Stephen George Joyce, member of 4 inch gun crew HMAS Murchison, Korea 1951-1952, interviewed by Lieutenant Commander Tony Hughes RANR

Accession Number S02795
Collection type Sound
Measurement 1 hr 21 min
Object type Oral history
Physical description 1/4 inch sound tape reel; BASF SM 468; 15 ips/38 cm.s; two track mono; 10 inch NAB
Maker Joyce, Stephen George
Hughes, Anthony John
Australian War Memorial
Preston, Lenny
Date made 1 August 2002
Access Open
Conflict Korea, 1950-1953
Copyright Item copyright: © Australian War Memorial
Creative Commons License This item is licensed under CC BY-NC
Copying Provisions Copy provided for personal non-commercial use

Stephen Joyce talks about: being posted to RAN frigate HMAS Murchison after finishing basic training; living conditions aboard the Murchison; training en route to Korean waters; other duties of an ordinary seaman; the watch system; his and his family's thoughts on his going to war; Murchison's lack of preparedness for cold weather warfare; an experienced gun crew; operations in the Han Estuary; the Murchison's replenishment cycle; enemy action against the Murchison; loading 4-inch shells; a near tragedy; the mechanics of gun-loading; the hazards of navigating in the Han Estuary; casualties aboard the Murchison; some near misses; Murchison not being built for operations in extreme weather but this affecting neither morale nor operational efficiency; the ship's senior officers; awards; the burial at sea of South Korean fishermen, killed in a collision with the Murchison; relations with other ships and the personnel of other navies; being treated aboard the HMS Belfast for a tooth ulcer; recreation, including cockroach races; two influential seamen; being ashore in Japan, in particular with his brother; inter-ship and inter-service sport; health in general; Cyclone Ruth [Typhoon Ruth] aboard the Murchison; ice in winter, and a visit to the USN Base at Sasebo.

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