Operation Plumbob

Date from 04 November 2000
Date to 28 February 2003
Place Solomon Islands
Category Peacekeeping Operation
Conflict Solomon Islands (IPMT), 2000-2002
Alternative Names
  • Plumbob

Strength: RAN Fleet Unit & Support staff. HMA Ships Manoora, Kanimbla, Tobruk (SAE), Darwin, Canberra; 1RAR Bn Group. Estimated at 1200 ADF & 66 AFP.

AO: Solomon Islands and its Territorial Sea.

An International Peace Monitoring Team (IPMT) was established of which the ADF provided approx 6 pers (communicators and Special Forces). The remainder of the IPMT were civilians, drawn mainly from Australia, NZ and a small number from other Pacific countries.

The Townsville Peace Accord resulted in the parties centralising weapons. The ADF provided the containers and using mainly HMAS Manoora choppers, positioned them where required.
HMAS Manoora deployed to the Solomon Island three times (incl Op Plumbob). The other ships mentioned had one deployment. They all acted as a base for holding talks.
In order to assist the Solomon Islands government with an internal factional struggle, Australia committed a Logistics support team and HMAS Kanimbla to monitor the cease-fire to the civilian war. The RAN vessels provided for Op Trek were used as the peace agreement platform, with New Zealand Naval support.

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