Piece of Perspex Canopy from Kamikaze Aircraft (Japan)

Accession Number REL26215
Collection type Technology
Object type Aircraft component
Place made Japan
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Piece of 7 mm thick Perspex Canopy from a Japanese Kamikaze Aircraft (Type Unknown).

History / Summary

This piece of perspex was found inside the middle funnel of HMAS Australia in 1945 whilst the ship was docked for repairs at Garden Island. She had been badly damaged in January 1945 at Lingayen Gulf by Kamakazi aircraft. This piece of aircraft is attributed to the 5th suicide crash which occurred on the 9th January 1945. " At 1.11 pm. two aircraft were sighted coming in from the east. One dived past Australia and hit U.S.S Mississippi near the bridge. The other came in ahead of Australia after a curving dive, and tried to hit the cruiser's bridge and fore controls. He missed his aim, however, and diving under the foreyard his wing tip caught on a mast strut which swung him into the foremost funnel and over the side " (Official History of Royal Australian Navy 1942-1945). Whilst working on the middle funnel of the HMAS Australia the donor found parts of the wreckage of a Japanese aircraft. He collected the two piece of perspex from the windshield plus two spent shell cases.