGREN, Frederick.; MALONE, John, H.; MALONE, Patrick.; MALONEY, Claude, A.; MALONEY, Donald, J.; MALONEY, James.; MALONEY, Mark, W.; MALSEED, David, S.; MALTBY, Thomas.; MANALLACK, William.; MANGELSDORF, Wilfred, H.; MANN, Leslie, E.; MANNALL, Herbert, A.; MANNING, William, R.; MANNION, William.; MANSFIELD, Edgar.; MANSFIELD, Joseph.; MANSON, Walter, N.E.; MANTACH, Ellis, J.A.; MAPLES, John.; MARCHANT, John, C.; MARDLING, Farnel,G.; MARETT, George, H.; MARETT, John, W.; MARGERRISON, William.; MARKHAM, Steven, A. MM and Bar.; MARKHAM, Thomas, H. MM.; MARKS, Ernest.; MARNEY, Thomas, H.; MARRIOTT, Dudley.; MARRIOTT, Fred. MM.; MARRIOTT, Thomas, C.; MARRYATT, Halford, W.J.; MARS, Thomas, Mc B.; MARSDEN, James. AKA STIFF, Alexander, A.C. MM.; MARSDEN, Thomas, T.; MARSEN, Alfred.; MARSH, Ernest, W.; MARSH, Leslie, H.; MARSH, Sidney.; MARSHALL, Abbey, G.; MARSHALL, Arthur, E. 1177.; MARSHALL, Arthur, E. 6180.; MARSHALL, Bruce, C.; MARSHALL, Edward, G.; MARSHALL, Eric, W.; MARSHALL, George, H.S.; MARSHALL, Kenneth, E.D.; MARSHALL, Sydney, A.G.; MARSHALL, Thomas, E.; MARSHALL, Valroy, T.; MARSHALL, William, T.; MARSHALL, William.; MARSHE, George.; MARSTON, Edward.; MARTENS, William.; MARTIN, Arthur, J.A.; MARTIN, Caspard, E.A.; MARTIN, Denis.; MARTIN, Edward.; MARTIN, Francis, D.; MARTIN, Fred, H.; MARTIN, Frederick, W.S.; MARTIN, John, J, W.; MARTIN, John, T.; MARTIN, Norman. MC.; MARTIN, Reginald, W.; MARTIN, Robert, P.W.; MARTIN, Rupert.; MARTIN, Stanley, L.; MARTIN, Thomas.; MARTIN, William, G.; MARTIN, William, W.; MARTINS, Robert, H.E.; MARVELL, William, C.; MARZAN, William.; MASLEN, William, H.; MASLIN, Frederick, J.; MASLIN, George, W.; MASON, Ernest, W.; MASON, Roy, St.C.; MASON, Thomas.; MASON, William.; MASTERS, John, J.; MASTERTON, Alexander.; MATCHETT, Victor, C.; MATHESON, David.; MATHESON, John, A.; MATHEWS, Patrick, J.; MATTHEWS, Charles.; MATTHEWS, George, H.; MATTHEWS, George, T.; MATTHEWS, George.; MATTHEWS, Patrick, J. 2096.; MATTHEWS, Roy, M.H.; MAUGHAN, Thomas, E.; MAXWELL, Douglas, G; MAXWELL, Edward.; MAXWELL, Thomas.; MAXWELL, William; MAY, Arthur, E.; MAY, Edward.; MAY, Stanley, G.; MAYBERRY, Charles, J.; MAYBERRY, Joseph, S.; MAYE, 470.; MAYERS, George, D.; MAYERSBETH, Joseph, W.; MAYNARD, George.; MAYNE, William, H. 1371; MAYNE, William, H. 