Men of Menin - Names R - S

Place Europe: Belgium, Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Ypres, Menin Gate Memorial
Accession Number AWM2018.1007.1.8
Collection type Published Collection
Record type File
Item count 875
Object type Digital file
Maker Scott, Robert
Place made Australia: Queensland
Date made c 2018
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
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Biographies of Australians listed on the panels of the Menin Gate Memorial at Ypres as researched and written by Robert Scott. Each file briefly recounts the military story of each man and where possible, details how they perished, the location of their graves and if they were buried in the field. The list of the men covered is a follows. Please note that the spelling of the name is as the author recorded. Names included in the attached PDF are:

R - RABLIN, William, J.; RADBURN, Archibald.; RADFORD, Claude, V; RADFORD, Edmund, J.; RAE, Norman, H. aka Frisby, Norman, H.; RAE, Thomas, R.; RAEMERS, Louis.; RAFF, Albert, J.; RAINE, Thomas.; RAISON, Albert.; RAISON, Ernest.; RAISTRICK, Charles, H.; RALSTON, Arthur.; RALSTON, Robert, R.J.; RAMSAY, Ernest.; RAMSAY, Jack, R.; RAND, Oliver, G.; RANDALL, Alan, J.; RANDALL, Harold.; RANGER, Raymond, L.; RANKIN, John, N.; RANKIN, William, H.; RASMUSSEN, Johannes, R.; RASMUSSEN, Paul.; PILKINGTON, Frederick.; PLACE, Herbert, L. DCM.; PORTER, Andrew, P.; POTTER, Daniel.; PRICE, Thomas, A.; PRIEST, Charles, A.; PYE, William, L.; RALEIGH, James, A,; RALPH, Horace.; RATHBONE, Arthur.; RATTRAY, George, F.; RAWES, Edward.; RAWLINGS, Thomas, H.; RAWSON, Frederick MM.; RAY, Harold, S.; RAYBOULD, Leslie, F.; RAYBOURNE, William, R.; RAYNER, Herbert, C.; READ, Norman, A.; READ, Percy, H.; READ, Thomas.; REBOUL, Edward, M.T.; REDFERN, Leslie; REDGRAVE, Alfred, C.; REDIN, Leonard, G.; REDMAN, Clarence, S.S.; REDMOND, John.; REDPATH, George.; REECE, Arthur, E.; REED, Frederick.; REED, Joseph, D.P.; REED, Thomas, A.; REED, William, E.; REEDY, John.; REES, Walter.; REEVE, William.; REEVES, Benjamin.; REEVES, Ernest, G.; REEVES, William, J.; REICH, Edgar.; REID, Alexander, J.; REID, Andrew, L.; REID, Bernard, G.; REID, Ewan, McP.; REID, John, S.; REID, Marcus, D.; REID, Mayne, R.; REID, Robert, W.; REID, Thomas, B.; REID, Walter, F.; REID, Walter, G.; REID, Walter, W.B.; REID, William.; REILLY, Edward, L.; REILLY, George, W.; REILLY, James.; REILLY, Thomas.; REILLY, William, C.; RENDELL, Henry, L.; RENNERD, Alfred, H.; RENOUF, Albert.; RENTOUL, John, W.; RESUGGAN, George (Jack).; RETHAMEL, Heinrich, A. aka WATSON, Henry.; REVELL, John , P.; REVELL, John ,; REX, Horace, J.; REYNOLDS, Albert, A.; REYNOLDS, Alick, F; REYNOLDS, Bland, R.; REYNOLDS, Frederick, J.; REYNOLDS, George, F. 3130.; REYNOLDS, George, F. 6549; REYNOLDS, James, A.; REYNOLDS, John, W.; REYNOLDS, Martin, M.; REYNOLDS, William, M. 2493.; REYNOLDS, William, M.; REYNOLDS, William, Rees.; REYNOLDS, William, Rupert.; RHEAD, Herbert, W. J.; RHODES, Alfred, H.; RIAL, Ronald, J.; RICARDO, Reuban, R.; RICE, Albert, J.; RICE, Hubert, G.; RICE, James; RICE, William, H.; RICH, Albert, J.; RICHARDS, Arthur, V.; RICHARDS, George, S.; RICHARDS, James, T.; RICHARDS, John, A.; RICHARDSON, Albert, J.; RICHARDSON, Arthur.; RICHARDSON, Edward, J.; RICHARDSON, Ernest, J.; RICHARDSON, George, C.; RICHARDSON, Harry, E.; RICHARDSON, John, W.; RICHARDSON, Joseph.; RICHARDSON, Thomas, A.; RICHENS, Enoch, W.; RICHINGS, Thomas.; RICKENS, Charles.; RICKSON, Stanley, E.; RIDDLE, John, T.; RIDGERS, Jack.; RIDGWAY, Noel, R.; RIDGWAY, William, E.; RIELLY, Thomas.; RIGBY, Frank.; RIGBY, John, S. T. MM.; RIGBY, Walter.; RIGNEY, Cyril, S.; RILEY, Henry.; RILEY, Sydney, G.; RILEY, Thomas, H. H.; RILEY, William, T.; RIMES, Leslie, M.; RINDER, Gordon.; RIPPIN, Alfred.; RIPPS, John, C.; RITCH, Thomas.; RITCHIE, Attwell, L.; RITCHIE, Gavin, J. MM.; RITCHIE, William, P.; RITTMAN, Edward, M.A.; ROACH, Leslie, C.; ROACHOCK, Thomas, J.; ROADKNIGHT, James.; ROBBINS, George.; ROBBINS, Harry, W.; ROBBINS, Harry.; ROBERTO, Claudius, A.; ROBERTS, Albert, E.; ROBERTS, Cecil, W.; ROBERTS, Charles, H.; ROBERTS, Edward, E.; ROBERTS, Edward, W.; ROBERTS, John.; ROBERTS, Oswald, W.; ROBERTS, Phillip, H.; ROBERTS, Thomas, S.; ROBERTS, William, A. MM.; ROBERTS, William, G.; ROBERTSON, Alexander.; ROBERTSON, Charles, E.; ROBERTSON, Duncan, M.; ROBERTSON, George.; ROBERTSON, James.; ROBERTSON, John, D.; ROBERTSON, Kenneth.; ROBERTSON, Samuel, T.; ROBIN, Cyril, T.; ROBINSON, Albert.; ROBINSON, Alexander.; ROBINSON, Archibald.; ROBINSON, Benjamin.; ROBINSON, George, W. 2239.; ROBINSON, George, W. 6433.; ROBINSON, George.; ROBINSON, Herbert, L.; ROBINSON, Jack.; ROBINSON, James, A.; ROBINSON, John.; ROBINSON, Joseph.; ROBINSON, Leslie, H; ROBINSON, Richard, G.; ROBINSON, Richard.; ROBINSON, Rupert, W.; ROBINSON, Thomas, aka ROBERTSON, John.; ROBINSON, Thomas, C.; ROBINSON, Wesley, J.; ROBINSON, William, H.; ROBINSON, William, L.; ROBJOHNS, Cecil, F.; ROBLEY, William, N. aka