Name board : HMAS Hawk

Accession Number REL29016
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Heraldry
Physical description Chrome-plated steel, Metal, Wood
Maker Unknown
Place made Australia
Date made c 1964-1966
Conflict Indonesian Confrontation, 1962-1966

Partly varnished solid teak board with reflective chrome plated letters spelling the word 'HAWK' mounted on the front. The side surfaces of each letter are painted red. The board is made from two pieces of teak, with each corner being scalloped. The rear surface of the board is not varnished and has a pair of metal mounting brackets attached by a single piece of brown packing tape. Each of these mounting brackets has a pair of mounting holes which correspond with holes bored into the rear side of the board. There are remnants of white tape adhering to the rear side of the board. Several holes with the mounting screws for the letters are also visible.

History / Summary

The HMAS Hawk (hull number M-1139) was a Ton class minesweeper built as HMS Gamston for the Royal Navy by Richards Ironworks at Lowestoft in England. HMAS Hawk was purchased by Australia in 1961 and commissioned into the RAN on 18 July 1962. As part of the 16th Minesweeping Squadron, HMAS Hawk served three Operational rotations in Malaysian waters, from 6 May to 18 September 1964, 7 January to 14 August 1965 and 10 January to 14 September 1966. During these rotations, the ship saw service in waters around both West Malaysia and Borneo against Indonesian infiltrators. The HMAS Hawk was paid off on 7 January 1972.