ID numberJ01888
Collection typePhotograph
Object typeBlack & white
Place madePacific Islands: Bismarck Archipelago, New Britain, Gazelle Peninsula, Rabaul Area, Rabaul
Physical descriptionBlack & white
DescriptionGraves of Australian soldiers of the Australian Navy and Military Expeditionary Force (AN&MEF) killed in action at the landing at Kabakaul in 11 September 1914. The original burial place of Elwell and Pockley was at Herbertshohe, reinterred in another cemetery at Herberthohe around c 1915-1916 and in 1919 they were reinterred in the Rabaul military cemetery with full military ceremony. Note: Postwar c 1950 these graves were transferred to Rabaul (Bita Paka) War Cemetery. The identified graves are from left to right: Lieutenant Commander Chas B Elwell, Royal Navy (RN), who died on 11 September 1914, aged 32 years; Captain B C A Pockley of the Australian Army Medical Corps, of Wahronga NSW, who died on 11 September 1914, aged 24 years. Captain Pockley was the first medical officer of the Australian forces killed in the First World War.