Men of Menin - Names N - Q

Place Europe: Belgium, Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Ypres, Menin Gate Memorial
Accession Number AWM2018.1007.1.7
Collection type Published Collection
Record type File
Item count 566
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Maker Scott, Robert
Place made Australia: Queensland
Date made c 2018
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
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Biographies of Australians listed on the panels of the Menin Gate Memorial at Ypres as researched and written by Robert Scott. Each file briefly recounts the military story of each man and where possible, details how they perished, the location of their graves and if they were buried in the field. The list of the men covered is a follows. Please note that the spelling of the name is as the author recorded. Names included in the attached PDF are:

N - NABI-BUX, James, C; NAGEL, Stanley, R; NAIRNE, Thomas, H; NANCARROW, Claude, E; NANCARROW, Reginald, C; NANGLE, Arthur, A; NANKIVELL, Joseph, D; NASH, Charles; NASH, James, H; NASH, James; NASH, Patrick, J; NASH, Raymond; NASH, William, H; NASH, William, J; NATHAN, Victor, J; NATION, Eric, C; NAYLOR, Benjamin, E; NAYLOR, Robert, S; NAYLOR, Sydney, B; NEAL, George, D; NEALL, Albert, E; NEAME, Albert, D; NEAVERSON, Robert, H; NEAVES, Erle, O; NEEDHAM, Donald, J; NEEDHAM, Henry, F; NEELD, Harry; NEGUS, Victor, A; NEIL, James. aka O'NEILL, James; NEIL, William; NEILSON, Harold; NEILSON, John; NEIMEYER, Herman; NELSON, Charles, J; NERLICH, Oscar, B.docx NEVILLE, James, P; NEVIN, Archibald, R; NEW, Ernest, C; NEW, William, A; NEWALL, James, M; NEWBERRY, Dawson aka Daniel; NEWBY, George, A; NEWCOM, Ernest; NEWEY, Frank, M; NEWITT, Francis, R; NEWLANDS, Robert, B; NEWMAN, Alfred, C; NEWMAN, Arthur, A; NEWMAN, Charles; NEWMAN, Edward; NEWMAN, Jack, C; NEWPORT, Claude, V; NEWTON, Arthur, L.docx NEWTON, Herbert; NEWTON, William, G; NIBBS, Claude, L; NICHOL, Charles; NICHOLAS, Bryon, F; NICHOLES, George; NICHOLES, William, P; NICHOLLS, Arthur; NICHOLLS, George; NICHOLSON, Albert, E; NICHOLSON, Herbert; NICHOLSON, John, M; NICHOLSON, Lachlan, A.R; NICHOLSON, Malcolm, A; NICHOLSON, Rupert, F; NICOL, John, B; NICOL, John; NICOLL, Norman, C; NIELSEN, Christian, O; NIELSEN, Haorld, V; NIELSON, Harold; NIEWAND, Ernest, E; NIGHTINGALE, David; NIGHTINGALE, Reginald, A. aka NIGHTINGALE, Frederick; NIHILL, Cornelius, P; NILSEN, Oskar; NILSSON, Neil; NIMMO, Sylvester, J; NIND, Charles, H.C.P; NIPPERESS, Edwin, H. MM; NIXON, Charles, E; NIXON, Herbert, W; NOBLE, James; NOBLE, John, J; NOBLE, William; NOLAN, Henry; NOLAN, Herbert, G; NOLAN, John; NOLAN, Peter; NOLAN, Thomas; NOLEN, John, W; NOONAN, John, W; NOONAN, Timothy, F; NORFOLK, Archibald; NORMAN, Albert, O; NORMAN, Charles, J; NORMAN, Charles, L; NORMAN, Maurice, W; NORMAN, William, L; NORMAN, William, T; NORQUAY, Walter, J; NORRIS, Alexander; NORRIS, Mervyn; NORRIS, Reginald; NORTHOVER, Frederick; NORTON, Leslie, I; NOWLAND, Frederick, E; NUGENT, Harold, R; NUNWEEK, Harry; NUSS, John, J; NUTTALL, Leslie;

