Scottish Regiments Pattern 1865 Officer's Broadsword : Queensland Scottish Regiment

Place Oceania: Australia, Queensland
Accession Number REL29316.001
Collection type Technology
Object type Edged weapon or club
Maker Thurkle
Place made United Kingdom: England, United Kingdom: England, Greater London, London
Date made c 1876

Scottish Regiments Pattern 1865 Officer's Broadword. The hilt is a nickel plated full basket guard with a pierced heart design and a red felt and white buckskin inner liner. The grip is fishskin bound with silver wire and has a dome shaped pommel. The straight double edged blade has a thin double fuller on each side to within nine inches of the spear point. It is feintly etched on both sides having a crown over VR on the right and a Maltese cross between QUEENSLAND SCOTTISH on the left. Above the right ricasso it is marked E THURKLE MAKER DENMARK ST SOHO LONDON.

History / Summary

This broadsword was especially made for an officer of the Queensland Scottish Regiment in the late 1870's. The double fuller to the blade was changed to a single fuller in the 1880's.

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