Men of Menin - Names T - Z

Place Europe: Belgium, Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Ypres, Menin Gate Memorial
Accession Number AWM2018.1007.1.9
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Maker Scott, Robert
Place made Australia: Queensland
Date made c 2018
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918
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Biographies of Australians listed on the panels of the Menin Gate Memorial at Ypres as researched and written by Robert Scott. Each file briefly recounts the military story of each man and where possible, details how they perished, the location of their graves and if they were buried in the field. The list of the men covered is a follows. Please note that the spelling of the name is as the author recorded. Names included in the attached PDF are:

T - TABER, Albert, C.; TAINSH, Carlisle, C.; TAIT, Eric, F.; TAIT, Samuel, P.; TALBOT, Charles.; TAPNER, William.; TAPSALL, Edward, J.; TARDENT, Edward, F.; TARLING, George, H.; TARRANT, Albert, E.; TATE, Eric, A.; TATE, Errol, B.; TATE, Norman.; TATE, Richard, E.; TATLOW, Arthur.; TATTERSALL, James, H.; TATTI, Frank.; TAYLOR, Albert, E.; TAYLOR, Amos, G.A.; TAYLOR, Austin, S.; TAYLOR, Bert, A.E.; TAYLOR, Bertie, J.; TAYLOR, Charles.; TAYLOR, Edgar, G.; TAYLOR, Edward, J.; TAYLOR, Francis, G.; TAYLOR, Frederick, H.; TAYLOR, Frederick, J.; TAYLOR, George, D.; TAYLOR, George, E.; TAYLOR, George.; TAYLOR, Harry.; TAYLOR, Henry, J.; TAYLOR, Herbert, L.; TAYLOR, Hugh.; TAYLOR, John, 3024.; TAYLOR, John, 3604.; TAYLOR, John, A.; TAYLOR, John, E.; TAYLOR, John, H.; TAYLOR, John, R.; TAYLOR, Lawrence, C.; TAYLOR, Percy, W.; TAYLOR, Sydney.; TAYLOR, William, 4904.; TAYLOR, William, 189.; TAYLOR, William, E.; TAYLOR, William, G.; TAYLOR, William, J.; TEASDALE, Charles, C.; TEASDALE, Donald, M.; TELFER, Alexander.; TELFORD, William.; TEMPLEMAN, Walter.; TEMPLETON, Thomas, H.; TERRY, Lennox, B.; TERRY, Louis, M.; THICKETT, Austin.; THISTLETHWAITE, Albert, E.; THOLLAR, William, H.; THOMAS, Albert.; THOMAS, Frederick.; THOMAS, George, A.; THOMAS, Harold, G.; THOMAS, Henry, E.; THOMAS, John, J.; THOMAS, Julian.; THOMAS, Ronald, G.A.; THOMAS, Seymour, J.; THOMAS, Simon, R.; THOMAS, Stanley, J.; THOMAS, Thomas.; THOMPSON, Alexander, V.; THOMPSON, Alexander.; THOMPSON, Campbell, H.; THOMPSON, Charles, R.A.; THOMPSON, Edward, H.R.J.; THOMPSON, Edward, L.; THOMPSON, George, E.; THOMPSON, Harold, L.; THOMPSON, Henry, T.; THOMPSON, Henry.; THOMPSON, Horace.; THOMPSON, Hubert, G.; THOMPSON, James, B.; THOMPSON, James, W.; THOMPSON, John.; THOMPSON, Joseph, P.; THOMPSON, Lawrence.; THOMPSON, Leslie, J.; THOMPSON, Newton, T.G.; THOMPSON, Robert, T.; THOMPSON, Roderick.; THOMPSON, Sydney, R.; THOMPSON, William, N.; THOMSON, Alfred, E.; THOMSON, Arthur, D.; THOMSON, James, J.; THOMSON, John, C.; THOMSON, Peter.; THOMSON, William, L.; THORPE, Edgar, J.; THORPE, Harold.; THRUM, Harry, S.; THWAITES, Walter, J.; THYGESEN, Peter, A.; TIBBALLS, Stephen, W.; TICE, George.; TICKLE, Ernest, F.; TICKNER, Mervyn, R. DCM.; TIDSWELL, Henry, D.; TIERNEY, David, J.; TIJOU, William, H.T.; TILBROOK, Ernest, R.; TILBURN, Kenneth, W.; TIMMINS, George, A.; TINDALE, Eric, C.; TINDALL, Edwin, W.; TINGLE, Harold, A.; TISDELL, Charles, J.; TITUS, Hugh, J.; TOBIN, Thomas, B.; TOEBELMANN, Arnold.; TOLLEY, Albert, E.; TOMINEY, John, L. aka TOLMIE, John, L.; TOMLINS, James.; TOMPKINS, Harold, N.; TONER, John, C.; TOOTH, Frederick, W.; TOOTH, John, L.; TOPEN, James.; TOPEN,; TORPY, William.; TORRENS, Thomas.; TOURRIER, William,A. MM.; TOWNROW, Thomas, C.; TOWNS, David.; TOWNSEND, George, O.; TOWNSEND, Lionel, G.; TOWNSON, John, J.; TOZER, James.; TRACEY, John.; TRANTER, Percy.; TRAVIS, Fred.; TRAVIS, Harry, T.; TREBILCO, Herbert, J.; TREBILCOCK, Frank, H.; TREEBY, Frederick.; TRELEAVEN, Leslie, T.; TRELOAR, Harold, T.; TRELOAR, Leslie.; TREMBATH, Richard, D.; TRENWITH, Charles, A.; TRETHEWEY, Norman, T.; TREVORAH, Arthur, A.; TREZISE, James, A.; TREZONA, William, J.; TRIGGS, Ronald, W.; TRIVETT, Willliam, H.; TROMPP, John, F.; TROTTER, John, R.; TRUDGETT, Urban, J.; TUCKER, Alfred, E.; TUCKER, Gilbert.; TUCKER, Riland, M.; TUCKETT, George, H.; TUCKFIELD, Herbert, R.; TUFFNELL, John.; TUITE, Nicholas, A.; TULK, Percy.; TUNSTILL, George, E.; TURLEY, Alfred.; TURNBULL, Ernest, J.; TURNBULL, Gordon, D.; TURNBULL, William, C.; TURNER, Alexander, R.; TURNER, Claude, M.; TURNER, Edward.; TURNER, Ernst, C.; TURNER, Fred.; TURNER, Frederick.; TURNER, George, H. MC.; TURNER, James, E.; TURNER, James.; TURNER, Leslie, A.; TURNER, Percy, T.; TURNER, Robert, W.; TURNER, Sydney.; TURNER, Walter, H.; TURNER, William, A.; TURNER, William, E.; TUSSUP, Harry.; TUTILL, Thomas, D.C.; TUTTLE, Michael, J.; TWELFTREE, William.; TWIGG, Arthur, R.; TWOMEY, James, R.; TYE, Archibald, J. MC.; TYE, Frank, E.; TYLER, George.; TYLER, Samuel, A.; TYRER, Norman, C.;

U - UBANK, Samuel, J.; UEBEL, Charles, A.; ULPH, Alfred, R.; UNDERWOOD, Leo, C.H.; UNDY, Walter, H.C.; UNGER, Reginald, L.; UNSTEAD, Rupert, C.; UNVERHAU, Harold, H.; UPCHURCH, Charles, E. MM.; UPWARD, Frederick, H.; URQUHART, George, R.; USHER, Frank, G.; UTTING, Philip, E.;

