Locre, Belgium. 26 January 1918. Group portrait of the 23rd Machine Gun Company, at Locre. Left ...

Accession Number E01614
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made Belgium: Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Heuvelland, Locre
Date made 26 January 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Locre, Belgium. 26 January 1918. Group portrait of the 23rd Machine Gun Company, at Locre. Left to right, back row (standing): 4577 Private (Pte) H. L. Pavy; 6035 Corporal (Cpl) J. A. Bannerman; 416 Pte H. E. A. Fowler; 6281 Pte L. Brown; 512 Pte G. W. Harland; 3075 Cpl G. Evans; 1140 Cpl W. J. Beeby MM; 441 Pte W. Brattan; 430A Pte Amos Alexander Braun; 2936 Pte W. Lawler (standing behind machine gun); 6711 Pte P. H. Renfrey; 636A Pte W. Cordwell; 6594 Cpl L. H. Neville; 6355 Pte B. E. Quinnell (partially obscured); 431A Pte H. C. Stuart; 6325 Pte H. L. Newland; 639 Pte J. G. A. Fitch; 641 Pte T. V. Gaynor; 671 Cpl A. Caldwell; 3489 Pte F. W. Oliver MM. 3140 Pte J. W. Sutherland. Third row (standing): 490 Pte N. J. Thomas MM (slightly behind Connelly); 1806 A. J. Connelly; 708 Pte N. W. Riffey; 1292 Pte P. M. O'Keefe; 3072 Cpl W. J. Dawson; 2910 Pte P. J. Griffin; 4260 Cpl F. W. Ogg; 5081 Pte R. J. Trowbridge; 413 Cpl E. S. G. Easy; 3043 Pte S. E. Cooper; 368 Pte C. E. V. Harrington; 5388 Pte J. R. Quinnell; 428 Pte F. Short; 415D Pte J. L. Hopson; 428D LCpl F. O. G. Tate; 645 Pte C. F. Millward; 537 Pte J. Burtenshaw; 604D Pte E. Shreeve; 428B Pte D. Walker; 524 Pte S. Woodward; 546 Cpl K. J. Jerome; 466 LCpl R. Handley (partially obscured by Jerome and Hayward); 637A Cpl E. J. Hayward; 461B Cpl E. R. Dixon; 428C Pte B. G. Smith MM. Second row (sitting on chairs): 6177 Pte Harold Robert Willett; 427 Pte J. Thompson; 6275 Sergeant (Sgt) W. T. Clarke MM; 2779 Cpl H. A. Becker; 373 Sgt W. B. Irwin; 371 Sgt L. E. Hudson; 125 Sgt C. S. Taylor; 128 Quartermaster Sergeant (QMS) R. I. Robb; Lieutenant (Lt) F. Thompson; Lt J. Walker; Lt C. S. Ross; Captain (Capt) D. A. Whitehead MC; Lt Temple Graham; Lt R. B. Coleman; 411B Sgt H. J. Atkins; 3187 Sgt M. McCarthy; 417 Sgt C. E. Eisenhuth; 510 Cpl E. O. G. Milne; 426A Cpl A. E. Sinclair; 420A Cpl F. M. M. Kimber; 647 Pte W. C. Orr; 469 Pte V. L. Ritchie; 3092 Pte V. Mann. Front row (seated on ground): 3867 Pte H. G. Lording; 501 Pte J. Rowley; 3642 Pte J. E. O'Donnell; 3042 Pte A. J. Crawford; 40 Cpl T. Copland; 562 Pte N. W. North; 415C Pte J. J. Foley; 5930 Sgt W. R. Wilson; 412 Pte C. J. Earl; 290 Pte E. Hobbs; 418B Pte A. G. Harding; 3102 Pte F. J. Levis; 643 Pte William Peter Hoinville; 6061 Pte H. Matthews 4828 Cpl C. C. Piesley.