Brigadier John Edward Lloyd

Service number WX3346
Ranks Held Captain, Lieutenant, Brigadier, Lieutenant Colonel
Birth Date 1894-04-13
Birth Place Australia: Victoria, Melbourne
Death Date 1965-12-24
Final Rank Brigadier
Service Australian Imperial Force
  • 16 Brigade
  • 24th Australian Infantry Battalion
Place Melbourne
  • First World War, 1914-1918
  • Second World War, 1939-1945
Gazettes Published in Commonwealth Gazette in 1917-11-08
Published in London Gazette in 1917-07-18
Published in London Gazette in 1918-04-06
Published in London Gazette in 1917-11-26
Published in London Gazette in 1942-06-30
Published in London Gazette in 1941-12-30
Published in London Gazette in 1941-12-30
Published in London Gazette in 1943-12-23
Published in Commonwealth Gazette in 1943-12-23
Published in Commonwealth Gazette in 1918-08-30
Published in Commonwealth Gazette in 1918-03-07



Date of birth 13 April 1894 Melbourne VIC
WW1 Service 2 01 May 1915 enlisted AIF 21st battalion lieutenant
Date of embarkation 08 May 1915
WW1 Service 3 1915-09 arrived Gallipoli c.
WW1 Service 4 27 September 1915 captain
WW1 Service 5 13 November 1915 evacuated Gallipoli
Date of embarkation 19 July 1916
WW1 Service 7 20 September 1916 arrived United Kingdom
WW1 Service 8 15 October 1916 arrived France
WW1 Service 9 07 December 1916 24th battalion
Date of recommendation honour or award 12 May 1917
WW1 Service 10 02 July 1917 Military Cross
WW1 Service 11 04 October 1917 wounded in action gun shot wound Rt Shoulder & Thigh
Date of recommendation honour or award 14 October 1917
Date of recommendation honour or award 16 October 1917
WW1 Service 12 22 October 1917 major
WW1 Service 13 27 November 1917 Bar to Military Cross
WW1 Service 14 12 February 1918 captain Indian Army
Interwar Service 1 27 July 1936 major Reserve of Officers
Interwar Service 2 19 November 1936 16th battalion
Career summary 2 04 November 1939 commanding officer 16th bn
Appointment 1939-11-04 - 1940-06-17 Battalion: 16th; Rank on appointment: major; Appointed from: major 16th battalion ; Reason for end of appointment: new command BU: General Base Depot
Career summary 3 17 June 1940 major General Base Depot
Appointment 1940-07-01 - 1942-03-07 Battalion: 2/28th; Rank on appointment: major, temporary lieutenant colonel ; Appointed from: major General Base Depot; Reason for end of appointment: promotion field command: 16th Brigade
Career summary 4 10 July 1940 temporary lieutenant colonel, commanding officer 2/28th battalion
Career summary 5 02 February 1941 arrived Middle East
Career summary 6 30 December 1941 Companion of the Distinguished Service Order
Career summary 7 22 January 1942 attached Headquarters 24th Australian infantry training Brigade 11 Dec 41-
Career summary 9 07 March 1942 temporary brigadier, commander 16th Brigade
Career summary 10 27 March 1942 arrived Ceylon
Career summary 11 07 August 1942 Returned to Australia (Melb)
Career summary 12 21 September 1942 arrived Moresby
Career summary 14 14 October 1942 Mention in Despatches (Middle East Jul-Oct 41)
Career summary 13 21 December 1942 medical Malaria
Career summary 15 01 January 1943 Returned to Australia (MEDEVAC) (Townsville ) malaria
Career summary 16 17 February 1943 relinquished command 16th Brigade
Career summary 17 15 March 1943 chief instructor Land Headquarters Tactical School (vice lieutenant colonel Chilton)
Career summary 18 1943-09-09 - 1943-10-13 attached Headquarters New Guinea
Career summary 19 13 October 1943 Special Duties
Career summary 20 15 November 1943 arrived New Delhi
Career summary 21 21 December 1943 Commander of the Order of the British Empire
Career summary 22 15 June 1944 Returned to Australia (Melb)
Career summary 23 16 August 1944 arrived Nadzab
Career summary 25 16 September 1944 Headquarters 12th Brigade (COMD?)