V - VALE, Frederick, W.; VALE, William, D.; VALLANCE, Reginald, G.; VALLAS, Frederick, A.; VANCE, Archibald, J.; VARCOE, Joseph.; VAUGHAN, Charles.; VEALE, David, F.; VENNELL, Clarence, R.; VERRAN, Edwin.; VERSO, Cyril.; VIAL, John, J.; VICCARS, Harry, S; VICKERS, William.; VIGAR, Oscar, V.; VILES, Francis, W.; VILLIERS- STUART, D.D. aka MANDERS, Richard, C.; VINCENT, Arthur, J.; VINCENT, Hubert, H.J.; VINCENT, Leslie, A.; VINE, Richard, V.B.; VON EINEM, Herbert, E.; VON HOFEN, Alfred, A. aka SYRETT, Alfred, A.; VOVIL, Edward, J.;

W - WADDELL, James.; WADE, Francis, R.; WADE, James, S.; WADE, William, R.; WADSWORTH, Wright.; WAILES, Albert, J.; WAINWRIGHT, Hugh.; WAITES, Oswald, L.; WAKEFIELD, James, R.; WAKELAM, Francis, F.; WALDEN, Henry, T.; WALDREN, William, J.H.; WALDRON, Walter, G.; WALES, Egryn, R.; WALKER, Albert, R.; WALKER, Arthur.; WALKER, Douglas,H.; WALKER, Frederick, B.; WALKER, George, E.; WALKER, Henry.; WALKER, John.; WALKER, Victor, K.; WALKER, Victor, L.; WALKER, William, H.; WALKER, William, J.; WALKER, William.; WALKLATE, Harold, V.; WALL, Cyril.; WALL, John, W.; WALLACE, Charles, H.; WALLACE, Leslie, B.; WALLER, Arthur.; WALLER, Phillip, J.; WALLETT, Robert, E.; WALLINGTON, Percy, E.A.; WALLIS, Charles, W. MM and Bar.; WALLIS, Leslie, W.; WALMSLEY, Arthur, G.; WALSH, Charles, T.; WALSH, D'Arcy, S.; WALSH, Edward, J.; WALSH, John, H.; WALSH, Joseph, F.; WALSH, Leonard, A.; WALSH, Phillip, A.; WALSH, Thomas.; WALTER, James.; WALTERS, Herbert, S.; WALTHER, Maurice, P.; WALTON, Garforth.; WALTON, Leslie, N.; WANLESS, George.; WANLISS, Harold, B.; WARAKER, Norman, E.W.; WARD, Arthur, J.; WARD, Ernest.; WARD, Francis, W.; WARD, Grenville.; WARD, John, R.; WARD, Leslie, W.; WARD, Sidney.; WARD, Sydney, J.; WARD, William, A.; WARD, William, R.; WARHURST, Frederick, K.; WARNER, Edward,F.; WARREN, Alfred, R.; WARREN, Arthur. MM.; WARREN, Ernest.; WARREN, Francis, O.; WARREN, George, G.; WARRENER, George, V.; WARRINGTON, Albert.; WASHINGTON, Albert.; WASHINGTON, Alfred.; WATERHOUSE, Frederick, E.; WATERS, Maynard, S.; WATERS, Oliver, C.; WATERS, William, L.; WATKINS, Joseph.; WATKINS, Leslie, A.; WATKINS, Stanley.; WATSON, Albert, S.; WATSON, Arthur, C.A.; WATSON, David.; WATSON, Edwin, H.; WATSON, Frederick, H.; WATSON, George, G.; WATSON, Harold, V.; WATSON, Herbert, T.; WATSON, Humphrey, J.F.; WATSON, John.; WATSON, Robert, C.; WATSON, Robert.; WATSON, Ronald, S.; WATT, Donald, W.; WATT, Edmund.; WATT, James.; WATT, John, A.; WATT, William, H. 3210.; WATT, William, H. 