Plan occupation

Accession Number F04949
Collection type Film
Measurement 34 min 14 sec
Object type Home movie
Physical description 16mm/colour (Kodachrome)/silent
Maker O'Brien, John William Alexander
Place made Japan: Kure, Japan: Tokyo
Date made 1945-1946
Conflict British Commonwealth Occupation Force, 1946-1952 (Japan)

Item copyright: Copyright unknown


A home movie taken by VX15127 Brigadier (Brig) John O'Brien. Brig O'Brien served as the Leader of the Australian Scientific Mission to Japan 1945-1946 and Chief of the Scientific and Technical Division Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers (SCAP) Title: Highlights of 1945. Title: Highlights of 1945. Title: ‘B29s over Tokyo’ 95th Air Force (badge is included in the artwork). Shows long shot of B29 bombers flying in formation framed by trees in the foreground. Japanese civilians picking through bomb damaged city. Japanese fireman hosing down fires amongst the rubble. Young Japanese girl and wooden coffins. Woman carrying child on her back amongst the ruins. Women picking through the rubble. Two Japanese firemen rolling up fire hose. Long shot of destroyed power station framed by tree blossoms. A merchant ship sunk in the harbour. Title: November. War material all over the country goes up in flames. Japanese Army gliders that never flew and never will. Shows fires and smoke rising high into the sky. Title: ‘Grasping straws. Old guns, salvaged from obsolete tanks were mounted on makeshift carriages. This one developed at the Experimental Station well symbolizes the desperate position at the Home Front at the end of hostilities. The Small Arms Centre made halberds, swords, water pipe rifles, spear and wooden mortars in large volume’. Shows Brigadier O’Brien examining the obsolete tank gun mounted on a make shift gun carriage. Title: ‘Midget submarines stored like cigars. In the great Kure Dock. They never went to sea. It was in this huge dock that the greatest battleship (70,000 tons) of all time was secretly built. It never fired a shot.’ Shows wrecked midget submarines and facilities. Title: ‘Highlights of 1946. First Cavalry Division (badge in included in title artwork) July Fourth’. Shows troops of 1 Cavalry Division parading in Tokyo followed by jeeps, towed 105mm Howitzers, M8 Greyhound armoured cars and M7 Priest self propelled guns. Title: ‘LIV. The Dorset’s troop the colours. (BCOF badge included in title artwork’. Shows Dorset regiment colour parade outside the Imperial Palace. Title: ‘The pipes of Brindiv sound the retreat’. Shows pipe band on parade outside the Imperial Palace. Title. ‘65 Australian Infantry Battalion’. Shows Australian flag and Union Jack. Troops march past with General Robertson taking the salute on the dais. The battalion marches past with fixed bayonets. Title: ‘New Zealand Guard Battalion’ Shows New Zealand flag. Battalion march past. Title: ‘2nd Bn The Royal Welch Fusiliers’ The battalion’s Mascot and sappers lead the parade. Title: ‘BCOF US International guard mount’ (BCOF and 11 Airborne Division badge included in title artwork). US 11 Airborne Division and Indian troops march past. Mrs O’Brien talking to senior BCOF officer. Title: ‘ Rugger Bricosat versus Navy’ Shows Rugby Union game in action. Title: ‘Christmas toyland parade. Stand with VIPs. L5 aircraft lands. Christmas floats made by various occupation units parade. M24 tank of the 95th Light Tank Company painted red with Christmas decorations. Bill Carty of Paramount filming the Christmas parade. Title ‘66 Battalion float’. L5 aircraft takes off during parade. Title: Highlights of 1947. ‘Manila Day’ (title includes 1 Cavalry Division badge). L5 aircraft fly past. 105 mm Howitzers, M4A3E8 Sherman and M4 Sherman tanks on parade. Close ups of Commanding Officer and other senior officers of 1 Cavalry Division. Title: Korean riot at Prime Minister’s residence’. Shows protesters carrying Korean flags and banners. Arrival of Japanese police. Title; '66 Australian Infantry Battalion'. Show the battalion on parade outside the Imperial palace. Title: ‘US Army Day’. US troops on parade. Close ups of Soviet Army officers and other officials. F80 Lockheed Shooting Star jet fighters fly past. M4A3E8 Sherman tanks on parade. View of the VIP dais showing various allied military and civilian VIPs. High angle looking down on parade of massed troops. General Douglas Macarthur takes the salute. Scenes of female spectators. Indian troops march past. US Women’s Army Corps (WACs) march past. Scene of the British Commonwealth war graves cemetery. Title: Highlights of 1948. A boy and girl looking at an election poster on the Japan Instant Construction Company building. The building is festooned with posters. Some poster slogans shown are ‘Gen Macarthur for the President’ ‘Pray for Gen Macarthur’s success in the Presidential Election’ ‘We wish Gen Macarthur for the President of the USA’. Title: ‘Anzac Day’. Close up of newspaper. Senior officers take the salute at the Anzac Day march. Senior British Officer and his wife (?). Close up of Senior French officer. Title: ‘Hirohito’s birthday parade’. Shows Japanese civilians shuffling in file up to the Imperial Palace. Buddhist monks chanting beating and beating frame drums. Title: ‘Kings birthday’ Close up of Union Jack and other flags of the Commonwealth. Australian artillery unit parades with trucks towing 25 pounder field guns. Several of guests at a garden party including Russian Office. Title. ‘VIP! General Blamey’. Shows General Blamey with US officer. Title; “Toyland Xmas parade again’ Sows various floats etc. Title. ‘Highlights of 1950’. Title. ‘Yokohama Farewell’. No scenes to accompany title. Film ends.

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