3196.; MAYS, Charles, W.; MAYS, Eric, W.; MAYSTON, Cyril, W.; MAZELIN, William.; MAZEY, Lewis, W.; MCALARY, Henry, B.; MCALISTER, David, L.; MCALLISTER, James, A.; MCALPINE, James, W.; MCARDLE, John, E.F.; MCARTHUR, Colin, N.; MCAULAY, Hector, P.; MCAULIFFE, Frank.; MCBEAN, George, R.; MCBRYDE, Isaac, R.; MCCABE, William.; MCCAFFERY, Thomas.; MCCAFFREY, John, M.; MCCALLUM, Sidney, W.; MCCALLUM, William, J.; MCCANN, Francis, D.; MCCANN, Joseph.; MCCANNON, James, J.; MCCART, Charles.; MCCARTHY, Brice, J.; MCCARTHY, Ivanhoe, E.L.V.; MCCARTHY, Patrick. DCM.; MCCARTON, William.; MCCASKER, Charles, E.; MCCASKER, William, C. MM.; MCCASKER, William, C.; MCCLELLAND, Robert, J.; MCCLIFTY, Daniel.; MCCLURE, Thomas, A.; MCCLUSKEY, Thomas, M.; MCCLYMONT, Arthur, J.; MCCOLGAN, William.; MCCOLL, Robert, A.; MCCONECHY, Archibald.; MCCONNELL, Arthur.; MCCONNELL, James, T. aka MCCONNELL, Thomas, J.; MCCOOK, Arthur.; MCCOOKE, David.; MCCOOL, Francis, L.N.; MCCORMACK, Alfred, A.; MCCORMACK, Charles.; MCCORMACK, James.; MCCORMACK, William.; MCCORMICK, Henry.; MCCORMICK, Joseph.; MCCRABB, Leslie, J.; MCCRACKEN, John, N.; MCCRAE, Lionel, O. MM.; MCCREADY, David, W.M.; MCCREDDEN, John.; MCCULLOCH, George.; MCCULLOUGH, James, A.; MCCUSKER, Hugh. MM.; MCDONALD, Alexander.; MCDONALD, Charles, I.; MCDONALD, Donald.; MCDONALD, Edward, J.; MCDONALD, Findley, N.; MCDONALD, Gordon, L.; MCDONALD, Hugh, A.; MCDONALD, John, A.; MCDONALD, John, H.; MCDONALD, John.; MCDONALD, Lachlan, L.; MCDONALD, Murdoch.; MCDONALD, William, H.; MCDONALD, William, J. MM.; MCDONNELL, Thomas.; MCDONNELL, Victor, P.; MCDONNELL, William, H.; MCDOUGALL, Douglass.; MCDOUGALL, John, F.; MCDOUGALL, John, H.G.; MCDOWALL, Stewart, A.; MCDOWALL, Thomas, L.; MCDOWELL, Alexander, R.; MCDOWELL, William, H.; MCEVOY, John, J.; MCEWAN, Alexander, H.; MCFADDEN, Robert, J.; MCFARLANE, Alexander.; MCFARLANE, Andrew.; MCFARLANE, Donald, C.; MCFARLANE, Wallace, A.; MCGANN, Aloysius, J.; MCGHIE, Thomas, McG.; MCGINLEY, John, H.; MCGINLEY, Joseph.; MCGIVERON, Charles, G.; MCGLADE, Thomas, H.; MCGLEW, William, H.A.; MCGLINCHEY, Michael, L.; MCGLINN, Christopher, J.; MCGLOIN, Patrick, J.; MCGLYNN, John, M.P.; MCGOLDRICK, Patrick.; MCGOWAN, Colin, D.; MCGOWAN, Patrick aka. McGowen, John.; MCGOWAN, Robert.; MCGOWN, Walter, C.; MCGRATH, Arthur, P.; MCGRATH, John.; MCGRATH, Michael, J.; MCGREGOR, David, D.; MCGREGOR, Eric, J.; MCGREGOR, John, A.; MCGREGOR, Robert, Mc. aka. MCFARLANE, Robert.; MCGREGOR, Thomas.; MCGREGOR, William, A.; MCGUINNESS, Frederick, F.; MCGUIRE, James, P.; MCHARG, Andrew, G.; MCILVEEN, James, H.; MCINERNEY, Francis, R.; MCINTOSH, David, J.; MCINTOSH, Robert, M.; MCINTOSH, William, J.; MCINTYRE, Duncan.; MCINTYRE, John, A.; MCINTYRE, John.; MCINTYRE, Raymond, S.; MCINTYRE, Thomas, A.; MCINTYRE, William.; MCIVOR, John.; MCKAY, David.; MCKAY, George.; MCKECHNIE, Angus, D.; MCKEE, Albert, B.C.C.; MCKELL, Victor, C.; MCKENDRY, Victor.; MCKENZIE, Alexander.; MCKENZIE