5665.; WATTERS, Edgar, J.; WATTERS, John, A.; WATTERS, Thomas, H.; WATTERSON, Stanley.; WATTS, John.; WATTS, Warren, J.; WATTUS, Charles.; WAUGH, Francis, W.; WAUGH, James, E.; WAUGH, John.; WAUGH, Joseph, H.; WAY, William, T.; WEARMOUTH, John, W.; WEAVER, Leonard.; WEBB, Albert, J.; WEBB, Elijah.; WEBB, Frederick, G.; WEBB, George, F.; WEBB, Harry.; WEBSTER, George, A.; WEDD, Charles, C.G.; WEEDON, Harry.; WEEKS, Robert, P.; WEHL, Charles, W.; WEIR, Alexander, W.; WEIR, David.; WEIR, George.; WEIR, John, H.; WEIR, Roy, R.; WEIR, Thomas.; WELCH, William, J.; WELDON, John.; WELLER, Albert, E.; WELLINGTON, Edwin.; WELLS, Arthur, B.; WELLS, Frederick.; WELLS, George.; WELLS, John.; WELLS, William, A.; WELLS, William, E.; WELSH, Stanley, S.; WELSH, William, Z.; WELSHE, James, J.; WELSHMAN, Alfred, C.; WENN, William, H.; WENT, Albert, E.; WEPPLER, Henry, R.; WESSELL, Joseph, H.; WEST, Arthur, N.; WEST, David.; WEST, George.; WEST, Harold, J.; WEST, John, J.; WEST, Ross, R.; WEST, William, R.; WEST, Wilmot, E.; WESTBROOK, Alfred, E.E.; WESTBURY, Albert, C.; WESTERBERG, Ernest, A.; WESTERGAARD, Ernest, H.; WESTLEY, Albert.; WESTON, Aleck.; WESTON, Frank.; WESTON, William, H.; WESTWOOD, Eric, J.; WETTENHALL, Lancaster, C.; WHEATE, William MM.; WHEATLEY, Cyril.; WHEELER, Francis, H.C.; WHELAN, James, M.; WHELAN, Patrick, C.; WHETTAM, Henry, E.; WHIPP, William, A.S.; WHITE, Arthur.; WHITE, Charles, O.; WHITE, Clive, C.; WHITE, Edwin, J.; WHITE, George, S.; WHITE, Henry, M.; WHITE, James, A.P.; WHITE, James, F.; WHITE, James, L.; WHITE, James.; WHITE, John, H.; WHITE, John, J.; WHITE, Oliver.; WHITE, Richard.; WHITE, Robert, S.; WHITE, Thomas, G.; WHITE, Wilfred, A.; WHITEHAND, Robert, G.; WHITEHEAD, Clarence, C.; WHITEHEAD, Eric, V.J.; WHITEHEAD, George, E.; WHITEHEAD, John, W.; WHITEHEAD, Robert, J.; WHITEHILL, William.; WHITEHURST, Russell, A.; WHITELAW, Jack, A.; WHITELAW, Norman, C.; WHITEMAN, Howard, J.; WHITESIDE, Joseph.; WHITFIELD, Henry, H. MM.; WHITFIELD, Thomas.; WHITFORD, Roy, V.; WHITING, Oliver, R.; WHITLEY, William.; WHITLOCK, Arthur, S.; WHITTAKER, John.; WHITTENHAM, Herbert, W.; WHITWORTH, James.; WHORLOW, George, K.; WHYMAN, Leslie, P.; WHYTE, George.; WICKER, Arthur.; WICKERS, Walter, T. MM.; WICKHAM, Walter, H.; WICKMAN, Harold, W.; WIGG, Charles, E.; WIGHT, Norman, R.; WIGHTMAN, Charles.; WIKSTROM, Oscar.; WILCOCK, Arthur.; WILCOCK, Edward, W.; WILCOX, James, G.; WILCOX, Wilfred.; WILDE, George, J.; WILDER, Herbert.; WILDMAN, William, H.; WILDON, Arthur.; WILDS, Sidney, J.; WILES, Nathaniel, J.; WILEY, Charles, C.; WILKERSON, Sidney, F.; WILKIE, David.; WILKIE, George, R.; WILKIE, Horace.; WILKIE, William, F.; WILKINS, Edward, B. aka