Major Stanley "Tex" Morton, Salvation Army Philanthropic Welfare worker, interviewed by Gail Winkworth for the Keith Murdoch Sound Archives of Australia in the War of 1939-45


Discussing pre-war Salvation Army activities; rejection by Salvation Army of combined churches war effort; appointment to work on Red Shield activities; inter-denominational relations; posting to Army Training Camp, Dubbo, NSW; embarkation for Middle East; work with 9th Division AT Tewfik; pastoral duties; burial services; role as censor; return to Australia; jungle training at Kairi Camp, Queensland; invasion of Red Beach, Lae; heroism of Australian troops; Finschhafen and low morale of Australian troops; promotion; appointment to Divisional Headquarters; planning for invasion of Borneo; action on Labuan; rehabilitation work with Australian prisoners of war; converts; reactions to bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.