Attack at Chipilly

Date from 09 August 1918
Date to 10 August 1918
Place Chipilly
Category Attack
Conflict First World War, 1914-1918

On the 9th August, British troops were to attack Chipilly, near the Somme, at 5:50 pm Brigadier General Mackay of the 1st Brigade requested that an Australian patrol from the 1st Battalion be sent across the river, however this was request was refused. However, an Australian patrol of six men rushed the village, making it through unscathed, dispite heavy fire from the ridge north of the village. At this stage, the Australians had attacked three German posts and captured 31 prisoners. Handing the prisoners to the British troops who had arrived, the Australians then captured another nine prisoners and two machine guns. American troops arrived over the backbone of Chipilly Ridge and mistaking the Australians and their prisoners for Germans fired on them with Lewis guns. The Germans finally broke from the ridge above and the Australians took another 30 prisoners, securing the village of Chipilly.

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