Department of Veterans' Affairs [Victorian State Office] Story Writing and Art Competition

Place Africa: Rwanda
Accession Number PR00970
Collection type Private Record
Record type Collection
Measurement 24 cm
Object type Documents
Date made 1997; 1998; 1999; 2006; 2007; 2008; 2016
Access Open
Conflict Korea, 1950-1953
Second World War, 1939-1945
Period 1990-1999
Vietnam, 1962-1975
First World War, 1914-1918

Typescripts of stories submitted for the 36th Story Writing and Art Competition (1997), organised by the Victorian State Office of the Department of Veterans' Affairs(DVA) and the veteran community. The competition is open to all veterans, their spouses and widows/widowers in Victoria and seeks original entries relating inter alia to their war service or wartime experiences in all conflicts. The Competition was introduced in 1962 as a rehabilitation tool for veteran inpatients at the Repatriation General Hospital, Heidelberg, Victoria. There are four main categories in the Competition: story writing, art, craft and photography. The winning entries are published in the annual DVA publication, 'Art, Craft, Stories and Poems from the Veteran Community'. Other stories from the competition are at PR01030. Individual stories, listed by author, title and brief description, are as follows: Anderson, Frederick, "Sojourns at Somers By The Sea" [WW2 RAAF, post-WW2]; Baker, Ken, "Operation Abiline" [Vietnam - Army]; Beeton, Peg, "Khaki and Lace" [WW2 Army - Women]; Beeton, Peg, "More Tales from an AWAS Driver" [WW2 Army - Australian Women's Army Service - AWAS]; Blackburn, James, "Mapping Milne Bay" [WW2 - New Guinea]; Breen, Kenneth, "From Ballarat to Port Moresby" [WW2 RAAF memoirs]; Casey, Ronald, "A Personal Chronicle of War Experiences" [WW2 RAF - Europe]; Champ, Jack, "Betrayed" [WW2 Army - Mediterranean - Greece]; Chuck, Raymond, Life on a LCF (Landing Craft Flak)" [WW2 Navy - England]; Clarke, Sidney, "Lucky Nobby" [WW2 Army - Europe]; Clayton, Nigel, "Rwanda" [1990s peacekeeping - Rwanda]; Clayton, Nigel, "AATPT PNG" [1990s Army Training Project - Papua New Guinea]; Cole, Donald, "Stormy Weather" [WW2 RAN - SW Pacific Area]; Collins, Raymond, "Night Attack" [Jungle operations]; Cusick, Arthur, "The Battle of Crete" [WW2 RAN - Mediterranean - Crete]; Danby, Peter, "A Peaceful End to War" [Army - end WW2]; Daphne, Wilfred, "Entries from the Diary" [WW2 Army - North Africa]; Darby, Alvin, "On Guard" [WW2 Army - PNG]; Darby, Marjorie, "Wartime Dilemma" [WW2 Home Front - Australia]; Davis, Jocelyn, "Life In Melbourne (chapter extract)" [WW2 Australian Women's Forces - Air Force - WAAF]; Davis, Jocelyn, "Life as a WAAAF" [WW2 WAAAF - Women's Auxiliary Australian Air Force - Australia]; Dolling, Betty, "Good and Faithful Servant" [WW2 Nursing - medical services, missionaries]; Edmunds, Julie, "My Gallipoli Veteran" [WW1 Gallipoli memoirs]; Emery, Edmund, "From Brothel To Captivity" [WW2 Army Intelligence units - Europe]; Forest, John, "Dunkirk At Last" [WW2 Army - Europe]; Forest, John, "Summer In Hyde Park" [WW2 Army - Europe]; Fraser, Joan, "When I was Machine Gunned" [WW2 Home Front - England]; Fricker, Charles, "Sam" [WW2 Army memoirs]; Fricker, Charles, "All On Five Bob A Day" [WW2 Troop movement - Middle East, North Africa]; Friedmann, Jack, "Honours for an Enemy" [WW2 - North Africa]; Gardner, Margaret, "Portrait Of A Soldier" [WW2 - Army]; Glanville, Reginald, "Salonika Revisited" [WW2 - Mediterranean - Greece]; Glanville, Reginald, "Freedomn Flight" [WW2 - Mediterranean]; Glanville, Reginald, "Other Side Of The Fence" [WW2 Army - North Africa]; Green, Geoffrey, "The Young Man Who Smiled" [Vietnam - Army]; Green, Geoffrey, "First Day At War" [Vietnam - Army]; Green, Geoffrey, "...And No One Said A Word" [Vietnam - Army]; Green, Geoffrey, "First Actions" [Vietnam - Army]; Grimsey, Kathleen, "Terry" [WW2 Home Front - England]; Harris, Molly, "Lost Fath Regained"; Harrison, Ivy, "Beyond The