ID numberE01889
Collection typePhotograph
Object typeBlack & white - Glass transparency (positive)
MakerUnknown Australian Official Photographer
Place madeBelgium: Flanders, West-Vlaanderen, Ypres, Menin Road, Hellfire Corner
Date made27 September 1917
DescriptionHellfire Corner on the Menin Road, in the Ypres Sector. This well named locality was continually under observation and notorious for its danger. At night this road was crammed with traffic, limbers, guns, pack animals, motor lorries and troops. Several motor lorries received direct hits at different times and were totally destroyed. The dead bodies of horses, mules and men were often to be seen lying where the last shell had got them. The neighbourhood was piled with the wreckage of all kinds of transport. A 'sticky' spot that was always taken at the trot. Left to right is Ypres Wood on Railway Ridge in background, hessian camouflage on the corner, Hooge, track to Gordon House veers to the right with Leinster Farm in the distance.