Anzac spirituality : the first AIF soldiers speak / Daniel Reynaud. Anzac spirituality : the first Australian Imperial Force soldiers speak

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Author Reynaud, Daniel.; Forbes, Marcia, author.;
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Year March 2018. 2018. 018.
Pagination viii, 370 pages ; 23 cm.
Publisher Australian Scholarly Publishing Pty, Limited, Australian Scholarly Publishing,
Note Chapter 11 co-authored with Marcia Forbes. Soldiers and nurses profiled: Robert William Wylie Adam , Alfred Sunderland Adams, John Adams, Charles Edward Adamson, Francis Vincent Addy, John Evans Evan, Frederick Albury, Thomas Henry Alcock, Arthur Gladstone Alderdice , Charles Henry Alexander, John Richard Alln, Victor Philip Allan, Ernest Allen, James Edward Allen, Walter Henry Allison, Wilfred Jospeh Allen Allsop, Hubert Lawrence Anthony, Norman John Anthony, Harold Edwin Salisbury Armitage, Albert Atkins, John William Axtens, John Godfrey Baensc h, James Baillie, John Baillie, Ernest William Baker, William Emmanuel Baker, Charles Albert Barnes, Hugh Barr, William Charles Barry, John Shakespeare Bartley, Nathanial Dunbar Barton, Archie Albert Barwick, James Elliott Bell, Roy Pinto Bell, William Ew art Bendrey, James Bennett, Wilbert Nugent Berg, Isaac Henry Betteridge, Kenneth George Binnie, William James Birch, Gordon Tunston Birbeck, Charles Frederick Blake, William George Blaskett, Irene Gertrude Hiller Bonnin, John Booth, William Romey Borbidge , Charles Bosward, Stephen Philip Boulton, Evelyn Denison Bourchier, William Gordon Bowler, Thomas Brew, Francis Jospeh Campbell Brewer, Hector Brewer, Henry Francis Briggs, Frederick Eales Brown, Victor Voules Brown, Joseph George Burgess, William Henry Thornhill Burrell, Marshall Burrows, Francis Sinclair Burt, William Cameron, Sydney James Campbell, Herbert Gordon Carter, Harrie (Henry) Joseph Cave, Ben William Champion, Leslie Gordon Chandler, John Joseph Chapman, Percy Wellesley Chapman, Lloyd James Chenoweth, Eric Harding Chinner, James Churchill-Smith, Henry Claude Cicognani, Eric Roy Clarke, Oliver Joseph Bourke Clarke, William Shaw Clayton, Thomas Joseph Cleary, Albert Ernest Coates, Verner William Cocks, Langford Wellman Colley-Priest, Eric Rola nd Cotterill, Malcolm John Bernard Cotton, Jason Leslie Boyd Coulter, Rudolph William Arthur Cox, Thomas Ray Crooks, William Ambrose Cull, Noel Millar Cuthbert, Thoma
Place made North Melbourne : North Melbourne, Vic :

1. Spirituality and the AIF: context and evidence -- 2. Enforced spirituality: compulsary church parades -- 3. Spirituality of choice: voluntary church attendance 4. Personal spirituality: Bible study, fellowship and prayer -- 5. The God of Battles: relig ion and war -- 6. Beliefs: denominationalism, Christianity, fate, and other religions -- 7. The moral man: AIF ethics, standards and behaviour -- 8. Padres: soldiers and chaplains -- 9. Beyond religion: spirituality and the AIF.

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