O - OAKLEY, Arthur, E; OAKLEY, John; OAKLEY, Sidney, H; OATES, Clifford, W; OATS, Norman, S; OBORNE, William, G; O'Brien, Daniel, A; O'BRIEN, John, J; O'BRIEN, John, M; O'BRIEN, John; O'Brien, Orlando, T.L; O'Brien, Thomas, J; O'Brien, Thomas; O'BRIEN, William, J; O'CALLAGHAN, Patrick; OCKENDEN, Harold; OCKWELL, Alfred, H; O'CONNELL, Richard, T; O'CONNOR, George, W; O'CONNOR, John, Joseph. 4566; O'CONNOR, John, Joseph. 617; O'CONNOR, Maurice; O'CONNOR, Michael, J; O'CONNOR, Thomas, A; O'CONNOR, Thomas, P; O'CONNOR, Thomas, W. aka JACKSON, Thomas; O'CONNOR, Thomas; O'CONNOR, Walter, W; O'DEA, Dennis, J; O'DEA, William; O'DONNELL, James; O'DONOHUE, John; O'DWYER, Francis; O'FLAHERTY, James; OGBORNE, Colin, W; O'HARE. Stanley, J; O'KEEFE, Cornelius; O'KEEFE, Edwin, J; O'KEEFE, James, C; O'KEEFFE, James; O'Keeffe, Walter; OLDHAM, William; O'LEARY, Albert, J; O'LEARY, John; OLESEN, Thomas, P; OLIFENT, William, E; OLIVER, Archibald, C; OLIVER, Ernest, J; OLIVER, Henry, F; OLIVER, John. 2374; OLIVER, John. 2644; OLIVER, Martin, T; OLLEY, Laurnece; OLLIVER, Oswald, T; O'LOUGHLIN, 3216; O'LOUGHLIN, Patrick, J; OLSTON, Francis, A; O'MEARA, Charles, B; O'NEIL, Fitzgerald; O'NEIL, John, T; O'NEILL, Alfred; O'NEILL, Edwin, J; O'NEILL, Herbert, F; O'NEILL, John, Patrick aka PATRICK, John. 2866A; O'NEILL, John, Patrick. MM. 3369; O'NEILL, Martin; O'NEILL, Pervis, W; O'NEILL, Richard, F; O'NEILL, William, R; ONIONS, Albert, C. MM; OPIE, Elgar, W; OPIE, Victor, J; OPIE,Stanley, W; OPPY, William, E; ORANGE, James; ORCHARD, Cyril, G; ORCHARD, Daniel, J; ORCHARD, Daniel; ORCHARD, Oswald, W.T; O'REGAN, William, J; O'REILLY, Bernard, J; O'REILLY, Michael; O'REILLY, Terrence; ORGAN, Sylvester; ORMAN, Daniel, G.docx ORMANDY, William, S; ORME, George; ORMEROD, James, E; ORMONDE, Patrick, J; O'ROURKE, Ernest, F; ORTH. Henry, E; OSBORN, William, A.J; OSBORNE, Frank, V; OSBORNE, Reuben, H.A; O'SHANNESSY, Ernest; O'SHEA, John, C; O'SHEA, William, S; O'SHEA, William, T; OSLAND, William, W; OSTERBERG, Walter, H; OSTWALD, Joseph, A; O'SULLIVAN, Eugene, A; O'SULLIVAN, Patrick, J; O'Toole, Edward; OTT, Peter, C; OTTAWAY, Herbert, G; OTTEWILL, Frederick, E; OULTON, Henry; OUTERBRIDGE, Edward, S; OWEN, Albert, V; OWEN, Thomas, W.A; OYSTON, Francis, J.M;

P - PACE, Henry, T ; PACK, Walter, H ; PACKER, Edgar, R ; PACKER, Leonard, A ; PACKHAM, Frederick ; PADFIELD, William, H ; PAEGLE, Michael ; PAGAN, John ; PAGE, Frederick, G ; PAGE, Frederick, W ; PAGE, Harold, K ; PAGE, Harry ; PAGE, John, J.I ; PAGE, Leslie, R ; PAGE, Norman, L ; PAGE, Percy ; PAGE, Roland, J ; PAGE, William, R ; PAGETT, Aubrey, L ; PAIGE, Frederick, W ; PAINTER, Percy ; PALFREY, William ; PALMER, Alexander, E ; PALMER, Arthur, J.T ; PALMER, Charles, L ; PALMER, Charles, W ; PALMER, Daniel, W ; PALMER, Henry, J ; PALMER, John ; PALMER, Mosman ; PALMER, Richard, V ; PARISH, Murdoch, M ; PARK, Cecil, H ; PARK, Robert ; PARKER, Andrew, W ; PARKER, Arthur, T ; PARKER, Charles, S ; PARKER, Dudley ; PARKER, Edwin ; PARKER, Harry, K ; PARKER, Hugh, A.D ; PARKER, Leonard ; PARKER, Norman. S.H ; PARKER, Paul ; PARKER, Richard, J ; PARKER, William ; PARKES, Spencer ; PARKHURST, Arthur, V ; PARKIN, Benjamin, H ; PARKIN, John ; PARKINSON, Albert, H ; PARR, George, H ; PARRY, Claude, H ; PARRY, Hubert ; PARRY, James, S ; PARSONS, Cecil, J ; PARSONS, Robert ; PARSONS, Sydney, V ; PARTRIDGE, William, M ; PASCOE, David, J ; PASCOE, Francis, W ; PASCOE, Hector, L ; PASCOE, Leslie, J ; PASCOE, Russell, K ; PASCOE, William, H ; PASFIELD, Alvan, W ; PATEN, Edward, H ; PATERSON, Alexander, S ; PATERSON, John, G ; PATERSON, Leonard ; PATERSON, William ; PATHE, John, J ; PATTEN, Christopher ; PATTEN, David, W ; PATTEN, Murray, F ; PATTERSON, Charles, J ; PATTERSON, Gordon ; PATTERSON, John, E ; PATTERSON, Robert, A ; PATTERSON, William, A ; PAUL, James, H ; PAUL, Lea, R ; PAULL, Joseph, E ; PAULL, Walter, L ; PAVER, Henry ; PAYNE, Charles, E. MM ; PAYNE, James ; PAYNE, John ; PEACH, Thomas ; PEACHEY, Edward, C.C ; PEACOCK, David ; PEACOCK, Francis ; PEACOCK, Harry ; PEACOCK, James ; PEACOCK, Joseph ; PEACOCK, Rupert ; PEAKE, Arthur, P ; PEAKE, Walter, C ; PEARCE, Charles ; PEARCE, Clyde, B ; PEARCE, Edward, C ; PEARCE, James ; PEARCE, Joseph, W. MC ; PEARCE, Oliver, G ; PEARSON, Christopher, M ; PEARSON, Leslie ; PEARSON, William, J ; PECK, Frank, A ; PEDDER, Frank, E ; PEDDLE, George ; PEDERSEN, Arthur, G ; PEEBLES, James.docx PEET, William, J ; PEGGS, James, M ; PEGLER, William ; PEGRUM, William, H ; PEISLEY, Alfred, C. aka HARRIS, Alfred ; PEKIN, James ; PEKIN, William ; PELLAS, Frank, H ; PELLOW, George, J ; PENDLEBURY, John, E ; PENGEL, Archibald ; PENGELLY, Charles, A.S ; PENGELLY, Henry, J ; PENGILLY, William, B ; PENNA, Arthur ; PENNELL, Edward, J ; PENNELL, Frederick, J ; PENNICOTT, Charles, A ; PENNINGTON, William, G ; PENNY, Ernest, M ; PENNYCUICK, James ; PENO, John, A ; PENROSE, Robert, M ; PENTLAND, Donald, B ; PEPPERNELL, Frederick ; PEREIRA, Ernest, M ; PERFREMENT, Sydney, G ; PERKINS, Arthur, G ; PERKINS, Edward, F ; PERKINS, Harry ; PERRAU, Robert, D ; PERRETT, Edwin ; PERRIN, Cyril ; PERROTT, Frederick, W ; PERRY, Alexander, R ; PERRY, Arthur, E ; PERRY, Charles ; PERRY, Claude, M ; PERRY, Edward ; PERRY, Egbert, S ; PERRY, George, F ; PERRY, John, F.A ; PERRY, William, E.E ; PERRY, William ; PETERS, Absolom ; PETERSEN, Albert, M ; PETERSEN, David, G.W ; PETERSEN, Einer, A ; PETERSEN, Harold, M ; PETRIE, Charles, S ; PETTERSON, Karl ; PETTERSSAN, August, S ; PETTET, Frederick, J ; PETTIGREW, William ; PEVERILL, Joseph ; PEWTER, Arthur ; PHAYER, Reginald, M ; PHEE, Henry, G ; PHEE, William W ; PHELPS, Claude, A ; PHEMISTER, Percival, E.H ; PHILBEY, Arthur, L ; PHILIP, James, F ; PHILIPS, Robert, E ; PHILIPSON, Francis ; PHILLIPS, Albert, V ; PHILLIPS, Arthur, E ; PHILLIPS, Charles ; PHILLIPS, Frederick, E ; PHILLIPS, Frederick, G ; PHILLIPS, Geoffrey, G.T.R ; PHILLIPS, John ; PHILLIPS, Walter ; PHISTER, Robert, M ; PICKEN, John ; PICKERING, Harry, M ; PICKETT, Reginald, J. MC ; PICKWORTH, Reginald, F ; PIERCE, Frank ; PIERCE, Frederick, O ; PIERCE, George, F. DCM ; PIERCE, George, F ; PIESSE, John, S ; PIGG, John, T ; PIKE, Albert, C ; PIKE, Charles, A ; PILGRIM, Melville, J ; PILKINGTON, Frederick ; PILLANS, Hugh ; PILLAR, Frederick, F ; PINKHAM, Frank, W ; PIPER, Arthur, E ; PIPER, Ernest, A ; PIRIE, Robert ; PITHAM, James, A ; PITT, Claude, D ; PITT, Walter, E ; PITT, William, G ; PLACE, Herbert, L. DCM ; PLAIL, Alfred ; PLAIN, Robert ; PLANT, Walter, H ; PLASTO, William ; PLASTOW, Henry ; PLUMMER, Walter, L ; PLUNKETT, Edward, W.D ; PODGER, John, T ; POHLMAN, Ernest, H ; POHLSON, Gustav, A ; POLAK, George, E. MM ; POLGLASE, Benjamin ; POLL, Leslie, V ; POLLARD, Alfred, B ; POLLARD, James, H.G ; POLLARD, Oliver, S ; POLLARD, Stanley, R.D ; POLLARD, William, R.C ; POLLITT, Ernest ; POLLOCK, Walter, G ; POLLOCK, William, G ; POLMEAR, Roy ; POLOMKA, Lawrence, S ; POMERY, Frank, R ; POMFRET, William ; POMROY, Edward, J ; POOLE, Frederick, A ; POPE, Alexander, R ; POPE, Edmund, H ; POPPLE, George ; PORTEOUS, Thomas ; PORTER, Andrew, P ; PORTER, James ; PORTER, Joseph ; PORTER, Lancelot ; PORTER, Sidney, G.docx PORTER, William, E.W. MM ; PORTEUS, Arthur, J ; POTTER, Daniel ; POTTER, Harry, E ; POTTICARY, Thomas, A ; POULSON, George, A ; POULTON, Bertram, F ; POUND, Frederick ; POUNSBERRY, George, E ; POUPARD, Leonard, B ; POWELL, Barney ; POWELL, David, T ; POWELL, Herbert, M ; POWELL, John, W.H ; POWELL, Leslie, J ; POWELL, Norman, D ; POWELL, Norman, S ; POWELL, Sydney, J ; POWER, Eric, V ; POWER, Francis, J ; POWER, Noel, P.docx POWER, Robert, E ; POWER, Terrence ; POYNAN, Francis, L ; POYZER, Percy, F ; PRATT, Walter, F ; PREECE, Walter, G ; PREECE, William, E ; PRENDERGAST, James, E ; PREST, Eric, A ; PRESTON, Frederick, M ; PRESTON, James, R ; PRESTON, Stanley, T.W ; PREW, Clarence, V ; PRICE, Albert ; PRICE, Alfred, T ; PRICE, Arthur, W ; PRICE, Denis, J ; PRICE, Frank, C ; PRICE, Thomas, A ; PRICE, William, G.N ; PRIDHAM, Frank, D ; PRIDHAM, Garnet, G ; PRIEST, Charles, A ; PRIEST, Thomas ; PRIESTLY, Norman ; PRIMROSE, William, T ; PRINCE, Charles ; PRINGLE, Archibald, E ; PRINGLE, Luke ; PRINGLE, Ralph, N ; PRIOR, Arthur, F ; PRIOR, Cecil, V ; PRIOR, Herbert ; PRITCHARD, Clement, M ; PRITCHARD, James, H ; PROCTOR, William, E ; PROCTOR, William ; PROUDFOOT, William, M. MM ; PRYDE, Anthony, L ; PUGH, Constantine, V ; PULLEN, Arthur ; PUMMEROY, Edward ; PUNCH, Herbert, V ; PURCELL, Matthew ; PURTILL, Sinon ; PURVIS, Donald ; PURVIS, William, G ; PUTMAN, James ; PYBUS, Frederick, H ; PYE, William, L ; PYKE, Victor, G ; PYNE, Lindsay, C.W ;

Q - QUAILEY, George, D.; QUARRELL, Alexander, P.; QUAST, Philipp, G.W.; QUIGLEY, Leslie, J.; QUILL, George.; QUINCE, James, W.; QUINLAN, Denis, A.; QUINLAN, Denis.; QUINLAN, John, A. 2704; QUINLAN, John, A. 6088.; QUINLIVAN, John, P.; QUINN, Clive, W.; QUINN, Joseph.; QUINN, Leslie.; QUINN, Michael, J. 2486.; QUINN, Michael, J.; QUINTAL, Roy, E.; QUINTAL, Young, B.; QUIRK, John.; QUIRKE, Edward, J.;

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