77 Squadron returns from Butterworth (DPR RAAF stock shots)

Accession Number F10444
Collection type Film
Measurement 8 min 11 sec
Object type To be confirmed
Physical description 16mm/b&w/silent
Maker RAAF Public Relations
Place made Malaya: Penang, Butterworth
Date made 10 February 1969
Conflict Period 1960-1969

Item copyright: Commonwealth of Australia copyright


RAAF Butterworth, Malaysia 10 February 1969. [Roll 1] Inside flight line hut. Two 77 Squadron pilots in flying gear enter hut, walk to NCO in charge and inspect and sign flight authorization sheets. Pan of Commanding Officer 77 Squadron Wing Commaner Keith Martin of Hawthorn Vic., enters doorway, places helmet on counter and signs flight authorization sheets. Pan to two other pilots. Wing Commander Martin approaches Sabre, walks behind aircraft, places helmet on wing. Various shots of Wing Commander Martin pre-flight checking his aircraft. Wing Commander Martin puts on parachute gear. Standing on port wing of aircraft. Wing Commander climbs into cockpit and is strapped in. Close up of flight helmet with 77 Squadron markings. Pan right to left along flight line. Three aircraft move across camera as they taxi from flight line. Take off. Aircraft approach and move right to left through camera. Follow to lift off. [Roll 2] Fuel tanker drives up to parked Sabre. Tanker boom and nozzle in wing of aircraft. Inside 77 Squadron Maintenance Hangar. Man working on Sabre. Man placing part of heat shield on tail of Sabre. Malaysian worker places 77 Squadron transfer on wing tank. Man locates gunbay panel on fuselage of Sabre inside hangar. On tarmac. General shot of Sabre being test run. Pan to other aircraft in background. Nineteen pilots standing in front of Sabre. Butterworth wharf, pilots in flying suits and carrying Mae Wests and dinghies board an RAF launch to take part in a refresher air-sea rescue exercise in the Strait of Malacca north-east off Penang Island. General shots of preparation of dinghies and inflation of Mae Wests. Remainder of Roll 2 contains general activities in air-sea rescue. A RAF Whirlwind helicopter was used to winch the pilots from the sea an to lower them to the deck of the launch. An RAF air-sea rescue instructor assisted in the exercise. Some shots show him assisting pilots on the winch rope with them. [Roll 3] This roll opens with more general shots of the air-sea rescue exercise. Long pan from tail of C-130 Hercules support aircraft to all Sabres of 77 Squadron on the flight line. Various shots of the tarmac activity and farewells. Wing Commander Martin and wife, Mrs Mona Martin, walking toward Sabre. Air Staff Officer at RAAF Butterworth, Group Captain F.W. Barnes, shaking hands with Wing commander Martin. Line of Sabres. Take offs in pairs. Right to left through camera. Pans to lift off and climb away on first leg of flight to Australia.

  • Video of 77 Squadron returns from Butterworth (DPR RAAF stock shots) (video)