Universal ICE radio unit Type PV2413A (Raven)

Accession Number REL30307.002
Collection type Technology
Object type Communications equipment
Place made United Kingdom
Date made 1980s
Conflict Period 1990-1999
Period 1980-1989

Digital radio transceiver with the following features on the face: keypad at right, LCD strip display in centre, three knobs and three inputs at left. Back has six inputs. Body painted dark green, face is black.

History / Summary

Project Raven was an Australian Army project for the replacement of single channel HF and VHF Radio equipment, commencing in the late 1970's. The Army wished to introduce one 'family' of HF and VHF Radio equipment which had a suite of common ancilliaries (headsets, handsets, vehicle mounting equipment etc); integrated unit, field and base repair facilities; and a Frequency Management System. Project Raven was the result. The system, in addition to normal AM and FM transmitter-receiver use, features advanced operating modes appropriate to a hostile environment. (References include http://home.vicnet.net.au/~rasigsau/project_raaven.HTM).

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