Group portrait of the NCOs of the 38th Battalion at Neuve Eglise. Left to right, back row: ...

Accession Number E01472
Collection type Photograph
Object type Negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made Belgium: Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Messines, Neuve Eglise
Date made 13 January 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

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Group portrait of the NCOs of the 38th Battalion at Neuve Eglise. Left to right, back row: unidentified; 478 Sergeant (Sgt) W. E. Taylor; 2197 Sgt N. B. Long; 1645 Sgt W. J. Hogan; 1329 Corporal (Cpl) W. Whipp MM; 2353 Cpl J. Looney. Third row: 577 Cpl Gorgensen; unidentified; 410 Cpl W. L. White; 440 Sgt A. J. B. Raybould MM, Commanding Officer; 2836 Lance Sergeant (LSgt) Ernest David Mayo; 1925A Cpl J. Wallace MM; 124 Sgt J. A. Shuttlewood MM; 948 Cpl J. A. McDonald; 564 Sgt W. E. Hillerman; 308 Cpl E. M. James; 621 Cpl J. McLeod; 1043 Sgt John William Grinton; 2603 Cpl B. N. Morgan; unidentified; 1865 Cpl A. Ladlow; 1313 LSgt William John Trevaskis; 448 Cpl H. A. Donovan; unidentified. Second row: 7 Sgt J. Code; 1325 Sgt E. W. Williams MM; 12 Sgt E. H. Brockhouse; 572 Cpl W. J. Haynes; 479 Sgt H. Lonsdale; 362 Sgt H. W. Patterson; 139 Sgt R. E. Onley; 615 Sgt James Dougan McNeil; 731 LSgt W. A. Amos; 619 LSgt W. S. McKinnon; 2039 Sgt A. S. Brown; 1167 Sgt J. E. Fiven; 1194 Sgt J. H. Lockett; 2140 Sgt L. E. Roake; 1048 Sgt T. N. Lehman MM; 890 Cpl A. Gilhooly; 5974 Sgt John Burke MM (Killed in action 24 August 1918); 1876 Cpl R. A. Mack; 1612 Sgt J. E. Adams; 679 Cpl David Thomas Ure; 1150 Sgt G. Dunn. Front row: 543 Sgt C. J. A. Duffy; 417 Sgt C. T. Wallace; 434 Sgt J. T. Pascoe MM; 359 Sgt L. S. Phillips, Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS); 1900 CQMS B. J. Quinton; 1304 CQMS H. W. Shelton; 350 Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant (RQMS) J. W. A. Nicoll MSM; 1066 Company Sergeant Major (CSM) T. M. Buckland; 54 CSM H. A. Fairweather; 446 CSM A. Clark; 717 CQMS J. P. Millar; 1129 Sgt J. Coffey; 917 Sgt R. B. Kelly; 347 Sgt J. W. McElroy; 2802A Sgt H. Fraser MM; 358 Sgt F. P. Phillips.