See P02658.004K for position of those named in this caption. An informal group of No. 4 Squadron ...

Accession Number P02658.004
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white, Landscape
Physical description Black & white, Landscape
Place made Germany: Cologne, Germany: Cologne, Bickendorf
Date made 25 December 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

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See P02658.004K for position of those named in this caption.
An informal group of No. 4 Squadron (4Sqn), Australian Flying Corps (AFC) taken after Christmas dinner at Bickendorf Aerodrome. In the centre, sitting on the knee of an airman, is a French orphan, Henri Heremene renamed Digger, who became the mascot of 4 Sqn. The boy was later adopted and brought up in Australia by 2198 Private (Pte) Timothy William Tovell, who was serving as a mechanic in the AFC. Henri Hermene (Digger) was smuggled home to Australia on a troopship. After leaving school, Honorary Lance Corporal Henri (Digger) Tovell worked for the RAAF as a civilian but was killed in a motorcycle accident in Melbourne on 24 May 1928. Known to be in the group is Major Alfred William Ellis MC, AFC, in the centre of the front row. Identified: Second Class Air Mechanic (2AM) C L Hall (1); Regimental Sergeant Major (RSM) G Walker (2); 2AM H Duncan (3); 2AM D Martin (4); 2AM Gamble (5); First Class Air Mechanic (1AM) G W Stocks (6); T.W.D. E Fop (7); 2AM B Thacker (8); Corporal (Cpl) G Clark (9); 2AM F H Windham (10); Cpl W E Heale (11); 2AM B B Goodman (12); 2AM M C Middleton (13); 2AM M W Parker (14); 2AM E S Johnson (15); Cpl A M Wright (16); 1AM A E Hoye (17); 2AM J B McIvor (18); 2AM W H Davey (19); 1AM J M Lindsay (20); 2AM W L Davies (21); 2AM C G C Kerr (22); 2AM A S McSlasham (23); 2AM S E David (24); Cpl S H Short (25); 1AM T Taylor (26); 1AM N S MacGlashan (27); 1AM A J Windley (28); 2AM F E Robinson (29); 2AM A Cleaves (30); Major A W L Ellis MC (31); 1AM J C David (32); Captain (Capt) W J Cooper (33); Lieutenant (Lt) N C Johnson (34); Lt V R Bishop (35); 2AM E H Clarke (36); 2AM P A Kelly (37); 1AM A E McKenzie (38); 2AM L H Walker (39); 2AM W J Forsythe (40); 2AM H L Green (41); 2AM A R Morton (42); 2AM A V Brown (43); 2AM A H Lane (44); 2AM E Sly (45); 1AM V C Bunting (46); Pte Irvine (47); 2AM G W C Nicholson (48); Pte Brady (49); Cpl A J Werritt MSM (50); Cpl H D Thomas (51); 1AM W H Horton (52); Cpl J Worrall (53); 1AM G S Gibb (54); 1AM W W Jenkins (55); Lt N B Corkhill (56); 1AM J S Fraser (57); 1AM S A Vestegaard (58); 1AM H R Clarke (59); 1AM G E Wilson (60); 1AM D L Stevenson (61); 1AM E Neasham (62); 1AM E E Simpson (63); 1AM W C Shilcock (64); Pte G Cross (65); 1AM W Harrison (66); 1AM T Lee (67); 1AM K C Bainbridge (68); 1AM R G Harris (69); 2AM W McGregor (70); 2AM G A Ware (71); 2AM G Shaw (72); 2AM L J Connelly (73); 2AM H B Hartman (74); Acting Corporal Honore (Mascot) (75); 1AM A E Davies (76); 1AM J P Morgan (77); 2AM R Head (78); Cpl H O'Hanlon (79); 2AM J Mathieson (80); 2AM A Parnham (81); 2AM C H Goldsworthy (82); 1AM J H Pittard (83); Cpl L G Sutherland (84); 2AM W A Willett (85); Lt S Howard (86); Cpl H Rowe (87); Cpl A J Holland (88); 1AM M Good (89); 2AM S A Tucker (90); 2AM A B Mee (91); Cpl E H Hore (92); Cpl W H Heyhoe (93); Pte G Vickerton (94); 2AM H Stert (95); 2AM R J Burns (96); 1AM R T Moore (97); 1AM F L White (98); 2AM J E Leavey (99); 2AM N F Jeffery (100); 2AM R Crosbie (101); 1AM W Gray (102); 2AM R H Orme (103); 1AM R E Walker (104); 2AM F E Martin (105); 2AM C A Smith (106); 2AM A L MacDougal (107); 2AM H G Philippi (108); 1AM H P Wood (109); 2AM E A Fathers (110); 2AM A S Roberts (111); 2AM W Stocks (112); 2AM E W Tovell (113); 2AM F I McCarter (114); Cpl W R Allen (115); 2AM R Hedley (116); 2AM J S Milne (117). Note Henri signed his name as Honore, he states that is his real name.

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