, Archibald, A.; MCKENZIE, Duncan.; MCKENZIE, James, A.; MCKENZIE, Percy, G.; MCKENZIE, Thomas, J.; MCKENZIE, William, H.; MCKENZIE, William, J.; MCKEON, Ernest, J.; MCKERLIE, Robert.; MCKERN, Stewart, H.G. MM.; MCKERNAN, David.; MCKERVEY, Reginald, P.; MCKEW, Arthur, V.; MCKIE, Francis, G.; MCKILLOP, Donald, .; MCKINLEY, Alexander, W.; MCKINNON, Alexander.; MCKINSTRY, Thomas, M.; MCLAREN, John, H.; MCLAREN, William, T.; MCLARTY, Neil, A.; MCLAUCHLIN, William.; MCLAUGHLAN, Vincent, T.; MCLAUGHLIN, Andrew, J.; MCLAUGHLIN, James, A.; MCLEAN, Allan.; MCLEAN, Archibald.; MCLEAN, Charles, D.; MCLEAN, Donald.; MCLEAN, George.; MCLEAN, John, A. aka. Allan, J.; MCLEAN, John, A.; MCLEAN, John, L.; MCLEAN, Robert, J.; MCLEAN, Robert, N.; MCLENNAN, John, D.; MCLENNAN, Peter, D.; MCLENNAN, Roderick, J.; MCLENNAN, Stanley.; MCLEOD, Donald.; MCLEOD, George, W.; MCLEOD, George.; MCLEOD, Hamilton, C.; MCLEOD, Kenneth.; MCLOUGHLAN, Owen.; MCLURE, Ernest, R.; MCMACHON, James, M.; MCMAHON, Frederick.; MCMAHON, James, A.; MCMAHON, Martin, J.; MCMANUS, James.; MCMANUS, William, S.; MCMASTER, Angus.; MCMASTER, John.; MCMICHAEL, James, A.; MCMILLAN, Daniel.; MCMILLAN, Ernest, J.O.; MCMILLAN, Robert.; MCMILLAN, William; MCMONAGLE, William.; MCMULLEN, John.; MCMULLEN, William, L.; MCMURAY, David, S.; MCMURTRIE, Frederick, A.; MCMURTRIE, Norman, A.M.; MCMUTRIE, Hugh.; MCNAIR, Andrew, E.H.; MCNAIR, Henry, W.; MCNAMARA, Herbert, H.; MCNAMARA, James, 5655.; MCNAMARA, James, 6119.; MCNAMARA, John, 2363.; MCNAMARA, John, 4279.; MCNAMARA, William, T.P.; MCNAUGHTON, Edward, F.; MCNERNEY, Roy.; MCNISH, John.; MCOUAT, George, H.L.; MCPAUL, Thomas, O.; MCPHEE, Wallace.; MCPHERSON, Arthur, W.; MCPHERSON, James, J.; MCPHERSON, James; MCPHERSON, William, A.; MCPHERSON, William, H.; MCRAE, George, W.; MCRAE, Kenneth.; MCWHIRTER, Robert, B.; MCWILLIAM, Archie.; MCWILLIAM, Frederick, J.P.; MEAD, Herbert, L.; MEAD, William, D.; MEADOWES, Herbert, V.; MEADOWS, Edwin, F.; MEADOWS, John, H.; MEADOWS, Leslie, M.; MEAGHER, Ernest, J.C.; MEAKER, Eric, E.; MEAKINS, Ernest, A.; MEAR, Cyril.; MEARES, George, S.; MEARS, William.; MEATHREL, Walter, W.; MEDHURST, Herbert, J.; MEEHAN, John, T.; MEENIN, Patrick.; MEER, Reginald.; MEGAW, Samuel, G.; MELLER, Arthur.; MELLER, Wallace, C.; MELLINGTON, Vincent, C.; MELROSE, John.; MELROSE, William, J.; MELVILLE, Basil, W.G.; MELVILLE, Thomas, H.; Men of Menin composite; MENDHAM, William, H.; MENDOZA, Howard, K.; MENERE, Albert, H.; MENZ, Charles, F.; MENZ, John.; MENZIE, Robert, W.; MENZIES, Robert.; MEPHAM, George, C.; MEPHAM,; MERCER, Henry, B.; MERCER, Robert, J.K.; MEREDITH, Evan, T.; MEREDITH, John, W.; MEREDITH, Robert, L. aka