BRADY, Edward. MM.; WILKINS, Henry, T.; WILKINSON, Arthur, E.; WILKINSON, Charles, L.; WILKINSON, Edward.; WILKINSON, Leslie, G.; WILKINSON, Lewis, F.; WILKINSON, Norman, R.; WILKINSON, Robert, R.; WILKINSON, Vincent, B. MM.; WILKINSON, Walter, H.; WILLCOCK, Herbert.; WILLIAMS, Albert, E.; WILLIAMS, Albert, G.W.; WILLIAMS, Arthur, A.; WILLIAMS, Bertie, G.; WILLIAMS, Charles, C.; WILLIAMS, Charles, E.; WILLIAMS, Charles, G.; WILLIAMS, Charles, W.; WILLIAMS, Clifford, D.; WILLIAMS, David.; WILLIAMS, Edward, J.; WILLIAMS, Edward, W.; WILLIAMS, Edward.; WILLIAMS, Ernest, A.; WILLIAMS, Ernest, J.; WILLIAMS, Ernest, W.; WILLIAMS, Frederick, P.; WILLIAMS, George, H.; WILLIAMS, Henry James aka WILLIS, James; WILLIAMS, Henry John.; WILLIAMS, Jack.; WILLIAMS, John, J.; WILLIAMS, John, O.; WILLIAMS, John, W.; WILLIAMS, Joseph, H.; WILLIAMS, Leslie, J.; WILLIAMS, Leslie, N.; WILLIAMS, Lloyd, E.C.; WILLIAMS, Phillip, E.; WILLIAMS, Reginald, W.; WILLIAMS, Robert, S.; WILLIAMS, Roy, H.; WILLIAMS, Sylvanus, H.; WILLIAMS, Thomas, W.; WILLIAMS, Thomas.; WILLIAMS, Walter, H. 4899.; WILLIAMS, Walter, H. 2009 MM.; WILLIAMS, Wilfred, A.; WILLIAMS, William 5467.; WILLIAMS, William, 2036.; WILLIAMS, William, C. 4639.; WILLIAMS, William, C. 9439; WILLIAMS, William, E. 135.; WILLIAMS, William, E. 3533.; WILLIAMS, William, J.; WILLIAMS, William. 4931.; WILLIAMSON, Alexander.; WILLIAMSON, James, M.; WILLIAMSON, James.; WILLIAMSON, John 4894.; WILLIAMSON, John, C.; WILLIAMSON, John. 2749.; WILLIAMSON, Stanley, G.; WILLIAMSON, Stanley, S.; WILLIS, Percy.; WILLIS, Thomas, N.; WILLLIAMS, Bertie, G.; WILLOUGHBY, Alfred. S.B.; WILLOUGHBY, John.; WILLOX, Leslie, L.; WILSDON, Arthur, M.; WILSDON, Kenneth, C.W.; WILSDON, Walter, H. DCM.; WILSON, Alan, B.; WILSON, Alexander, G.; WILSON, Arthur, S.; WILSON, Benjamin, G.; WILSON, Charles, A.; WILSON, Clyde.; WILSON, Edward.; WILSON, Edwin, C.; WILSON, Francis.; WILSON, Frank, J.; WILSON, Frederick, G.; WILSON, Frederick, H.; WILSON, George, T.; WILSON, Henry, M; WILSON, Horace, C.; WILSON, James, 1327.; WILSON, James, 2491.; WILSON, James, B.; WILSON, James, T.; WILSON, John, H.; WILSON, John.; WILSON, Maurice.; WILSON, Oliver, W.; WILSON, Ray, J. aka