Group portrait of officers, Non-commissioned Officers and sappers of the 1st Australian Mining ...

Accession Number A05272
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Film polyester negative
Maker The Crown Studios, (Vice-Regal Photographers)
Place made Australia: New South Wales, Sydney, Liverpool
Date made November 1915
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Group portrait of officers, Non-commissioned Officers and sappers of the 1st Australian Mining Corps, from New South Wales unit, prior to their embarkation. Most embarked aboard HMAT (A38) Ulysses on 20 February 1916. Identified from left to right, back row: Private (Pte) W Johnston; Pte A Edwards; 321 Spr Walter West; 813 Spr Ernest Edward Davis (holding the Mining Corps flag).
Second row: 1767 Private (Pte) Roderick Dewar, Senior (12th Light Horse Regiment); Pte W Coppin; 152 Spr William George Judd; Pte A P Judd; 153 Spr Daniel Sidney Judd; 198 Pte Edward Norman Walters (36 Battalion); 2354 Spr Thomas Henry Miller; 144 Spr Hector Barnett Hutchinson; 111 Spr Angus Robertson French; 284 Spr Samuel Archibald Spicer; 206 Spr Charles Cornelius McConnell (later died of illness in France on 11 February 1918); 207 Spr Donald McConnell (brother of 206 Spr McConnell); 287 Spr Frank Stephens; 116 Spr Herbert Gordon; 320 Spr Albert William Welch.
Third row: Pte Hudson (either 141 Spr Robert Hudson or 1253 Spr Stanley Thomas Hudson); 108 Spr Harry Foulkes; 66 Spr George Coyle; 113 Spr Richard Usher Fullerton; 644 Spr Patrick McKenna; 280 Spr George Ralph Smith; 140 Spr Bertie Augustus Hughes; 844 Spr Arnold John Stephen Smith; 134 Spr Thomas Hincks; Pte G. E. Adams (possibly 472 Spr John McPeak Adams); Pte J. Holland; 1373 Spr Claude Miller; 105 Spr William Reuben Field (later awarded MM); 161 Spr Frederick Lancaster; Pte T. Darcey; 132 Spr Daniel John Hibbard; 260 Spr John Ryan; 303 Spr George Tibbetts (later died of wounds in Belgium on 22 October 1917); 313 Spr Beach Robert Watkins.
Fourth row: 398 Spr Frank Platt; Pte B J Davidson (possibly 2651 Spr James Jamieson Blair Davidson); 1427 Spr William McMurray; 82 Spr James Martin Curran (later awarded Belgian Croix de Guerre); 381 Spr Cecil Thomas Freeman; 201 Spr Robert Samuel Murphy; Pte H M Bryant; 191 Spr James Alexander Mitchell; 344 Spr Ernest Joseph Amour; Pte J. Morrison; 263 Spr Charles Frederick Saalfield; 325 Spr Harry Cecil Witton; 239 Spr George Francis Power; 172 Spr Oswald Joseph Malone; Pte J. McCracken (possibly 4412 Spr Alfred McCracken); 72 Spr Edgar Walter Chambers; Pte N Green (possibly 572 Spr David Green (later died of illness in France on 5 June 1917)); 238 Spr Theodore Silvester Poulsen;125 Spr George William Hammond; 2354 Spr Thomas Henry Miller.
Fifth row: 164 Spr Oliver Lewis; 242 Spr Alex Newton Pierson (later Sergeant); 241 Spr John Thomas Pierson; 3527A Spr Martin Balken; 89 Spr Michael Conway; 42 Spr James Baker; 4768 Pte Roderick Dewar, Junior (2nd Battalion); 5832 Spr William Thomas Skues; Pte P. Murphy (possibly 201 Robert Samuel Murphy); 99 Spr Christopher James Duke; 316 Spr Alfred Richard Wells; 369 Spr Walter Henry Waters; 154 Spr Jack Kay; 273 Spr Henry Patrick Shepherd; Pte C. Gates; 233 Spr Oscar Palmer (later awarded MM and died of pneumonia on 24 February 1919); 158 Spr John Hamilton Kelly; 198 Spr Thomas Munn (later died of wounds in Belgium on 22 May 1917); Pte G. Halloran.