FALCONER, R.L.; MERLEHAN, Alexander, E.; MERRETT, Henry, T.; MERRETT, Lyle, J.; MERYMENT, Leslie, T. aka BRYANT, Leslie, T.; METCALF, Frederick.; METCALF, Leslie, J.; METCALFE, William.; MEWBURN, Albert, G.E.; MEWBURN, Earl, R.; MEYERINK, Jacobus, J.; MICHAEL, Alexander.; MICHAEL, William.; MICHELL, Frank, C.; MIDDLEMAS, Robert.; MIDDLETON, William.; MIDOLO, Michael, J.; MIDSON, Frederick, G.; MIERS, Norman, B.; MILDENHALL, Ernest, H.; MILDWATERS, Reginald, G,H.; MILES, John, R.; MILGATE, Sydney, V.; MILLAR, Albert, I.; MILLAR, Alexander, M.; MILLAR, John, W.; MILLAR, William, B.R.; MILLARD, Thomas, W.; MILLER, Adam.; MILLER, David.; MILLER, Frank.; MILLER, James, H.T.; MILLER, Rosser.; MILLER, William.; MILLGATE, John.; MILLICAN, Albert, G.; MILLIGAN, Francis, F.; MILLINGTON, James.; MILLS, Arthur, H.; MILLS, Arthur, W.; MILLS, Ernest, G.; MILLS, George, A.; MILLS, Gordon, F.; MILLS, Sydney, S.; MILLSON, Arthur, K. MM.; MILNES, Archie, L.; MILROY, John, T.; MILTHORPE, John, L.; MINEALL, William.; MINERS, Thomas, H.; MINES, Thomas, H.; MINIFIE, Percival, C; MISSEN, Harold, J.; MITCHELL, Edward, B.; MITCHELL, Edward.; MITCHELL, Ernest.; MITCHELL, Harold.; MITCHELL, Henry, H.; MITCHELL, John, R.; MITCHELL, Patrick.; MITCHELL, Rennie, A.B.; MITCHELL, Roy.; MITCHELL, Samuel.; MITCHELL, Walter.; MITCHELL, William, 6342.; MITCHELL, William, 7266.; MITCHELL, William, C.; MITCHELL, William, E.; MITCHELL, William, J.D.; MITCHELL, William. 6535.; MOAR, Arthur, J.; MOAR, James. MM.; MOATE, George, W.; MOBBS, Herbert, G.; MOFFAT, John.; MOFFAT, Richard.; MOFFATT, Francis, A.; MOFFATT, Herbert, W.S.; MOGG, Benjamin, S.; MOIR, Harold, S.; MOLLOY, Eric, J.S.; MOLLOY, Wilfred, L.; MOLONEY, William, J.; MOLYNEAUX, John, A.; MONAGHAN, William.; MONCKTON, Walter.; MONCRIEFF, Herbert, J.; MONK, George, W.; MONKOVITCH, Luke.; MONTAGUE, Alfred.; MONTEFIORE, Tasman.; MONTEITH, Walter.; MONTGOMERY, Alexander, L.; MONTGOMERY, Frank. aka POINTER, Frank, M.; MONTGOMERY, Robert.; MONTGOMERY, Sidney, A.W.; MONTGOMERY, Wilfred, A.; MOODY, George, H.; MOON, Alexander, H. MM.; MOONEY, George.; MOONEY, James, B.; MOONEY, Peter, T.; MOORE, Alfred.; MOORE, Algernon, R.; MOORE, Arthur, E.E.; MOORE, Clement, H.; MOORE, Clifford, A.; MOORE, Edmund, F.; MOORE, Ernest, G.R.; MOORE, George, F.R.; MOORE, George, H.; MOORE, John, W.; MOORE, Norman, F.; MOORE, Norman, J.; MOORE, Robert.; MOORE, Roy. G.; MOORE, Samuel, N.; MOORE, Wilfred, E; MOORE, Wilfred.; MOORE, William, J.; MOORE, William, M.; MOORES, Francis.; MOORHEAD, Alfred, H.; MORAN, Bartholomew, J.; MORAN, Davitt, J.; MORAN, Sydney, G.N.; MORAS, Henry, R. aka