Radio traffic between United States spotter aircraft and Australian ground troops recorded in South Vietnam. Radio traffic exercise by the School of Armour, Radio Wing recorded in Australia during a training exercise for students

Place Asia: Vietnam, South Vietnam
Accession Number S02020
Collection type Sound
Measurement Duration: 20 mins
Object type Actuality recording
Physical description audio cassette; AUDIOSONIC C60
Maker Aircraft and field units
Place made Vietnam: South Vietnam
Date made 1962; 1979
Access Open
Conflict Period 1970-1979
Vietnam, 1962-1975

Item copyright: AWM Licensed copyright

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The first 3 minutes 50 seconds is a recording from 1962 of radio traffic from a United States spotter aircraft that sighted troop movements and was attempting to call in an air strike. The pilot is contacted by ground troops reporting to be Australian Airborne. The pilot delays the strike to determine the veracity of the call and it is during this period that the Viet Cong escape the area. The second recording is of an exercise conducted in 1979 at the School of Armour, Radio Wing, to train students in radio communication. The exercise details a number of security breeches which students identify and then plot the position of individual vehicles on a map using information gained from these security breeches. Voice number 31 is identified as Sergeant Ken McKay, a radio instructor at the school in the late 1970's. Exercise ends.