MORRISON, Laing.; ROBSON, Robert, T.; ROBSON, William.; RODGERS, Anthony, T.; RODIER, John, H.; RODWELL, Richard, J. J.; RODWELL, William, G.; ROGER, Arthur, S.; ROGER, Arthur,; ROGERS, Charles, C.; ROGERS, Charles, S.; ROGERS, George.; ROGERS, Robert, C.; ROGERS, William.; ROKER, Arthur, J.; ROLLINS, Martin.; ROLLINS, Vivian, E.; RONAN, Ernest, F; RONAN, Michael.; ROONEY, Michael.; ROOS, Frederick, J.; ROOS, Robert, A.; ROSBOROUGH, Norman, G.; ROSCROW, John, L.; ROSE, Albert, G.; ROSE, Charles.; ROSE, Christopher, S.; ROSE, Ernest, C.; ROSE, Thomas, L.; ROSER, Lionel, G.; ROSS, Alfred, H.; ROSS, Alfred, W.; ROSS, Francis, A.O.H.; ROSS, Harold. MM.; ROSS, James.; ROSS, Joseph, F.; ROSS, Percy, W.; ROSS, Richard, C.; ROSS, Roy, H.; ROSSBOROUGH, William.; ROSSOGGSKY, Ivan.; ROTH, Alfred, C.; ROUND, Walter, F.; ROUSE, George, A.; ROUSE, Octavius.; ROUTLEY, Arthur, C.; ROW, Stanley.; ROWE, Archibald, J.; ROWE, Arthur, G.E.; ROWE, George, W.; ROWE, James, H.; ROWE, Percival.; ROWE, Reginald, J.; ROWE, Thomas, H.; ROWE, Victor, S.; ROWE, William, H.; ROWETT, Ronald, J.; ROWLAND, Reginald.; ROWLANDS, Arthur.; ROWLANDS, Herbert, F.; ROWLES, Frank.; ROWLEY, Herbert, L.; ROWLEY, Reginald, W.; ROWLING, Walter, L.; ROWNEY, Albert, R.; ROWSE, Wallace. MM.; ROWSELL, Alfred, J.; ROY, Walter, T.; ROYALS, William, H. MM.; ROYDE, John, H.; ROYLE, John.; RUDDY, George, H.; RUDOLPH, Oswald, G.; RUFFLEY, William.; RUGNER, Reginald, C.; RUMSEY, Arthur, E.; RUNDELL, Cecil, H. J.; RUNDLE, Archie.; RUNDLE, James, S.; RUSHMER, Frederick, F. C.; RUSS, Thomas.; RUSSELL, Albert.; RUSSELL, Alexander.; RUSSELL, Francis, L.; RUSSELL, Henry, E.; RUSSELL, Herbert, I.; RUSSELL, John, A.; RUSSELL, Richard.; RUSSELL, Wilfred.; RUSSELL, William, A.; RUSSELL, William, F.C.; RUSSELL, William.; RUST, William, H.; RUSTIN, Thomas, A.; RUTHVEN, Sydney, W.; RYAN, Charles, F.; RYAN, Edward, J.; RYAN, Edward.; RYAN, Ernest.; RYAN, James, E.F.; RYAN, James, F.; RYAN, James, J.; RYAN, James, M.; RYAN, John, P.; RYAN, Joseph, D.; RYAN, Patrick.; RYAN, Thomas, F.; RYAN, Thomas, L. M.M.; RYAN, Thomas, P.; RYAN,Walter, W.S.; RYBAKOV, Michael, S.; RYNG, George, C.;

S - SAAL, Christopher.; SADLER, William.; SALE, Robert, H.M.; SALIS, Francis, E.; SALMON, Francis, H.B.; SALMON, Harold, G.; SALTER, Herbert.; SALWAY, Edward, F.; SALWAY, William.; SAMMON, James, P.; SAMPSON, Bert, B.; SAMPSON, Mortimer, F.; SANDERS, Francis, R.; SANDERS, William.; SANDERSON, Edward, W.; SANDERSON, Harold, W.; SANDERSON, James, F.; SANDFORD, James, H.; SANDILANDS, John, J.; SANDRY, Arthur, H.; SANDRY, Frederick, J.; SARGENT, Albert F.; SARGOOD, John, C.; SAUNDERS, Alfred, E.; SAUNDERS, Arthur, O. MM.; SAUNDERS, Charles, F.; SAUNDERS, George, W.; SAUNDERS, Henry, J. L.; SAUNDERS, Robert, H.; SAUNDERS, William, H.; SAVAGE, Elijah, V.; SAVAGE, Samuel.; SAVAGE, William.; SAWYER, Joseph, L.; SAWYER, William.; SAY, Leonard. MM.; SAYER, James, A.; SAYER, Percy, T.; SAYNER, George, T.; SCANLAN, Michael, C.; SCANLAN, Thomas, B.; SCANLON, Albert.; SCANLON, John