Japanese Katana Sword Blade

Place Asia: Japan, Kure
Accession Number REL/03861.002
Collection type Technology
Object type Edged weapon or club
Place made Japan
Date made c 1300
Conflict Second World War, 1939-1945

Japanese sword blade. It is described by Kotoken Kajihara, the Japanese sword polisher in 1983, as: "Few swords made in the Kamakura era have Ubu-Nakago. This Tachi blade was, however, made at that time and has it. It seems to have been owned by a high-ranking person and was used for ceremonial purposes. The sugata is beautiful with the Jihada and Hamon excellent, which suggests it was made by a high-ranking swordsmith, possibly Kunikiyo. He was a high-ranking swordsmith who lived at Yamato and belonged to the Senjuin School in the Kamakura era. Type: Katana - Length: 62.0 cm, Curvature: 1.9 cm, Jihada: Itame-Hada, Hamon: Suguha but a little irregular, Kissaki: Sho-Kissaki, Nakago: Ubu-Nakago, Period: Koto, Kamakura (c 1300), Sword quality: Good". A new silver habaki with a mottled pattern is fitted to the blade.

History / Summary

This sword was found in a storeroom at Kure, Japan by Reverend Francis when he was serving as a Lieutenant with 3 RAR prior to his posting to Korea in 1953.

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