Outdoor group portrait of officers of Headquarters, Australian Force Vietnam (HQ AFV), located in ...

Accession Number JON/71/0103/VN
Collection type Photograph
Object type Negative
Maker Jones, Michael John
Place made Vietnam: South Vietnam, Saigon
Date made early February 1971
Conflict Vietnam, 1962-1975
Copyright Item copyright: © Australian War Memorial
Creative Commons License This item is licensed under CC BY-NC

Outdoor group portrait of officers of Headquarters, Australian Force Vietnam (HQ AFV), located in the Free World Military Assistance Organisation (FWMAO) Building. The flags behind the group are those of the Free World Military Assistance Organisation countries excluding the US. From left to right, the flags are: Republic of China (Taiwan), Kingdom of Thailand, Republic of Korea, Republic of Vietnam (South Vietnam), Republic of the Philippines, Dominion of New Zealand, Commonwealth of Australia.
Identified, front row, left to right: Lieutenant Colonel (Lt Col) L Logan (ADPR); Lt Col K L MacPherson (AA & QMG); Lt Col J Mapson (SO1 Sigs); Colonel J R Salmon (Chief of Staff); Air Commodore C H Spurgeon (DCOMAFV/COMRAAFV); Lt Col J C Gentles (ADLS); Lt Col D T Rennie (ADEME); Major C Morrissey (Paymaster).
Second row: Major (Maj) N A Paisley (GSO2 Ops); Major General C A E Fraser (COMAFV); Maj B A Gosman (Officer Commanding HQ Company).
Third row: Lt Col R G Mills (CE); Lt Col C Banfield (Financial Advisor); Maj F R Jackson (SO Canteens); Lt Col M L Sheehan (ADOS); Wing Commander A Rundle (Engineer Officer RAAFV).
Fourth row: Maj M C Mules (QMI); Maj W D Mostyn (DAAG); Maj A J Corboy (DADST); Squadron Leader G Purves (Administrative Officer RAAFV).
Fifth row: Captain (Capt) N S Pierce (SC A (PS)); unidentified (SOMS?); Capt A F Beecham (EME); Maj J F Williams (DAAG).
Sixth row: unidentified; Capt W J Hatcher (Catering Advisor); Second Lieutenant G F Healy (AFV Amenities Unit); unidentified; Sqn Ldr N B Williams (AirSO RAAFV).
Seventh row: Capt P Spence (Ordnance); Maj M D Russell (SO2 FORS); Maj N Hill (Finance Inspector); 2nd Lt I D Peachey (Det 1 Comm Z Postal Unit); unidentified; Capt D W Roberts (SC Q); Maj W P Smith (SO2 Civil Affairs); Capt A G Lawson (SC A); Sqn Ldr A H Williams (Financial Advisor RAAFV); unidentified; unidentified; Maj R A Vickery (DAQMG (Mov)).
Eighth row: unidentified (SO3 FORS); Capt G V P Noonan (EME); unidentified; unidentified, partly obscured; Capt K J Grayson (GSO3); Maj D Elliott (SO2 Intelligence); unidentified; Capt G S Ross (ATO), accidentally killed 9 February 1971.