Martini-Enfield Mk I Cavalry Carbine : Queensland Military Forces

Place Oceania: Australia, Queensland
Accession Number REL23053
Collection type Technology
Object type Firearm
Place made United Kingdom: England, United Kingdom: England, West Midlands, Birmingham
Date made 1896
Conflict Australian Colonial Forces, 1854-1900
Army organisation period 1903-1912

Martini-Enfield Mk I Cavalry Carbine. Single shot lever action marked (right side) Crown VR over BSA&MCo II with Q arrow G over 155 and 2463, (left side) Crown VR over ENFIELD 1896 ME .303 CCI. Butt stamped Q arrow G over 155 and 1999 with I over D arrow D over 155. It has a leather cover over the rear sight and a cleaning rod.

History / Summary

This is a Martini Henry Mk II rifle converted to a Martini Enfield Mk I carbine and was used by the Queensland Military Forces.