Merris, Northern France. 14 February 1918. Group portrait of the 1st Australian Machine Gun ...

Accession Number E01669
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made France: Nord Pas de Calais, Nord, Merris
Date made 14 February 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Merris, Northern France. 14 February 1918. Group portrait of the 1st Australian Machine Gun Company at Merris. Left to right, back row: 4225 Private (Pte) C. McGlinn; 2880 Pte C. S. Templer; Pte Smith; 648 Pte J. E. Moore; 363 Pte C. V. Bullen; Pte Moore; Pte S. Hodge; 366 Pte M. Fraser; 2972 Pte F. A. Pearce; 4076 Pte C. Spark; 707 Pte T. W. Bent; 507 Pte W. J. Jewell; 4148 Pte C. A. Bignell; 7072 Pte J. Yates; unidentified; 547 Pte A. Dodd; 477 Pte S. K. Matthews; 1375 Pte T. Wallace; 283 Pte J. Dobbie; 290 Pte E. E. Lee; 4487 Pte G. Hawkins; unidentified; 2895 Pte A. C. Vertigan; 5103 Pte L. Gibbins; unidentified; 3160 Pte H. H. Heath. Third row: 3129 Pte A. O. Brown; 1811 Pte E. Russell; 547 Pte J. E. Kavanagh; 2814 Pte R. E. Fowler; 2339 Pte N. W. Brown; 7240 Pte C. L. Garlick; 7301 Pte W. Stone; 7253 Pte J. A. Huntley; 2640 Pte A. L. Ralley; unidentified; 280 Pte G. A. Simmons; 1922 Pte A. P. Cameron; 599 Pte C. W. Fox; 3414 Pte D. C. Leslie; 637 Pte W. Gilbert; 530 Pte C. R. Quelch; 5975 Pte A. Stock; Pte Wilson; 3139 Lance Corporal (LCpl) C. Moyle; 247C Pte O. B. Lewis; 3631 Pte W. C. Stephenson; 340 Pte A. Mellor; 4431 Pte M. Bezzina; 2803 Pte A. E. Davis; 5095 Pte A. G. Frost; 2900 Pte R. Wigglesworth; 7098 Pte J. C. Sailsbury; 561B Pte J. M. Robinson; 1546 Pte L. J. Lewis; 3776 Pte W. F. Goswell; Pte Smith; 678 Pte E. A. Frewin; 324 Pte J. Dillon. Second row: 637 Pte A. J. Davies; 6534 Pte T. L. Forbes; 1717 LCpl W. R. Bowring; 3837 LCpl W. Patterson; 250 LCpl Norris; 6857 LCpl N. M. Smith; 2101 LCpl D. Almond; 365 LCpl A. C. Blackmore; 1398 Corporal (Cpl) V. Lovell; 2595 Cpl S. M. Ford; 334 Lance Sergeant (LSgt) J. T. Wodsworth; 505 LSgt W. Cunningham; 260 LSgt Basnett; 473 Company Sergeant Major (CSM) B. L. Turner Croix de Guerre; 40 Sergeant (Sgt)T. R. Evans DCM; 2782 Sgt H. Rosengren; 3007 Sgt W. M. Atkins MM and Bar; 1458 Cpl H. G. Loveband; 1578 Cpl A. Kerr MM Croix de Guerre; 3246 Cpl V. Hutton; 287 LCpl K. R. Newton; 3901 LCpl A. Thomas; 2376 LCpl P. Harrison; 4464 LCpl J. Cardle; 281B LCpl C. N. Cosier; 1977 LCpl A. Wintle; 1359 LCpl W. Hasking; 2836 LCpl T. Stanton; 7328 Pte S. M. Gorton; 2602 Pte J. V. Lacey; 2880 Pte W. Dellit; 3146 Pte A. B. Munday. Front row: 2653 Driver (Dvr) H. J. Mason; 182 Dvr R. E. Starkey; 4490 Pte L. V. Frost; 178 Pte H. J. Scott; 455 Pte J. H. Kennedy; 4150 Pte F. J. Carroll; 444 Pte C. J. Harding; 289 Dvr W. J. Knuckey; 4199 Pte N. D. Hyland; unidentified; 248 Pte J. Moore; 2568 Dvr E. A. Bevan; 293 Dvr W. J. McGrath; 287 F. J. B. Gralton; 2791 Pte G. W. Brunyee; 767 Farrier F. Mittell; 1991 Dvr D. Riley; 5147 Dvr C. K. Lee; 6619 Pte G. H. Roberts; 3065 Dvr M. Haeney; 1684 Pte J. W. Burt; 4312 Pte T. S. McIntyre; 1317 Dvr P. J. Ninness; 2717 Pte J. W. Rennie.