New Zealand Wars, 1845-1872

Date from 01 January 1845
Date to 31 December 1872
Collection type Conflict
Scope note The New Zealand Wars, sometimes called the Land Wars and also once called the Maori Wars, were a series of conflicts that took place in New Zealand between 1845 and 1872. The wars were fought over a number of issues, most prominently Maori land being sold to the settler (white) population. Australian-based Imperial regiments fought in this conflict between 1845 and 1866, and recruited men from the Australian colonies to keep up to establishment. The breakdown of its separate component 'wars' or campaigns are: " Northern (Flagstaff) War (1845-1846) " Hutt Valley Campaign (1846) " First Taranaki War (1860-1861) " Second Taranaki War (1863-1866) " Waikato War (1863-1864) " Titokowaru's War (1868-1869) " Te Kooti's War (1868-1872)