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ID number F01964
Title [Extracts from German newsreels: Home front and Arnhem] (Die Deutsche Wochenschau 41/42 1944 Wpr) = (The German newsreel 41/42 1944 Wpr)
Collection Film
Object type Newsreel
Place made Germany
Date made September 1944
Physical description 35mm/b&w/sound
Measurement 13 min 38 sec
Video Download video 58.72 MB


German newsreel c September 1944. German language commentary. Items covered: 1. Hitler Youth members of the Landienst (land army) learn agriculture and animal husbandry as part of a 10 year project for German youth. 2. Josef Goebbels at a presentaion of Ritterkreuz awards to German farmers who have increased productivity for the national cause. 3. German workers who work past retirement age for the war effort and women employed in traditional male occupations. 4. Grossadmiral Doenitz addresses ship yard workers at Inns. 5. Hitler Youth Kriegsmariner (German Navy) visit Berlin and inspect a 'one man torpedo' and listen to a Ritterkreuz winner's account of the action for which he received the award. 6. Italian front and the demolition of roads and felling trees with expolsive to slow the Allied advance. 7. Battle of Arnhem, September 1944, showing the German anti aircraft fire, British aircraft being shot down, burning gliders, German infantry in action and British POWs.

Please note: The film and sound collections of the Australian War Memorial includes items which may contain: historically or culturally sensitive images and terms, confronting depictions of the consequences of warfare, and/or, human suffering or death. This material does not reflect the viewpoint of the Memorial, but rather is representative of the social attitudes and circumstances of the period or place in which it was created and also the reality and human cost of warfare.

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