Royal Australian Navy Chaplain's kit : Senior Chaplain B Rayner

Accession Number REL30454
Collection type Heraldry
Object type Heraldry
Physical description Nylon;; Foodstuff – dry Cotton; Paper; Anodised aluminium; Brass; Plastic; Foam rubber
Maker Unknown
Date made c 2001-2002
Conflict Period 2000-2009

Royal Australian Navy Roman Catholic chaplain's combat kit. The kit is carried in a padded green nylon pack with a cotton webbing strap attached to the sides with black metal clips. Nylon webbing reinforcement straps are sewn onto the bottom and sides of the kit. These straps loop through buckles on the front and side and are secured on top of the kit by velcro. The lid is sewn into the back of the pack and secured by velcro fasteners around the other three sides. Folded beneath this is a flap attached to the front of the pack. This flap has three white labels sewn on it. The first lists the equipment which is to be found in the kit, the middle label gives cleaning instructions, and the third gives baggage and packing requirements. Underneath this flap are two smaller flaps sewn to the sides which cross over the top and are secured by Velcro. Inside the pack is a rigid plastic box with foam rubber inserts cut to fit the contents. The pack contains a brass chalice, a crucifix, two candle holders with flame protectors fitted on top and a ciborium, a round brass box for holding the host. Also included are two plastic cruets for the water and wine, a plastic cylinder for storing the wafers, a brass bell, a paten and a pall in a linen pouch. The pack also contains a missal and missal stand, and altar cloths including a corporal, on which the chalice is placed, a purificator which goes over the chalice and a finger towel. The Chaplain's stole in included in the pack and is made of linen with a Queen's crown and a cross and anchor design embroidered onto two blue satin panels on the front. Also stored with the kit is a name plaque reading 'SENIOR CHAPLAIN BRIAN RAYNER', two photocopied prayers and an embroidered patch showing the insignia of the Royal Australian Navy chaplains.

History / Summary

This kit was used by Senior Chaplain Brian Rayner from November 2001 to April 2002 on board HMAS Kanimbla during Operation Slipper in the Persian Gulf.