Career summary 26 05 October 1944 LHQ, Dir'e of Research
Career summary 24 12 October 1944 colonel (bd 1 Sep 42) retains temporary brigadier gazetted
Career summary 27 28 December 1944 arrived Lae
Career summary 28 1944-12-31 - 1945-03-31 attached ANGAU
Career summary 29 29 March 1945 Returned to Australia (Bris)
Career summary 30 1945-04-29 - 1945-05-17 administering command W
Career summary 31 18 May 1945 Ceases Special Duties
Career summary 32 28 May 1945 commanding officer Lae Base Sub Area
Career summary 33 09 June 1945 Returned to Australia ex Lae
Career summary 34 28 July 1945 commanding officer 2 Australian prisoner of war Reception group
Career summary 35 18 August 1945 arrived Colombo
Career summary 39 26 October 1945 ED
Career summary 36 20 November 1945 Returned to Australia (Melb) ex Singapore
Career summary 37 03 December 1945 relinquished command 2 Australian PW...
Career summary 38 21 December 1945 honourary brigadier Reserve of Officers
Date of death 24 December 1965
WW1 Service 6 c 1916-03-09 Returned to Australia (MEDEVAC- enteric)
Career summary 1 major Reserve of Officers
Career summary 8 course Middle East Tactical School senior Cse 16 Feb
Citations 10 His example and leadership were a source of encouragement to his tps and were a determining factor in the successful action of his Bde.'
Citations 11 Rec'd- Vasey GOC 7 Div
Citations 2 'Awarded Military Cross for Conspicuous Gallantry and ability whilst commanding his Battalion. During an attack upon the enemy position he displayed excellent judgement in selecting his frontage which he held against repeated counter attacks. After an exhausting fight against superior nummbers he withdrew his men with lossses of 60 per cent, but still ready for action, owing to his fine personal example.'
Citations 3 AIF List 207, AK1397/87
Citations 5 'At Tobruk during the period 26 Mar to 31 Jul 41 Lt-Col Lloyd has been in command of 2/28 Aust Inf Bn. Early in April during the withdrawal to this area of our forces Lt-Col Lloyd skilfully placed and handled his Bn. enabling our forces to withdraw from the perimeter defences occupied by his Bn. and hold off enemy forces during readjustment and organisation of the Tobruk defences. With the exception of 9 days in reserve since 1 Apr his Bn has occupied front line defences in every sector of the Tobrukk area during which time the activity of his unit in deefence works, raids, and fighting patrols has been of an outstanding nature.
Citations 6 Throughout the period Lt.-Col Lloyd has been almost continuously among his forward troops by day and by night and by his fearlessness, cheery and untiring disposition and decided ability despite the undoubted strain to which he has been subjected he had done much to build and retain the undoubted efficiency and high morale which exists in his Bn.'
Citations 7 CBE (periodic):
Citations 8 'For most conspicuous devotion to duty and determination whilst comdg 16 Aust Inf Bde during operations in the OWEN STANLEY Range to the SANANANDA are from Oct-Dec 43. His Bde first contacted the enemy in well prepared positions at TEMPLETON'S CROSSING on 23 Oct 42 from which date the Bde was in contact with the enemy continually until 6 Dec 42 when it was relieved, except for three or four days whilst the Div was delayed in crossing the KUMUSI River. During this period, his Bde inflicted decisive defeats on the JAP at TEMPLETON'S CROSSING and EORA CREEK, and by its vigorous action at OIVI contained the enemy so completely as to permitt of the decisive action of 25 Aust Inf Bde at GORARI.
Citations 9 During the adv from WAIROPI towards SANANANDA, Brig LLOYD was continually with his foremost tps, urging them to greater speed despite JAP resistance and fatigue.
Pre WW1 Service 1 Commissioned service
Served 1914-1918 Command: WWI 24th Bn (acting); Service:
WW1 Service 1 Called-up to train AIF recruits in August 14
WW1 Service 15 Served 1/30th Punjabs
WW1 Service 16 2/35th Sikhs in Afghan War
WW2 Service 1 Benghazi
WW2 Service 2 New Guinea