, P.; SCARESBROOK, Frederick, C.; SCENEY, Charles, G.; SCHANTZ, Frank, A.; SCHEILER, William, E.; SCHMITZER, Charles.; SCHWARZROCK, John, O.; SCHWEBEL, Henry, J.; SCHWONBERG, Claude, G.; SCOTT, Albert, J; SCOTT, Alfred, M.; SCOTT, Andrew, A.; SCOTT, Arthur, J.; SCOTT, Frank, J; SCOTT, George, P.; SCOTT, George, W.M.; SCOTT, Harold.; SCOTT, Henry, T.; SCOTT, Horatio.; SCOTT, Inglis.; SCOTT, Jack, C.; SCOTT, James, A.; SCOTT, John, J.; SCOTT, Kenneth, L.; SCOTT, Leslie, J.; SCOTT, Peter, J.; SCOTT, Reginald, J.; SCOTT, Robert.; SCOTT, Stanley, A.; SCOTT, Stephen.; SCOTT, Sydney, P.; SCOTT, Thomas.; SCOTT, William, D.; SCOTT, William, J.; SCOTT, William.; SCOUGALL, Frank, R.B.; SCRIVEN, Louis, R.; SCRIVENER, Ernest.; SCRIVENER, George.; SCULLIN, Daniel.; SCULLIN, Martin, H.; SCULLY, James.; SCULLY, William, J.; SEABRIGHT, George. aka SEABRIGHT, Alfred, G.; SEABROOK, George, R.; SEABROOK, John, W.; SEABROOK, Theo, L.; SEALE, Edward, I.; SEALEY, George.; SEARLE, John, H. MM, MID.; SEARLE, Milton, D.; SEARLE, William, H.; SEARS, Noel, J.M.; SEARS, Thomas, H.; SEATH, Andrew.; SEDDON, Henry.; SEDMAN, Richard, H.; SEE, Albert, E.; SEIDEL, Alfred, G.; SEIDNER, 3536.; SEIGERT, George, W.; SELBY, Samuel, V.; SELKIRK, Ernest.; SELL, Harold, T.; SELLARS, Ernest, R.; SELWOOD, Richard, S.; SELWYN-SMITH, Hubert, G.; SEMMENS, Herbert, J.; SEMPLE, Alfred, G.; SEMPLE, Lawrence.; SENDEN, Leonard, J. MM.; SERMON, John, C.; SETTER, George, F.; SEXTON, John, F.; SEXTON, Patrick, J. MM.; SEXTON, Thomas, A.; SEYMOUR, John, A.P.; SEYMOUR, Richard, R.; SEYMOUR, William, L.; SHACKLETON, Richard.; SHAMBROOK, William.; SHANAHAN, Michael, F.; SHARKEY, Edward, F.; SHARLAND, Charles, F.; SHARMAN, Albert, J. MM.; SHARMAN, Frank, H.C.; SHARP, Francis, P.; SHARP, Frederick, H.; SHARP, William, R.; SHARPE, Leslie, G.; SHARPE, Samuel.; SHARROW, Clyde, L.; SHAVE, Stanley.; SHAW, Arthur, P.; SHAW, Bertram, G.; SHAW, Charles, P.; SHAW, Frank.; SHAW, Frederick, C.; SHAW, Frederick, E.; SHAW, Harry, A.; SHAW, Ralph.; SHAW, William, A.; SHAW, William, E.; SHEAHAN, Harry.; SHEARIN, Edward, T.; SHEARS, Harry.; SHEARWOOD, William, C.; SHEATHER, Ernest, L.; SHEEHAN, Thomas, J.; SHEEHAN, William, R.; SHELDON, Job.; SHELDRICK, Robert, A.; SHELL, William, W.; SHELTON, Leonard, F.; SHELVEY, John, F.; SHEPARD, Norman, H.; SHEPHARD, Harold, S.; SHEPHERD, Harold, T.; SHEPHERD, Thomas, J.; SHEPPARD, Charles, H.; SHERAN