Locre, Belgium. 20 February 1918. Group portrait of the members of the 2nd Brigade. Left to ...

Accession Number E01822
Collection type Photograph
Object type Black & white - Glass original whole plate negative
Maker Unknown Australian Official Photographer
Place made Belgium: Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Heuvelland, Locre
Date made 20 February 1918
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Item copyright: Copyright expired - public domain

Public Domain Mark This item is in the Public Domain


Locre, Belgium. 20 February 1918. Group portrait of the members of the 2nd Brigade. Left to right, back row: 3412 Sergeant (Sgt) R. Smith, 5th Battalion; 3246 Sgt V. J. Campbell, 5th Battalion; 2467 Sgt L. Mallett, 6th Battalion; 3847 Sgt F. R. Mather, 6th Battalion; 1221 Corporal (Cpl) G. H. Jefferies, 8th Battalion; 369 Sgt T. I. Birch MM, 8th Battalion; 76 Sgt F. Andrews, 5th Battalion; 2543 Sgt E. Israel, 6th Battalion; unidentified; 5247 Sgt F. B. Anderson, 7th Battalion; 3264A Cpl F. Smith, 7th Battalion; 3409 Sgt J. Simpson, 5th Battalion; 1559 A. T. Johnson, 5th Battalion; 557 Cpl W. Reed, 6th Battalion; 1710 Cpl J. Boyce, 5th Battalion; 281 Sgt W. Anderson, 6th Battalion; 3283 Cpl B. Turner, 8th Battalion; 1396 Sgt D. McCormack, 7th Battalion; 245 Sgt A. H. Johnson, 7th Battalion; 979 Sgt J. Inger, 8th Battalion; 3155A Lance Corporal (LCpl) J. B. Lorimer, 7th Battalion; 2074 Sgt G. A. Rackham, 6th Battalion; unidentified; 2895 Cpl L. Wigg, 6th Battalion. Third row: 3404 Cpl L. J. Mayne, 6th Battalion; 2343 Cpl R. H. Davies, 7th Battalion; 569 Sgt W. V. Woodnorth, 6th Battalion; 5459 Cpl H. Thorpe, 7th Battalion, an Aboriginal soldier and later recipient of the Military Medal (MM); 5985 Cpl R. S. C. Black, 7th Battalion; 3942 Sgt O. W. Shrives, 6th Battalion; 1225 Sgt E. A. Crook, 8th Battalion; 966 Sgt E. J. H. Barker, 5th Battalion; 354 Sgt A. C. Robertson, 8th Battalion; 3868 Cpl E. Hungerford MM, 5th Battalion; 301 Cpl J. Campbell MM, 8th Battalion; 1664 Sgt W. Waterman, 5th Battalion; 2615 Sgt T. H. Donaldson, 7th Battalion; 387 Company Sergeant Major (CSM) H. Burton, 6th Battalion; 1932 Sgt C. W. Cutler, 5th Battalion; 1115 Cpl W. Barbour, 7th Battalion; 2139 Cpl P. J. Thompson, 8th Battalion; 1162 Cpl E. Oldham, 7th Battalion; 1141 Cpl E. J. Bailey, 8th Battalion; unidentified; 3366 Cpl M. C. Hoathe, 7th Battalion; Sgt D. Doyle; 3946 Cpl J. C. Spence, 6th Battalion. Second row: 5768 Sgt A. G. Stewart, 5th Battalion; 4730 Cpl R. E. Ball, 7th Battalion; 799 Cpl C. G. Kingsley, 7th Battalion; 196 Cpl J. Ross, 7th Battalion; 445 Cpl W. Moodie, 5th Battalion; 2627 Sgt J. Niller, 5th Battalion; 340 Sgt J. R. Robb, 6th Battalion; 1269 Cpl B. F. Adamson, 8th Battalion; unidentified; 714 Sgt C. C. Fraser, 5th battalion; 723 Sgt A. J. Summerfield, 8th Battalion; Lieutenant (Lt) D. Robinson, 5th Battalion; Cpl C. McE. Lillie DSO; Lt L. Cadell, 6th Battalion; CSM Tirner; 5 Sgt W. J. Bingham, 5th Battalion; 2540 LCpl W. Gardner, 6th Battalion; 3943 Cpl J. T. Swain DCM, 8th Battalion; 4481 Sgt P. S. Draper, 6th Battalion; 3316 Cpl G. Lloyd, 7th Battalion; 2842 Cpl Kelly, 7th Battalion; 2436 Cpl B. Stuckey, 7th Battalion; 3087 Cpl W. S. Mears, 7th Battalion; 2588 Cpl L. King, 6th Battalion; 3068 Sgt T. Duncombe DCM, 8th Battalion. Front row: 2701 Cpl G. Green, 5th Battalion; 1111 Sgt J. R. Jorgen, 8th Battalion; 3119 Cpl R. Marr, 8th Battalion; 3026 Sgt W. H. Holmes, 6th Battalion; unidentified; unidentified; 204 Cpl J. W. Clarke, 5th Battalion; 625 Sgt L. W. R. Veal, 8th Battalion.