Group portrait of the Headquarters' Details and Signal Section of the 2nd Brigade. Identified ...

Accession Number E01809
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made Belgium: Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Heuvelland, Locre, Belgium: Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Heuvelland, Locre
Date made 20 February 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

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Group portrait of the Headquarters' Details and Signal Section of the 2nd Brigade. Identified from left to right, back row: 2108 Private (Pte) John Francis Allen; 306 Driver (Dvr) William Harold Warren; 1287 Pte Alexander Thompson; 5240 Pte Frederick William Wright (died of wounds 5 Jun 1918); 916 Pte George Air Freeman; 3317 Pte William Girdword; 4827 Dvr Arthur James Kerr; 853 Pte William Dermody; 578 Lance Corporal (L Cpl) Ernest Frederick Huggins; 5966 Pte John George Gartly; 6621 Pte James William Whitelaw; 1648 Pte Frederick John Nicholls; 1587 Dvr John Francis Perry; 2513 L Cpl Alexander Edward Stokes; 6115 Pte John Bass Crane; 5677 Pte William Fearn.
Second row: 835 Pte Arthur Pearson; 1392 Pte Archibald McArthur; 3317 Pte Patrick Grogan; 2065 Sapper (Spr) Charles Hugh Adolph Bloch; 7564 Spr John Ilsey; 1580 Spr Benjamin Carr Lancaster MM; 14205 Spr Charles Evans Garland; 3978 Pte Wilfred Fitton; 2168 Pte Ernest Hector Jacobs; Pte Lalor (shorter row).
Third row: 2511 Dvr David Albert Hopkins; 5390 Pte Harold Oscar Harris; 3032 Pte Arthur Ellis; 2681 Dvr Peter Victoria Hill; 2927 Pte Frederick William Christian Fisher; 2227 Pte Morgan Lawrence O'Brien; 17437 Spr Henry John Collins; 15347 Spr Leslie Richard Owens; 5224 Spr Vincent Charles Smith; 6872 Spr (later 2nd Lieutenant) Hector Thomas McCraw; 3233 Pte Charles Edward Attygalle; 2987A Spr Clarence Alexander Roney; 585 Spr John Watsford Lancaster; 7493 Spr Andrew Peebles; 6720 Pte Ferdinand Collins.
Forth row: 4771 Cpl Harry Wharton Scott, MM; 7076 Pte Henry Russell; 4346 Pte Leonard Moody; 1901 Spr William Ambrose Austin; 4004 Pte William Henry Suttie; 1347 Spr George Porter; 2881 Pte Leslie John Singleton; 5328 Lieutenant (Lt) Richard Valance Andrewartha, (later MC); Lt Stanley Johnson, (later MC); 6923 Dvr Harvey Ronald Carter; 5197 Spr Cecil Godfrey Kusel; 16736 Spr Cyril Mervyn Thomas; 2055 Spr Herbert Charles Wheatley; 5221 Spr Patrick Carmody; 3464 Pte James Thomas Buttifant; 3125 Pte George Herbert Powell; 18476 Spr Alfred William Andoe.
Fifth row: 6516 Pte Arthur Charles Victor Goodsell (killed in action 2 May 1918); 104 Dvr David Henry Froggitt; 730 LCpl Charles Wesley Raymer; 4536 Pte Roger Ignatius Kett; 3324 Pte John Ernest Edward Hughes; 669 Pte Angus Alexander Reid; 1691 Spr Roy Haggerston Bell MM; 4518 Pte Edward Thomas Hodgson; 2741 Pte Charles John Pizaro; 2150 Pte Henry Thomas French; 3746 Pte Charles Coad; 2185 Pte Alfred Hearn; 4199 Pte Albert Victor Glenwright; 5046 Pte Nicholas Gerald Blampied; 3082 Pte Charles Edwards.
Front row: 648 Sgt Richard Charles Borradale; 131 Sgt Alexander John Kinross Smith; 4630 [?] Sgt J. Mitchell; 4181 LCpl Cecil Cull; 504 Company Quartermaster Sergeant (CQMS) Oswald Thomas Mills MSM; 5183 Sgt Percy Godfrey Malpas; 1065 Sgt Henry Clarence Veness (died of wounds 2 August 1918); 41 LCpl Sidney Vincent MM and Bar (died of disease 12 Feb 1919); 3670 LCpl William Bushnell Pattison; 5182 LCpl Raymond Lewis MM; 16 Sgt George Whitlock Hill; 2789 Sgt Charles Albion Bowen, MSM; 1630 Pte Ernest Garland Freinick; 4207 Pte Arthur William Everson.