Francis, J.C.J.; SHERIDAN, Phillip, D.; SHERLOCK, Samuel, T.; SHERMAN, Leslie.; SHERRIFF, John, G.; SHERRY, George.; SHERWOOD, John.; SHEUMACK, Robert, J.; SHIELDS, Albert, C.; SHIELDS, Audley.; SHILLABEER, Andrew, W.; SHIMMEN, Arthur.; SHIPP, Joseph.; SHIPTON, Arthur, W.; SHOEBRIDGE, Herbert, G.; SHONE, Charles, W.; SHOOTER, Harold, A.; SHORT, Walter, T.; SHRIMPTON, Walter, T.; SHUGRUE, Charles.; SHUTE, Arthur, J.; SIBLY, Richard, O.; SIDDLE, Arthur, T.; SIEBERT, William, H.; SIGGS, Eric, E.; SILBERTHAU, Rudolf, S.; SILER, Edward, J.; SILK, Frederick, J.; SILL, Arthur.; SILLING, Eric, C.; SILVER, Cecil.; SILVERMAN, Abraham.; SIM, Arthur, J.; SIM, William, R.; SIMCOE, Edmund, J.C.; SIMINTON, Robert, J.; SIMMONDS, Herbert, W.; SIMMONS, 478.; SIMMONS, Arthur.; SIMMONS, George.; SIMMS, John, E.; SIMONS, James, L.; SIMONS, Leslie, J.; SIMPSON, Alexander, S.; SIMPSON, Arthur, E.; SIMPSON, George.; SIMPSON, Jack.; SMITH, North.; SIMPSON, James, D.; SIMPSON, William.; SIMPSON, Leo.; SINCLAIR, James, H.; SIMS, Frederick, G.; SLARKE, Gladstone.; SKIMMINGS, William.; SINGH, Sarn.; SINGLE, Wilfred.; SINNATT, Henry, C.; SLATER, Marshall, J.; SKEWES, Arthur, W.; SKINNER, James, C.; SKINNER, Stanley, M.; SIMPSON, William, C.; SLATTERY, Clyde, P.T.; SMITH, Alfred, P.; SLOCOMBE, Bernard, G.; SLEE, Herbert, J.; SMART, George.; SMITH, Albert, E.; SINGLE, Raymond, V.; SMITH, Alfred, A.; SINCLAIR, George, C.; SMERDON, Clifford, C.; SMITH, Arnold, J.; SKEAD, Charles, F.; SLADE, Frank.; SLATTER, Thomas, J.; SMITH, Alfred, L.; SKINNER, Albert.; SLEIGHTHOLME, Robert.; SMITH, Edgar, A.; SMITH, Charlie.; SMITH, Claud, H.; SMITH, Edward, S.; SMITH, Frank, 1085.; SMITH, Charles, H.B.; SMITH, Clifton, P.; SMITH, Eric.; SMITH, Arthur, D.; SMITH, Ernest.; SMITH, David, R.; SMITH, George, R.J.; SMITH, Frank, R,; SMITH, Charles, 6304.; SMITH, Arthur.; SMITH, George aka SCHMIDT, George.; SLATER, Headley, A.; SMITH, David.; SMITH, Henry, K.; SMALLWOOD, James, H.; SMITH, Claude, L.; SMITH, Harold, E.B.; SMITH, James, P.; SMITH, Jackson.; SMITH, Cecil, W.; SINCLAIR, Roland, O.; SMITH, Charles, S.; SMITH, Joseph.; SMITH, Frederick, H.C.; SMITH, John Henry.; SMITH, John, Herbert.; SIMPSON, Kenneth, M.; SMITH, George.; SMITH, John, E.; SMITH, John, R.; SMITH, Hedley, H.; SMITH, Harold, M.; SMITH, Henry, T.; SMITH, Leslie, M.; SMITH, John, A.W.; SMITH, James, 1062.; SMITH, Leslie, J.; SMITH, Leslie, K.; SMITH, Arthur, C.; SMITH, James, R.; SMITH, Leslie.; SMITH, John.; SMITH, Ellis, A.W.; SKILLEN, James. MM.; SIMS, Albert.; SMITH, Francis, N.; SINGLES, Matthew.; SKINNER, Samuel, H.; SMITH, Clarence, J.; SLATTERY, Daniel, E.; SMITH, JAMES, 2132.; SMITH, Albert.; SMITH, Frank, 3015.; SMITH, Archibald, H.; SMITH, Arthur, J.; SMITH, George, G.; SMITH, Charles, 7038.; SMITH, Leslie, W.; SMITH, Cyril, T.; SMITH, John, L.; SMITH, Edgar.; SMITH, Lot.; SMITH, Ernest, W.; SMITH, Harold, G.; SMITH, Henry, N.; SMITH,; SMITH, John, A.T.; SMITH, Teesdale, B.; SMITH, Keith, K.; SMITH, William, A.C.; SMITH, Oliver, H.; SMITH, Stanley, G.; SMITH, Percy, J.; SMITH, William, H.; SMITH, Percy, N.; SMITH, William, Leslie. 