Martini-Enfield Mk II Artillery Carbine : Queensland Naval Cadets

Place Oceania: Australia, Queensland
Accession Number REL23054
Collection type Technology
Object type Firearm
Place made United Kingdom: England
Date made 1898
Conflict Period 1900-1909

Martini-Enfield Mk II Artillery Carbine. Single shot lever action marked right side Crown over VR ENFIELD 1881 ICI and left side Crown VR over ENFIELD 1898 ME .303 over A.C.II. Brass butt disc stamped BQNC 74 and butt double arrow sale mark (right) and DP (left). Barrel stamped 9008C. The barrel has been plugged and would have been used for drill purpose only. It is complete with all parts including the cleaning rod.

History / Summary

This Mk I Martini Henry Artillery Carbine has been converted to a Mk II Martini Enfield Artillery Carbine in 1898. It was issued in Queensland as a training rifle for the naval cadets.