PEEL, Henry, R.; MORE, Robert, D.; MOREY, Wilfred, S.; MORGAN, Ernest, O.; MORGAN, George, W.; MORGAN, George. MM.; MORGAN, Griffith, J.; MORGAN, Harry, C.; MORGAN, Herbert, H.; MORGAN, John, L.; MORGAN, John.; MORGAN, Percy.; MORGAN, Sydney, S.; MORGAN, Weldon, J.; MORGAN, William, A.; MORGAN, William, W.; MORIARTY, Maurice.; MORISON, William.; MORRIS, Clarence, B.H.; MORRIS, Desmond, M.; MORRIS, Edgar, A.; MORRIS, Edward, W.; MORRIS, Josiah.; MORRIS, Walter.; MORRISH, James.; MORRISON, Alfred, F.; MORRISON, Arthur.; MORRISON, Athol, A.; MORRISON, Cedrick, S. MM.; MORRISON, Charles, W.L.; MORRISON, Edwin, C.; MORRISON, George, H.; MORRISON, James, E.; MORRISON, James, W.; MORRISON, John, K.; MORRISSEY, Augustine.; MORRISSEY, James.; MORRISSY, James, A.; MORROW, Alfred, S.; MORROW, George, F.; MORROW, Reynard.; MORSE, Vernon, E.; MORTIMER, Lenard, H.; MORTIMER, Stanley, G.; MORTON, Robert.; MOSE, John, W.; MOSELEY, Lionel, C. aka. Marsh, Lionel, C.; MOSES, Hamilton, L.; MOSS, John, R.; MOTTIE, Henry, B.; MOULDEN, William.; MOULTON, Cecil, W.; MOULTON, Samuel.; MOUNSER, James, C.; MOUNTFORD, Darcy.; MOWAT, Cedrick, J.W.; MOYES, William. MM.; MOYLAN, John.; MUFFETT, Lewis, J.C.; MUIR, Alexander, R. MC.; MUIR, Bruce.; MUIR, George.; MUIR, James.; MUIRHEAD, Alexander.; MULDEARY, James.; MULDOON, Francis, J.P.; MULHALL, Ernest, A.; MULHEARN, John, J.; MULHOLLAND, William, R.; MULLANE, Leslie.; MULLANEY, Bartholomew, A.; MULLEN, Edward, V.; MULLER, Albert, W.; MULLER, Herbert, W.; MULLIGAN, Cornelius, L.; MULLIN, Edward; MULLINS, John, J.; MULLINS, Thomas.; MULVAHIL, John, A.; MULVIHILL, Lawrence, R.; MUMMERY, Clarence, T. MC and Bar.; MUNDIE, Douglas, A.; MUNGER, Aubrey.; MUNRO, Alfred, H.; MUNRO, Andrew, J.R.; MUNRO, Colin.; MUNRO, David.; MUNRO, Thomas, H. MM.; MUNRO, William, S.; MUNT, Horace.; MUNTZ, Joseph, W.; MURNANE, Reginald, B.; MURNANE, William, E.; MURPHY, David, A.; MURPHY, Francis, H.; MURPHY, Frank.; MURPHY, Henry, P.; MURPHY, James, F.; MURPHY, John, C.; MURPHY, John.; MURPHY, Joshua, G.; MURPHY, Michael.; MURPHY, Norman, A.; MURPHY, Robert, H.; MURPHY, Thomas, A.; MURPHY, Thomas, F.; MURPHY, William, E.; MURPHY, William, W.; MURRAY, Alfred, G.; MURRAY, Daniel.; MURRAY, David, W.; MURRAY, Edward, A.M.; MURRAY, George, G.; MURRAY, George. 4170.; MURRAY, George. 3919.; MURRAY, Harold, D.; MURRAY, James, J.; MURRAY, Patrick, F.; MURRAY, Peter.; MURRAY, Robert, A.M. MC.; MURRAY, Robert, H.; MURRAY, William, F.; MURRAY, William.; MUTTON, Leslie.; MUXWORTHY, Archelaus, A.; MYERS, Frank.;

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