Williamstown, Vic. 1900. Group portrait of the Victorian Naval Contingent that went to China for ...

Accession Number 306836
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Print silver gelatin
Maker Unknown
Place made Australia: Victoria, Melbourne, Williamstown
Date made c 1900
Conflict China, 1900-1901 (Boxer Uprising)

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

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Williamstown, Vic. 1900. Group portrait of the Victorian Naval Contingent that went to China for the Boxer Rebellion. They were paraded at the barracks at Williamstown for a `photo-call' before they embarked on board the troopship Salamis. The Contingent then sailed to Sydney to pick up the New South Wales contingent. The ropes laid out in the foreground are drag ropes for the field guns that they took to Hong Kong. Known to be in this group are: Officers: Commander F. Tickell, Captain from 28 December 1900; Lieutenant J. Biddlecombe; Gunner (Gnr) O. L. A. Burford; Gnr H. S. Claringbould; Gnr D. J. Inglis; Gnr R. Kearns; Gnr J. White; Staff Engineer W. G. Robertson; Paymaster A. M. Treacy; Staff Surgeon C. A. Stewart; Chief Gunner E. G. Hayes; Gnr J. H. Marwood; Gnr J. A. Bates; Gnr W. Hearn. Permanent Naval Forces: Steward (Stwd) J. T. Adams; Able Seaman (AB) A. B. McInnes; AB G. J. Aldridge; AB W. McIntosh; AB D. Barry; Petty Officer Class 1 (PO1) M. Mckenzie; AB W. T. Bassett; PO1 D. McCleod; Cook J. D. Beverley; Stoker J. McNaughton; Leading Seaman (LSMN) A. H. Bury; PO1 W. G. Monteith; AB A. Compton; PO1 T. E. Mooney; AB B. Connell; AB F. R. Morris; AB H. W. Cooper; AB G. Morris; AB J. Cummings; AB N. Morrison; AB A. Currer; Stoker G. Murdock; Stoker W. M. Davis; PO1 E. S. Mutton; AB J. Dorgan; AB A. Nugent; AB J. W. Dunn; Carpenter (Cptr) E. O'Brien; LSMN H. Farrington; Stoker W. Parry; PO1 M. Fitzpatrick; Sick Berth Steward (SBS) W. S. Patchett; AB T. Francombe; LSMN H. Petterson; Stoker W. M. Freeman; AB G. Pilgram; Boy A. A. Gibbs; Chief (Petty Officer) Armourer (Ch.Arm.) G. Prideaux; PO1 T. W. Goding; LSMN J. Roberts; AB D. Grant; AB A. Robertson; AB E. E. Griffiths; LSMN W. Robertson; AB F. W. V. Harris; AB T. Roche; AB M. Harty; Cptr Mate W. M. Rogers; Boy C. E. Holmes; Leading Stoker (LStoker) L. Salmon; Signalman (Sigmn) W. H. J. Irons; Stoker P. Sheddon; AB F. Jackson; LSMN P. Shenn; LStoker J. C. Jamieson; Stoker A. Sinclair; LSMN O. Jones; AB G. Stewart; AB W. A. Kennedy; AB H. Stonely; Cook W. Kirby; Stoker W. L. Sweetman; LSMN J. A. Lake; LSMN J. Thompson; Engine Room Artificer (ERA) A. J. Livingstone; AB J. Tyrell; AB J. Lyle; ERA A. H. Vary; Stoker E. Lush; AB H. Waterman; Stoker J. Mangan; Cptr Mate J. Walker; AB J. M. McCarthy; Stwd J. White; Chief Petty Officer (CPO) D. McDiarmid; AB E. L. J. Young. Port Melbourne Division, Naval Brigade: AB J. F. Albon; AB A. Anderson (1); AB A. Anderson (2); Stoker J. Alexander; AB G. Alford; AB J. Bartlett; AB W. G. Allen; AB W. F. Bertotto; AB J. W. Brown; AB H. B. Lock; AB T. Carter; AB T. Lowry; AB J. Charles; AB D. McDonald; AB J. Coffey; AB A. McKay; AB W. Cole; AB D. McPherson; AB E. Cooper; AB J. Miller; AB W. Crofts; PO2 A. Montague; AB C. H. Cunningham; AB J. Morgan; AB A. T. Eastwood; AB J. Muir; AB G. H. Elkins; AB C. Nelson; AB F. Ford; AB R. Nicholls; Stoker J. C. Ford; Stoker C. Ogilvie; AB J. Foster; AB D. C. Pagan; AB C. F. Fredericks; AB W. Patterson; AB J. Gabriel; Stoker E. Pilling; AB C. W. Gordon; AB J. Quinlan; Stoker R. B. Hamilton; AB G. Raeymackers; PO2 R. J. B. Hampton; PO1 R. Reid; AB R. E. Hansen; AB E. Roach; AB G. J. Harding; AB J. Scarsfield; AB C. W. Harvey; AB A. Sharp; Bugler H. Hayes; AB W. Slade; AB L. M. Headford; AB J. Smith; AB J. Henwood; AB T. A. Smith; AB J. M. Hogg; AB T. J. Smith; AB J. E. Hughes; AB W. H. Stevens; Stoker W. James; AB J. Summerfield; AB H. Kean; AB T. Tonkin; AB C. H. Kelson; AB G. Walters; AB P. Kennedy; AB T. Watson; Stoker R. G. Kenny; AB A. Whiting; AB G. A. Laws; LSMN F. J. Young. Williamstown Division, Naval Brigade: AB G. Alexander; AB J. Hardy; AB A. Anderson; AB F. Harris; AB J. Anderson; AB C. Heffey; AB J. F. Andrew; AB H. Henningsen; AB W. Bates; AB C. M. Honey; AB F. W. Beaumont; AB E. Hunter; AB W. Bryan; AB J. E. Jamieson; AB B. F. Churchill; AB T. R. Jones; AB G. D'Elton; AB F. King; AB E. Elso; AB W. Laing; PO2 J. Evans; AB J. A. McAllister; AB H. W. Fletcher; AB J. McConnell; AB G. A. Hale; AB A. McDonald; PO2 R. B. Hansen; AB P. McGovern; AB P. McKenzie; AB W. F. Quaintin; AB H. Mumford; AB S. J. Sheaf; AB W. C. F. Nagell; AB A. G. Stephenson; AB J. Nelson; AB J. Sylvester; AB C. E. Page; PO1 W. Underwood; AB S. C. Peterson; AB F. H. Wade; AB S. Pike; AB J. Wheelhouse; AB M. Pope; AB J. Wilson; AB W. H. Pope. Note: Boy A. A. Gibbs, Captain Tickell's servant, died on board hospital ship Carthage on the way to hospital at Wei-hai-wei. He was buried at sea 19 October 1900.