United Nations Command Military Armistice Commission Korea (UNCMAC) 1953 - 2014

Date from 01 January 1953
Date to 31 December 2014
Collection type Conflict
Scope note UNCMAC was established in 1953 to represent the UN as a signatory to the armistice between the UN and North Korea, as well as to monitor the armistice. UNCMAC s observation role is limited to the monitoring of the armistice, the investigation of serious incidents and participation in relevant negotiations. UNCMAC does not permanently deploy observers along the ceasefire line. Australia's contribution is one senior service officer. Since 1956 the Australian Liaison Officer (ALO) within the Commonwealth Liaison Mission to UNCMAC has conducted Australia s UNCMAC responsibilities. The ALO was a Major (E) rank with an assistant of Corporal (E). Postings to the ALO varied from 18 months to 2 years. Comments: In 1967 the ALO team was reallocated as the Defence Attaché (DA) to the Australian Embassy in Seoul. In turn, the position ranks also raised one step to LTCOL (E) and SGT (E). Since then, Australia s UNCMAC responsibilities have been that of the DA at the Australian Embassy in Seoul