Centurion Mk 5/1 Main Battle Tank ARN 169108

Accession Number REL29217.001
Collection type Technology
Object type Vehicle
Physical description Steel
Place made United Kingdom
Date made 1950-1962
Conflict Vietnam, 1962-1975

Centurion Mk5/1 Main Battle Tank fitted with a QF 20 Pounder gun barrel. This tank is finished in a basic colour of lustreless olive drab, with a disruptive pattern of lustreless black. It has the Army Registration Number (ARN) 169108 stencilled onto the front glacis plate and rear fuel tank. The troop symbol of a stylised Roman centurion's helmet is painted onto the left side of the rear fuel tank. A spurious call sign is painted onto the centre of the rear fuel tank, and on a plate affixed to the rear of the turret bustle basket. The tank is fitted with modifications made while in service in Vietnam including heavy sheet steel track guards, track bin catch protectors and modified tow cable hitches. It had its smoke grenade discharges removed in Vietnam.

History / Summary

This tank with Australian Army Registration Number (ARN) 169108, is the only surviving Centurion which served in South Vietnam that still retain its original in theatre modifications. In 1970-1971 it was assigned to 4 Troop, C Squadron 1 Armoured Regiment and at various times carried the callsigns 4B and 4C. The crew named the tank Iron Outlaw. Crew members included Trooper Kerry Slavin as operator/gunner, Trooper Edgar as operator/gunner, Trooper Greg Harris as driver, and Corporal Evans as crew commander. The build standard of the tank is unofficially known as Centurion Mk5/1(Aust) to reflect the unique Australian build standard which departed in detail from the British Army Mk5/1 standard.