Cartridge clips : Scrubby Knoll, Gallipoli

Place Middle East: Ottoman Empire, Turkey, Dardanelles, Gallipoli, Anzac Area (Gallipoli), Scrubby Knoll
Accession Number RELAWM00330.002
Collection type Technology
Object type Munition
Physical description Steel
Maker Unknown
Date made Unknown
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

Two rusted and damaged .303 cartridge clips. There are small patches of dried mud on each clip.

History / Summary

These Australian cartridge clips form part of a larger group of items collected at Scrubby Knoll in 1919. The clips were found near the summit of Scrubby Knoll and may indicate the furthest point reached by Australians on 25 April 1915. Turkish bullets were also found nearby. The Turkish commander, Essad Pasha, had his Headquarters there through the campaign.

The items were collected on 28 February 1919 by The Australian Historical Mission (AHM). The AHM, led by Official Historian C E W Bean, visited Gallipoli from February to March 1919 to collect items for the nation, to record the area through artworks and photographs, and to explore the battlefields to answer some of the 'riddles of Anzac' for the Australian official history of the war.