KINSMAN, Ray, J.; WILSON, Robert, D.; WILSON, Robert.; WILSON, Ronald, K. MM.; WILSON, Roy, A.; WILSON, Samuel, C.; WILSON, Sidney.; WILSON, Spers, B.; WILSON, Stephen, L.; WILSON, Thomas, O.P.; WILSON, Thomas, W.; WILSON, Thomas.; WILSON, William, V.; WINBURN, Horace, S.; WINDEYER, Charles, R.; WINDRED, Arthur, S.; WING, Allan, J.J.; WINKWORTH, Edward, W.; WINTER, Robert.; WINTERHALTER, Gustave, A.; WINTHROP, Walter, T.; WISEMAN, Clarence.; WISEMAN, Raymond, C.; WISHAW, Charles.; WITHERIDGE, Alfred, R.; WITHERIDGE, William, H.; WITHERS, Ernest, D.; WITHINSHAW, George, E.; WITTE, Henry, L.; WOLFE, Thomas, E.; WOMSLEY, William, O.; WOOD, Berty, E.; WOOD, Clarence.; WOOD, Ernest, J.; WOOD, Francis, G.; WOOD, Harold, H aka HEWSON, Charles.; WOOD, John, E. 2508.; WOOD, John, E. 5239.; WOOD, John, J.; WOOD, Lionel, W.; WOOD, Norman, J.; WOOD, Reginald, A.; WOOD, Reginald, E.; WOOD, Robert, G.; WOOD, Roderick, O.; WOOD, Wilfred, E.; WOOD, William, F.; WOODBERRY, Thomas, F.; WOODBURY, Stephen, B.; WOODERSON, Henry, S.; WOODFINE, Mark.; WOODGATE, Decimus, E.G.W.; WOODGATE, George.; WOODGATE, John.; WOODHILL, Ronald, C.; WOODLAND, Reginald, K.; WOODS, Charles.; WOODS, Horace, W.; WOODS, John.; WOODS, Louis.; WOODS, Thomas, D.C.; WOODS, William, P.; WOODWARD, Edward, S.; WOODWARD, Frederick, A.; WOODWARD, Harold.; WOODWARD, Wilfred, R.; WOOLAN, Leonard, W.; WOOLDRIDGE, Henry, V.; WOOLHOUSE, Albert.; WOOLLARD, John.; WOOTTON, George, C.H.; WOOTTON, Sylvanus, K.; WOOTTON, Thomas.; WORLAND, Robert, C.C.; WORLD, Frank.; WORLEY, George, W.; WORLEY, Robert, J.; WORONSOFF, John aka BROWN, John.; WORTHINGTON, Alfred, G.; WORTHINGTON, Charles, B. MM.; WORTHINGTON, Percy.; WORTHINGTON, Reginald, C. MM.; WORTLEY, Frank, A.; WRATHALL, Henry, S.; WRENCH, Edward, J.R.; WRENCH, William, G.; WRIGHT, Arthur.; WRIGHT, Claude, A.; WRIGHT, Ernest, F.; WRIGHT, Frank.; WRIGHT, Frederick.; WRIGHT, Harry, E.; WRIGHT, Horace, E.J.; WRIGHT, James.; WRIGHT, John, L.; WRIGHT, Joseph, R.; WRIGHT, Leonard, G.; WRIGHT, Nathan.; WRIGHT, Thodore, W.; WRIGHT, Thomas.; WRIGHT, Victor, A.; WRIGHT, William, A. MM.; WRIGHT, William.; WRIGHTSON, Arthur, H.; WRIGLEY, Edwin, R.; WYE, Sydney, W.; WYLIE, Robert, J.A.L.; WYND, John.; WYNDHAM, Aubrey.;

X - Y - YARROW, Harold, S.J.; YATES, Edward, T.; YATES, Leonard.; YATES, Stanley, E.; YATES, William, J.; YEATES, Norman, K.H.; YENDLE, Albert, C.W.; YEOMAN, Albert.; YEOMAN, Edward, St. C.; YIN-GOON (YINGOON), Henry, E.; YORE, Peter.; YOUNG, Alexander, A.; YOUNG, Edward.; YOUNG, Frederick, W.; YOUNG, George.; YOUNG, Gilbert, S.; YOUNG, Harold, W.; YOUNG, Hugh.; YOUNG, James, P.; YOUNG, John, B.; YOUNG, John.; YOUNG, Joseph, A.; YOUNG, Sam.; YOUNG, Wilfred, J.; YOUNG, William, S.; YOUNGER, Charles, H.; YULE, John, H.; YUNG, George, A.;

Z - ZIMMER, James.; ZINGELMANN, Frederick.;

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