Sunset"; Harrison, Sheila, "The Shrine of Remembrance"; Haskell, Arthur, "They Also Serve" [WW2 Home Front - Wales]; Howell, William, "5 Group Bomber Command 550 Squadron - Hitting Back" [WW2 Bomber Comnmand - Western Europe]; Hughes, John, "An "Odd Bod" Finds The Way" [WW2 RAF - Europe]; Hughes, John, "An OddBod Finds The Way To End An Interlude" [WW2 RAF - Europe]; Hussey, Austin, "Operation Overload" [WW2 Royal Navy Air Arm]; Ingley, Douglas, "Odette" [WW2 Special Operations - Europe]; Iskov, Robert, "Anzac Day - A Commemorative Story" [related to WW2 Army - New Guinea]; Iskov, Robert, "Kokoda Trek Back" [WW2 Army - Kokoda Track]; Jones, Edward, "My Baptism Of Fire" [WW2 Britain/Army in Europe]; Kelly, George, "Dear John" [WW2 American Army in Australia]; Kennedy, Colin, "Short Story" [WW2 Army - New Guinea]; Klemm, Barry, "Perfect Timing" [Vietnam - Army]; Leahy, Norman, "Savannah 5" [WW2 RAAF - New Guinea]; Lee, Betty, "AWAS Story" [WW2 Women's Army Service - Australia]; Lindeman, Elizabeth, "The Garbage Run" [WW2 WAAAF memoirs - Australia]; Lyon, Gordon, "Croc Entree" [WW2 Army - camp life]; Macaulay, Stephen, "Journey To Destiny" [WW2 Army - troop movement]; Marshall, Edward, "My Nostalgic War Memories" [WW2 Army - South West Pacific Area]; McCallum, Colin, "The Dying Sentinels" [WW2 Army - SW Pacific Area]; McCulloch, Bruce, "Further Travels of the Itinerant in NZ & Korea" [Korean War - Army]; McGuire, Terence, "Behind Enemy Lines" [WW2 - Bomber Command]; Mercovich, Francis, "Atebrin - Its History and Role During the 1939-45 War" [WW2 - malaria control in SW Pacific Area]; Miles, Roy, "Untitled" [WW2 Home Front, ships - vessels - Australia & NZ]; Miller, John, "I Was There" [end WW2 - New Guinea]; Moore, Dorothy, "A Summers Day" [WW2 Home Front - England]; Opas, Philip, "Mickey" [WW2 - South West Pacific Area]; Place, Edward, "A True Story" [Vietnam - Army]; Pontin, Stephen, "A Little Bit of Hell (es)" [WW2 Army - Greece]; Puffett, Dennis, "The Bridge" [WW2 Special Operations -Italy]; Rayner, Leo, "My Samurai Sword" [WW2, post-WW2]; Robey, Kenneth, "A Rare Encounter" [WW2 Special Operations]; Shalless, "From one extreme to another" [WW2 troop movement & hospitality]; Sheedy, Brian, "A trip to Sea" [Mediterranean, Atlantic]; Shinkfield, Desmond, "Shell Shock" [WW2 Navy - naval guns, artillery]; Simmons, Leonard, "A Bomber Command Blue" [WW2 Bomber Command - Europe]; Smith, Audrey, "WAAAF Memories" [WW2 WAAAF]; Smith, Jean, "Wartime For An AWAS In The Tropics" [WW2 women in Army/Women's Army Service]; Stacey, Harold, "Airborne Operation - 1940s Style" [WW2 Air Force - New Guinea]; Stevens, Robert, "Diver Blown Up, Sir!" [WW2 - West Africa - diving]; Stock, Paul, "The Vatican Guineas" [Vietnam - Army - recreation]; Strange, Frank, "The History of the Australian 88 High Speed Wireless Section"; Stubbs, Bruce, "The Sands Of The Sahara" [WW2 Army - North Africa]; Sutcliffe, Edward, "Flight To Darwin - 1942" [WW2 Army - Australia]; Taylor, Max, "Reflections of Loyalty" [WW2 Air Crew training, service]; Turner, Dorothy, "Untitled 1" [WW2 Army Nurses - North Africa]; Turner, Dorothy, "Untitled 2" [WW2 Army Nurses - North Africa]; Vawdon, Margaret, "Nor The Years Condemn..."; "Achievements Dilemma" [WW2 RAAF]; Walsh, Angus, "Remember When" [WW2 Home Front, Navy]; Ward, Frederick, "Themia" [WW2 Greece, Crete]; Waters, Geoff, "The Eighteen Samurai" [WW2 Intelligence Corps]; Watson, John, "The Anatomy of A Bombing Operation By 460 Squadron" [WW2 Bomber Command]; Webb, Frederick, "Christmas Eve, 1942" [WW2 South West Pacific Area]; White, Reginald, "On The Hot Seat" [WW2 Army - camp life - England]; White, Reginald, "Spoil and Toils of War" [WW2 Allied Operations - Germany]; Wijesinha, Sam, "Doctor Uncle" [WW2 medical services - Sri Lanka/Ceylon]; Wilkinson, Jack, "The Danube Affair" [WW2 Espionage - Europe]; Wilkinson, Keith, "The Shy One" [WW2 RAAF]; Woods, Irene, "Memories" [WW2 Home Front - England].