Sixth row: 964 Spr William James Cunningham; 296 Spr Alexander Simpson Taylor; 1105 Spr John McLean; Pte H Allen (possibly either 474 Spr Alfred Allen or 475 Spr Ambrose Allen); 138 Spr John Joseph Hogan; 46 Spr James Berriman; 229 Spr John Gillon Parker (later awarded MSM); Pte M. J. Stores; 232 Spr Cecil Harvey Parmeter; Pte P Chambers; 127 Spr William Alexander Harvey; 350 Spr John Charles Harris; 58 Spr D’Arcy James Byrne; 1372 Herbert Clarence Melville; Pte Selwin (probably 270 Spr Robert Harold Selwyn).
Seventh row: 265 Spr Hartley Reynolds Sandow (later awarded MSM); 319 Spr Frederick Arthur Weeks (later Staff Sergeant); 62 Spr Harry Bowen; Pte W B Cassidey (possibly 776 Spr John William Cassidy); 86 Spr Joseph Carns; 76 Spr Hunter Chapman; 246 Spr John Leslie Quinlan; Pte George A B Clements; 162 Spr James Donald Law; 281 Spr John Patrick Smith; 256 Spr Henry Ruddy; unidentified; 323 Spr Harry Wilson (later awarded MM); 163 Spr John Cattlin Lenehan (later died of wounds on 30 October 1918); 302 Spr John Tindall; 293 Spr Charles Sutherland; 70 Pte Robert John Cawthron.
Eighth row: 283 Spr Alexander Souter; 264 Spr James Savage (later awarded MM); 177 Spr Charles Alfred Loughborough Marshall; 300 Spr John Mansfield Thorn; 215 Spr Joseph McMaster; 261 Spr John William Saxton (later killed in action in Belgium on 25 April 1917); 2419 Spr Edward Graham (later killed in action in Belgium on 20 June 1916); 69 Spr Robert Craig; 311 Spr Alfred James Walter; 250 Spr Albert Alfred Robinson; Pte J Shea (probably 1169 Spr James Leslie Shearing); Pte W Dewhurst; 139 Spr Henry Humphries; 78 Spr Francis Ernest Christianson; Pte H. Dooley (possibly 2349 Spr Thomas Beresford Dooley); 298 Spr John Allen Tansey; 203 Spr Jess Acton Gerald McAndrew.
Nineth row: Lance Corporal (L Cpl) Widgery (possibly 189 Frederick William Midgley); 637 Spr John McClure; 79 Cpl Daniel James Crosby; Sergeant (Sgt) Ryan; 92 Sgt Albert Charles William Davies; Sgt Anderson; Lieutenant (Lt) Frederick George Phippard; Lt Leslie Jack Coulter; Lt Edric Noel Mulligan, Officer Commanding; Lt Wilfred Percival Avery; 160 Sgt William Edward King; 197 Sgt Bernard Mundy; 213 Sgt Philip McKenna; 53 Sgt George Breakwell; 332 Cpl Wallace Milton Young; 196 L Cpl Maurice Mulchinaugh.
Front row: 55 Spr James Brown; 130 Cpl William Harding; C J Grant (cook); 188 Sgt Joseph Henry Mitchell; 106 L Cpl Andrew Fitzpatrick; Sgt Kemp (beside drum); 106 Sgt Frederick George Adams (with bagpipes); 79 Cpl Daniel James Crosby; 240 Cpl Edward James Porter; 291 Spr John William Strange; 254 Cpl John William Rodgers.
Note there is a crack in the glass plate making it difficult to identify the names.