4224.; SMITH, Philip.; SMITH, William, 1112.; SMITH, Reuben.; SMITH, Sydney, C. 7368.; SMITH, Richard, W.; SNEDDON, William, J.; SMITH, Robert, A.; SMITH, William, L.; SMITH, Robert, H.; SNOWDON, Ernest, R.; SMITH, Robert, J.; SMITH, Robert.; SMITH, William, R.; SMITH, Ross.; STRICKLAND, Frederick, L.; SMITH, Searl.; SMITH, Walter, G.; SMITH, Spencer, S.; SMITH, William, Andrew.; SMITH, Stephen, M.; SMITHAM, Charles, G.; SMITH, Sydney, C.; SMITH, Thomas, H.B.; SMITH, Thomas, L.; SMITH, Thomas, W.; SMITH, Ulbert.; SMITH, Walter, C.; SMITH, Walter.; SMITH, William, 2534.; SMITH, William, A.E.; SMITH, William, Arthur.; SMITH, William, J.; SMITH, William, Leslie, 995.; SMITH, William, N.; SMITH, William, S.; SMITH. Terence.; SMORTI, Kenneth, M.; SMYTH, Herbert, H.; SMYTH, Herbert, L.C.; SNEDDON, William, L.H.; SNELL, Thomas.; SNODGRASS, Frederick, T.; SOLMAN, Robert, W.S.; SOLOMON, Louis.; SOLOMON, William, E.; SOLTAU, Frederick, C.H.; SOMERO, Daniel.; SORENSEN, Soren, C.; SORLEY, William, P.; SOUTER, Francis, H.; SOUTH, Harry, J.; SOUTH, Walter, J.; SOUTHBY, Henry.; SOWDEN, Ronald, A.; SPACKMAN, Robert, S.; SPALHOLTZ, Henry, A.; SPALL, Alexander, G.; SPALL, Percy, C.; SPARKS, Charles, R.; SPARKS, Daniel, L.G.; SPARROW, William.; SPEED, Henry.; SPEEDY, 5783A.; SPENCE, Harold.; SPENCE, William, J.; SPENCER, Ernest.; SPENCER, John.; SPENCER, Joseph, H.; SPENCER, William, C.; SPERLING, Percival.; SPICER, Arthur, G.; SPICER, Harold, S.; SPICER, Walter, A.; SPILLER, George, L.; SPINKS, Edward, R.; SPOONER, John, H.; SPORN, Gustav, G.B.; SPROULE, Thomas, S.; SQUIRE, James, R.; St. CLAIRE, John, E.H.N.; STABLER, Christopher.; STACEY, Ernest, W.; STACY, Arnold, E.; STAFFORD, John, G.; STAFFORD, Lewis, H.; STAINBANK, John, T. DCM.; STAINES, Charles, R.; STAINROSE, Albert.; STAIT, Cecil,H.; STAIT, Herbert, V.; STAMP, John, W.; STANLEY, George, S.; STANLEY, John, T.; STANLEY, Leslie, F.; STANLEY, Thomas.; STANMORE, Harry.; STANTON, Ernest, R.B.; STANTON, James.; STANTON, Walter.; STAPLEFORD, Samuel, F.; STAPLETON, John.; STARR, Michael, F.; STARR, Patrick, J.; STARR, Samuel, P.; STASINOWSKY, Samuel, C.R.; STATHAM, Vere, J.; STEEL, Harold, J.; STEEL, William.; STEELE, Alexander. DSO, DCM.; STEELE, Alfred, E.; STEELE, William, H.; STEIN, Alfred.; STENHOUSE, John, W.; STEPHEN, William, W.; STEPHENS, Frank, G.; STEPHENS, James, B.; STEPHENS, Lindsay.; STEPHENS, William, B.; STEPHENS, William, C.; STEPHENS, William, J.; STEPHENSON, Thomas, A.; STEVEN, Alexander.; STEVENS, Arthur, B.; STEVENS, Arthur, H.; STEVENS, Keith.; STEVENS, William.; STEVENSON, Alfred, L.G.; STEVENSON, Edgar, R.; STEVENSON, George, G.; STEVENSON, James, G.; STEVENSON, Peter, E.; STEVENSON, William, T.; STEWART, Albert, J.; STEWART, Arthur, A.; STEWART, Arthur.; STEWART, Charles, C.; STEWART, Charles, G.; STEWART, Eric, A.; STEWART, Frederick, M.; STEWART, George.; STEWART, James.; STEWART, John, H.J.; STEWART, John.; STEWART, Joseph.; STEWART, Robert.; STEWART, Sydney, J.; STEWART, William, 993.; STEWART, William, M.; STEWART, William. 2979A.; STEWART, William.; STILLMAN, Arthur, R.; STINSON, William, E.; STIRLING, Richard.; STIRLING, Roy, F.; STOCK, James, R.; STOCKTON, Frederick, W.; STONE, Francis, A.; STONE, Harry.; STONE, John, W.; STONE, Joseph, P.; STONE, Laurance, J.; STORE, Leo.; STORER, Leslie, J.; STOREY, Francis.; STOREY, Robert. MM; STRAND, Henry, A.; STRANG, John, T.F.; STRANGE, Roger, W.; STRAPP, Percy, C. AKA CLOUGH, Percy.; STRATFORD, George.; STRATTON, Hughie, C.; STRATTON, Leslie.; STRAUSS, Percival, L.; STREET, Alfred, C.; STREET, Charles, E.; STREETER, Frank, B.; STRICKLAND, Roland, R.; STRINGER, Edward, C.; STRINGER, Horace, E.; STRINGFELLOW, Victor, M.; STRONG, Harold, W.; STRONG, Henry, J.; STRONG, Herbert, J.; STROSCHEIN, Otto.; STROTHER, Joseph, J.; STUART, Alexander.; STUART, William, C.; STUBBINGS, William.; STUBBS, Bartholomew, J.; STUBBS-MILLS AKA STUBBS, Edward.; STUCKEY, George, T. AKA. HARRIS, George.; STUCKEY, Norman, C.; STUCKLIN, Samuel. AKA STRICKLAND, Samuel.; STURGES, Harry.; STURT, George.; STUTLEY, John, E.; SUCKLING, Joseph.; SUGGATE, William, J.; SULLIVAN, David, B.; SULLIVAN, George, R.; SULLIVAN, James.; SULLIVAN, Jonas, L.; SULLIVAN, Joseph, P.; SULLIVAN, William, A.B.; SULLIVAN, William, P.; SULLY, George, M.; SUMMERS, Martin, J.; SUMMERS, William, J.; SUMMERTON, Herbert, C.; SUMNER, James.; SUMPTER, Joseph, B.; SUNDERLAND, Nathan, S.; SURAWSKI, William, A.; SURPLUS, Robert.; SUSSEX, John.; SUTCLIFFE, Henry.; SUTCLIFFE, Raymond, J.; SUTHERLAND, Andrew.; SUTHERLAND, Francis.; SUTHERLAND, George, A.; SUTHERLAND, George, H.; SUTHERLAND, Hector, D.L.; SUTHERLAND, James, A.; SUTHERLAND, Norman.; SUTHONS, Archibald, P.; SWALLING, George.; SWAN, John.; SWAN, Richard, J.; SWAN, Thomas, R. DCM.; SWANSBRA, Everard, H.; SWANSON, George, S.; SWANSON, William, N.; SWEET, Frank, L.; SWEETMAN, Alfred.; SWENDSON, Harry. AKA DAVONPORT, Harry.; SWIFT, Harold, D.; SWINFIELD, Leslie, A.; SWITZER, Godfrey, G.; SYKES, Charles, W.; SYKES, James.; SYMINGTON, William.; SYMONDS, Arthur, W.; SYMONDS, George AKA HOLDEN, George.; SYMONDS, Richard, R.; SYMONS, Albert, G.; SYMONS, Emanuel.;

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